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Motherhood Mondays: What’s Your Role in Your Family?

This week is going to be all about holiday entertaining, so to kick things off, I’d love to ask you: When you go home for the holidays, what’s your role in your family?

Even though I’m only two minutes older than my twin sister, my parents always put me in charge when we were growing up. I was the “oldest sibling,” after all! So I became known as the the responsible (aka bossy) one in my family.

What’s your role in your family? Are you the helpful one? The goofy one? The good listener? The rebel? The baby? Every seems to have a role, even if it’s subtle. I’d love to know yours! xoxo

(Photos by Charles Gullung)

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  2. I guess I am the strong-quiet-caring-daughter. My family consist on my mother, me and my son. Sometimes I have to carry the heavy stuff upstairs. I’m introvertive, I never talk on family meetings… but I always buy the right gifts… I pay attention to details every time and I’m good on knowing people, gettng their interests and essence.

  3. I am the SCAPEGOAT of my family, sadly enough.. But I don’t really mind (: Whenever my family is afraid of trying something or that something went expired, they tell me to try it …But I think it’s partly because my family thinks I have an amazing immune system. Last year, I seriously slept over my friend’s house (she had swine flu) for over 3 days and shared the same cup to drink water and I still didn’t get the swine flu! (I was secretly wishing to catch it to miss school :P)

  4. Oh I’m also the ambitious ones. Both of my parents have admitted to being stunned and a bit in awe of me b/c they’re not like that at all. It’s kind of cool.

  5. I am the oldest and totally the boss. I think I’d be the boss even if I was an only, though. No one had to put me in that role. I automatically go there. I actually have to restrain myself in situations where I’m not technically in charge and someone else is supposed to be.

  6. I’m the baby, so I get pampered a bit…. but I am also the girl and mom’s helper so every time we have a family gathering all I hear is “Jen, could you…” “Jen, would you….” “Jen, please help me with…” My brother is the serious one who takes all the serious questions where I am more care free and flighty!

  7. Anonymous says...

    I am the second of five (brother 2 years older, sister 3 years younger, and brothers 7 and 10 years younger). We all have some of the same qualities (we’re all outdoor/athletic type people, did well in school, somewhat musical or artistic), but we also have roles in the family.

    My big brother is DEFINITELY the protector, looking out for the rest of us. I’m the adventurous one, having lived and worked all over the world. I’m also kind of the caretaker (maybe from being the oldest girl, or maybe because I was the first to get married and have a baby). Two of my brothers live in the same city as me and they’re constantly showing up unannounced for dinner, and I’m the emergency contact person for both of them. My sister is the organizer. She’s the best at making decisions and is always the one that we have plan things. She’s also the one I call to come help clean out the closets, and she’s saved my brothers numerous times by organizing things when they moved! The oldest of my younger brothers is the laid back, carefree one. My youngest brother is a little more serious, and very compassionate. He’s also the one who worries about everyone else.

  8. i will put it this way: when i call my house, the Caller ID says “black sheep”! i’m the only one in my family with facial piercings and tattoos, and with a quirkier sense of style. luckily, my family (even my grandmother!) have adapted their tastes to think my tattoos are cute, and let me be me :)

  9. I’m the oldest child in my immediate family, and the only girl, and the oldest cousin but one (and the oldest girl cousin), and a lot like my mom, so I guess I’m seen as the “dependable one.” Whenever we have family parties I’m always in there helping with the stuff that needs to be planned and done. I love being that reliable person but sometimes it’s a little wearying!

  10. Caitlin M. says...

    I’m the older kid (my brother is 18 months younger) and I have been dubbed the family secretary. Everything from vacation planning to grocery lists- I’m the one who writes it down and keeps track of it. I’d complain about the responsibility if I didn’t love it so much.

  11. I am second of four, and we are all caregivers:
    My sister will take you out for ice cream and a long conversation
    I will bake you something yummy
    My brother will buy you something beautiful
    and my youngest brother will hold your hand :)

  12. MJ says...

    I am the youngest of 3 and the only girl.

    My brothers would tell you that I’m the one who asks for and gets whatever she wants. But I’m also the most financially independent, reliable, and self-less so I think I deserve it.

  13. My parents are divorced, but I am the oldest between my sister and I. So I guess I would be the one who sets the high standards and my sister is the one who could care less. She’s the rebel.

  14. I think I’ve been all of those so far. But for now I think I’m the baby one, i’ve been feeling super spoiled lately.


  15. Glenda says...

    I’m the 2nd youngest of 8. I moved away at 21. I am the independent one. I am the helper; the good listener; the responsible one;

  16. I am the responsible and the bossy one :)

  17. I’m an only child so I am everything rolled into one!

  18. I am 17 minutes younger than my sister…and I’m also the responsible, “bossy” one

  19. I am the third of five children and am the typical peacemaking middle child. Both my parents are the middle of three, and all four of my grandparents are middle children (middle of three or five, or second of four). I feel like I come from a wonderful legacy!!
    My one funny aside: I have only ever dated (or married) oldest children. I make a great complement to a headstrong personality;)

  20. being the only girl, and my parents have passed away, I’m the one in charge of getting the family together and making assignments…which is weird because I have 5 older brothers…you’d think the oldest would take charge, but no…it’s up to me :)

  21. I’m an only, so I guess I have a little bit of every trait. About to marry another only… Reading the comments makes me wonder how we’ll deal with the personalities that come with our own brood in the future not having any frame of reference ourselves!

  22. Anonymous says...

    the black sheep! xx

  23. Hi!
    I’m a twin too, but our birth was by c-section and we have never known who was older. My mother liked it that way when we were little because she thought it would prevent fights arrising from one feeling more or less “entitled” than the other. But it’s always been frustrating having to say “I don’t know” when people ask who is older!!!

    My twin was a slacker when it came to helping around the house, so my role has always been picking up her slack (yes, the subject of many therapy sessions!). I am the one in the family who takes care of my mom.

  24. Funny, I’ve been reading all about pigeonholing people in “Siblings without Rivalry” – how parents and kids put themselves into roles. And the pressure it takes to keep it up, when the responsible one just wants to be sily. Or the elder one would like to be the baby for once.

    Try it, it’s a fascinating book. I think it would make excellent Motherhood Monday material!

    (Blog enjoyable as ever, thank-you!)

  25. Youngest of two girls. My role is adding some out of the ordinary flare to our lives. I’m the free-sprited, funny, strange, artsy, eccentric, late for everything sibling as a balance to my straight cut, organized, plan it out, follow the rules sister. We stretch each other in all the right ways because of our differences. I have an office job and a house and she dabbles in photography. Without the influence of each other I’d be writing songs all day in a messy house and she’d be a rigid bore! ha!

  26. i’m the youngest, so i’m the baby. but i’m also known as the smart one.


  27. I’m the childish, crazy, genius. They treat as a six years old. I’m 33, college graduate and mother of three.

  28. Connie says...

    I’m usually the helpful one, because I am 5 years older than my sister, so as the oldest, I was often called upon to give my folks a hand with something, or to assist my sister in doing this or that. Now that we’re all grown, I still find I fall into that role. When I go home to visit, I’m quick to find the sink and wash up any dishes, or to let my parents’ dog outside, etc. My dad will often laugh and say, “Kiddo, you’re married now-you don’t have to keep doing your chores here when you come over!” But he knows I will anyways. It just feels right to help where I can.

  29. Laura R says...

    I love being the baby!

  30. Leah says...

    For the past 5 and a bit years, I’ve been the “moved too far away one”! From Tennessee to England… :)

  31. I’m definitely the bossy older sister, but I try to overcome that all the time. My poor siblings!

    My husband is an oldest, too, and I think most of the arguments we have stem from us both expecting to boss!

  32. What a profound question. I am smack in the center, I’m the middle child, I suffer from middle child syndrome. But I’m fine with it. I usually live in my little world, but I am most defiantly the listener/problem solver. Though I dnt want to b I think I solve the problem or give them a fast strait forward answer and dnt take sides they keep coming back.

    I’m also the different one. We have a lot of nerdy smart ones but I’m the well-rounded one and I just was told by the younger ones how they always looked up to me ,they say I’m quiet but the. most responsible. surprisingly the older cousins say the same and adore me. I’m oblivious to it all my family is too wide too diverse too many languages.

  33. I’m definitely supposed to be the funny, yet even tempered one. My older sister flies of the handle a little bit easily so everyone has kind of looked to me to settle things and make the room less serious. It’s an undertaking haha.

  34. Anonymous says...

    Well I’m the good listener as well as the goto fellow for doing the chores…
    Math Practice

  35. Fellow responsible, bossy chick, here. :) Cute photo!

  36. What I find really interesting Joanna is how the different roles interact. I am the eldest and therefore, like you the bossy organised one while my husband is the baby (youngest of four). My parents treat us as a couple so very differently to the way his parents treat us. So my parents see us as a mature couple who can be told anything and will know how to deal with it, while my hubby’s parents find it hard to confide in him they still want to protect him and ‘mother’ him. It’s very interesting!

  37. Oh Gosh! I thought I was the only one who was so bossy they tried to get others into the holiday spirit. This is so funny and made me feel so much better :)

    ps. my other roles are always cook and decorator, I did it once and now everyone assumes I will do it at every family function. haha!

  38. i’m the middle sister, and I am the quiet musical artsy one who’s always with a book somewhere. and it’s so true about the birth order! somehow it all just falls into place.

  39. I’m the fun one, who always has a great outdoor job and wears costumes to dinner on occasion.

  40. In my family, I’m the serious/quiet one, the one most likely to sneak off with a book when I’ve had too much family time. Lucky for me, my mom is much the same way – we’ll stretch out on my parents’ bed with a magazine or with books and just enjoy some quiet time while the guys do their thing. In my husband’s family, I’m probably not the quietest; my father in law is a pretty silent guy. There, inevitably my mother in law and I will sit and work on our handicrafts together and bemoan the fact that we have too many of them going at once. =)

  41. I am the oldest, but my younger brothers beat up on me because I am the smallest.

  42. I’m the “baby twin” by 3 minutes and I was always the happy go-lucky, make everyone smile daughter.
    Now that I have 3 adult children of my own–they have all grown into the personality they had as children.
    The youngest (24) is the rose-colored glasses; water off a duck’s back boy who enlightened us by sharing that our first born (who turned 30 this year) was really a “turtle”. Always trying to be tough on the outside but very soft and sentimental on the inside (SO true and so wise of another sibling to peg that character).
    The middle child was always known as “the perfect child”…which is hard to live up to but she’s done a swell job of it in her 27 years.

  43. What a great question. I agree that everyone seems to fill a certain role. I’m the only one in my family (and I have three other siblings) who moved away from my hometown in IL. I moved to Seattle, which isn’t close at all! Because of that, I seem to fill the crazy/adventurous/black sheep role. All I did was move! Haha.

  44. joyjoy says...

    I’m the oldest, and used to be the reliable babysitter/extra mom/smart-and-bossy one who kept things running even when they were crumbling, but that’s changed steadily over the years as I’ve grown to see my family’s dysfunction more clearly. Now I’m the one that is most likely to rock the boat by refusing to play the damaging games any longer. This will be my first Christmas in over thirty years that I will have apart from my parents, and I am going to CELEBRATE it while still finding ways to affirm my love to my family.

  45. I’m definitely the ring leader…but I have no idea how I got this role. I think I just put myself in charge :)

  46. T says...

    I am definitely “the baby,” which can work for and against me. Because I’m the youngest, and female, my family’s been pretty diligent about being protective, for better or worse. On the other hand, my parents’ve also been indulgent with me in ways that they probably weren’t with my several-years-older brother. I’d say I’m also a “daddy’s girl” and can do no wrong in his eyes, although my mom and I also have a somewhat complicated relationship defined by her having a hard time accepting certain things about my life and yet wanting us to be close “friends” like she sees her friends be with their daughters…but our relationship is more “Joy Luck Club” than that.

  47. I’m older than my sister by 3 years and I’m a pretty typical “oldest”: planner, worrier, rule-follower. We (my parents and I) still affectionately call my sister the “baby” – she’s 24!

  48. Anonymous says...

    As the middle child, my role is the rational, reasonable one out of all my siblings.

  49. Oh, my goodness!!! I was just washing dishes and thinking that next time I’m on your blog I will ask about your relationship with your twin sister!
    I am the only child. Which was rather common in 1970s in Moscow (and other cities of USSR). And now, somehow, I have twins! As my husbands says: “She hated being the only child so much, that none of her own children would be the only child ever!” :) (It’s a joke – I did not hate it, but I did always want a sibling.) When you are the only child – you are everything: the spoiled one and the responsible one, the one who gets everything, but the one from whom a lot of asked, etc. BURDEN! It is a burden to be only child. But a very special one.
    If you ever feel inspired – please, do write about your relationship with your sister: it would be very inserting to hear in more details about what it’s like growing up with a twin.
    When people ask me “who’s older” about my baby twins, I’m so hesitant to give the the answer. I want the girls grow up equal. Is it a delusion? If there even sense in it? What’s you advice on raising twins?

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  52. I’m the oldest, but I was definitely the rebel. I’ve always relished in being contrary:)My younger sister, however, is extremely cautious and responsible.

  53. I’m the oldest of three siblings (two younger brothers). I see myself as the helpful one but others may see me as the bossy one. My heart’s in the right place, though :)

  54. Hello! I’m the older sister in my family of one other sibling. I’ve DEFINITELY taken on the role of ‘the responsible one’. Lately, it’s been making me crazy because I feel as though I’m always picking up after her and straightening out her life before mine (she’s 16-by the way.) My parents see her as the baby so they do the same. I just hope I’m teaching her how to avoid MY mistakes and become a better person.

  55. I am the oldest of two, the only daughter and therefore everything has always fallen to me…I am the go to girl for just about everything in my family…if something needs to happen I ( and now my husband as well) am the one to do it. Sometimes I feel like an only child as my brother has chosen to focus his life around his wife’s family…sometimes forgetting that he has one of his own.

  56. Mersey says...

    I’m definitely the girly one of the family. My aunts and uncles grew up on a farm, and I am the ballerina fashion major!

  57. Fun post!

    Classic eldest sibling traits here. Parentified as a child so high levels of responsibility at a young age. Other traits: controlling and ambitious; flexible when I need to be yet convicted where it counts. I have to say, some of these traits serve me well as a mother. I’m organized, yet playful, strict yet understanding. I’m definitely the captain of the ship here at home, but this can get exhaustion. I love that my sweet husband is so great and can pick up the ball and run at any time!

    We Well,

  58. Anonymous says...

    I’m the youngest (of two) and I’ve been the “patcher-upper” my whole life. I try to smooth things over between my parents and my sibling and when my extended family comes I used to try to make sure everyone was having fun and decompress all the arguments. Honestly, it was exhausting and it took some talking to a therapist to realize that I am not responsible for holding my family together. I still find myself struggling sometimes :)

  59. I’m the older, responsible one too, Joanna, and I’m also only a minute or two older than my twin sister Sam. My mom used to call me Grandma Jones because of it! I can be bossy too, and I was also the squeaky wheel (i.e., the one who was more demanding and therefore got her way more often). My sister becomes the drama queen whose stories must be taken with a grain of salt, mostly because of a lying, drama-queen phase she went through in high school. Oh, family dynamics!

  60. Since my wonderful grandmother died, I, at 23 am the matriarch.

  61. LK says...

    I’m the baby by birth order…. youngest of three girls. I’m the free spirited one (which my sisters would probably call the slacker or spoiled one if they had the chance), but I’m also the rebel and the goofy one. Like all little sisters, I’m also probably the bratty attention getter. But now that we are all grown up (ages 30-25), the roles aren’t as distinct.

  62. Leanne says...

    I’m the oldest but have always considered myself the black sheep of the family. I was having this same conversation with a co-worker once and when I told her I was the black sheep her response was, “What kind of crazy goody two shoes family do you come from if YOU’RE the black sheep?”

  63. i’m the free spirited baby of the family. but i had the first grandchild… so now in a lot of ways i’m older. strange.

  64. My older sister and I are kind of the crazy ones (although I guess all my sisters are crazy). And I’m the photographer one. And the one who always braids her hair. And, also the bossy one.

  65. totally the entertainer — always called upon to retell stories or give last minute toasts. not that i’m complaining!

  66. I’m the oldest by four years (with three younger siblings who are two years apart each), so I definitely was the bossy one! Although, Mum said that I was bossy before they even came along… I have twin daughters (born one minute apart), and we have jokingly given them the ‘roles’ of eldest and youngest, and they just love it… but they always slip back into ‘equality’ very quickly, thank goodness!

  67. I love that you are considered “the older one”. My husband is a twin too, but his mother is always introducing him as her “younger son” or “middle child”. It seems so crazy to me. However, I guess younger is younger, if only by twenty minutes or so.

  68. I’m “the smart one.” Mr. Sandwich says I’m smarter than he is (I dispute this). The fiance of one of my cousins, upon meeting me, said, “Oh, you’re the genius.” (For the record, I am not.) I have weirdly competitive great aunts who have tried to pit me against my cousins (fortunately this seems to have been unsuccessful; we are in fact quite delighted with both our similarities and differences, and are not competing against each other).

    My younger brother is also smart, and perceived as such. As far as I know, no one has attempted to determine if one of us is smarter than the other–quite possibly because they can tell that each of us would laugh in their faces. (Because, seriously, who cares?)

  69. Veronica says...

    I’m “the bitch.”

  70. My husband and I always seem to play host, even when the event is not at our house. I think we are just the people that want everyone to be happy and having a good time, so it falls on us. It can be a good thing AND a bad thing. I’m usually exhausted after family functions.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  71. oh, i am definitely the baby, no doubt about it. my youngest brother is 8 years older than me, and i have three brothers. i love it though, the age gap meant we never fought, and i’ll admit it, i’m so spoilt. even now at 22, where i live out of home, drive a car, support myself etc…i’m still their little sister always hahaha.

    although my mum relies on me more than anyone else in the family, oddly.

  72. I’m the typical middle child: always trying to make everyone else happy!

  73. great post! I find birth-order traits really interesting. In my family I am a youngest/only (my sibs are 8 and 9 years older, from my dad’s first marriage) and I am definitely the “good girl” in the family. Funnily enough, my husband is the most independent of the 4 kids in his family (which I think is great!) but it means we are the “difficult ones” (because we don’t always go with the flow) on his side of the family.

  74. I am definitely the goofy, crazy, weird one. I am probably the most easygoing of the bunch. I love family dynamics

  75. I’m the ration organizer. My family is great at WANTING to do things but TERRIBLE about making them happen. I’m the one who sits down and schedules things so that they are sure to happen. It can be a pain at times but I really love my part.

  76. Love your post Nick – sounds like a good tactic to me!

    I’m the slightly (2 months) younger sibling of a step-sister who was my best friend until we were 10, and then our parents got married. She seemed to take on the responsible role (or at least everyone thought she was, even though I am pretty responsible too). I was definitely always the peace-keeper and mediator, but I think that fits my personality as well, so I don’t know how much that has to do with being younger.

    Joanna – you don’t seem very bossy at all. If anything, I always get the feeling that you seem very agreeable and sweet.

  77. Eldest child of two parents who are CLASSIC youngest children. Needless to say, they don’t get me.
    I have to boss them around and help them keep their emotions in check. Making me the least favorite child.
    Extended family still likes me though. ;)

  78. I’m the oldest and was always upset because my younger sister never had to do anything! Funny though, I’m more soft spoken and she is the bossy one… Maybe that’s why she got out of things and I just gave in without resistance?? Never thought about that.

  79. I am the youngest of two sisters, this year turning 30. I am definitely the rebel and the noisemaker, while my sister is the quiet one. Funny enough, I’m the one with the PhD, but I think that was a rebellious move against being a poor family! My mom is still the cook, along with my sister, because she is the picky eater.

  80. I’m the eldest of ten. (all natural, ages 25-7) So not only do we have the regular birth order characteristics, but we have them in multiple when you get down the line.

    I’m the ambassador of the family. The link between parents and mob and back again. Since being married a year ago the siblings have had to rearrange a little. I remember my sister saying “family meeting got much more tense when you left. No one to stop brother from saying stupid stuff that got us all in trouble”.

  81. Loved Nick’s post (if I’m not mistaken, that is your little bro, right?) Too cute!

  82. I am the Irritating, Yet Lovable Know-It-All. A difficult type to live with in a family. ;)

  83. I’m the oldest, so I was always the baby-sitter. It kind of annoyed me at the time, but I’m grateful for the close relationship I have with my younger brother and sister years later — no doubt a result of all that time we spent together.

    For holidays, I previously wasn’t allowed near any food I could possibly burn or ruin. I used to be horribly impaired in the culinary department.

    I think it’s funny that your parents gave you the role of the responsible one by a two-minute margin.

  84. Anonymous says...

    I am definitely the “good girl” and the peacemaker. My brother was stubborn and sometimes got in trouble, so I was super super good. Now I am too accommodating and am trying to express my own opinions and find out what I like.

  85. As the middle of three girls, I’m definitely the ‘rebel.’ I always pushed my luck with my parents, and am definitely more adventurous and outspoken than my sisters. At the same time, I’m the “reader,” and music lover; my sisters like things I like, therefore I suppose I’m the trendsetter. hahaha :)

    My older sister is the serious, always responsible one. Our younger sister is the baby in every aspect of the name.

  86. I’m the youngest in our little family. Even though I’m 23 in a lot of ways I’m still taken care of by my dad and older brother. But when it comes to the holidays and getting the family together I am definitely the one taking care of everyone else. Since my Mom passed away I’ve taken over the motherly role of organizer/planner for the holiday meals and do all of the cooking. But no complaints my Mom taught me well and I fit into the role with ease!

  87. I’m the ditzy one my family like to laugh at and also the bossy, responsible one…a strange mix but I flit between the two roles when it’s needed.

  88. I’m the younger of two girls and I am known as the sensitive, people pleaser. My sister, who is 21 months my elder, is the rebel. I’m caution; she’s risk. I’m think think think; she’s do do do. I take after our mom and she takes after our dad. Still, we’re buds :)

  89. I am the middle child of four girls, all of us really close in age. I am the go with the flow child. Someone just has to be quiet and agreeable :)

    May I just say that I adore your blog. I have been reading it for a few years now. I just think you so are lovely.

  90. i am the middle child and have always been the mediator, trying to make peace with everyone. i think the stereotype of the middle child being a peacemaker is actually pretty on point, from other middle children that i’ve known.

  91. Once I got married, my husband and I moved across the country from my family, making me the mediator. Any problems, my siblings call me to have an outsider take a look at their problem. Its pretty great. I’m the 2nd of 4.

  92. I’m the oldest and only girl. I definitely fall into the bossy and responsible category : )

  93. I’m the bossy oldest child who makes the grocery lists, gets anxious about being punctual, and demands that everyone show proper holiday spirit. I’m also the outgoing one, which is funny because when I’m at a non-family function I tend to be shy.

    Right now I’m also the one being asked by all the extended family, “So… when are you going to get married?” Mid-20s, serious boyfriend, comes with the territory, I guess.

  94. I’m third in line, but I have definitely taken on the role of the responsible child. I’ve always listened to my parents and wasn’t a big fan of breaking rules. Even now, I’m charged with organizing the holiday gift exchange and making sure my siblings don’t forget important dates in our family.

    I must admit though, I really do love my role and “taking care” of my siblings.

  95. I am an “oldest” and pretty much everything that comes along with that. I’ve actually been trying to treat my younger sister less like the “baby” because at 24 she is actually a very capable woman.

  96. Aww, so sweet. I would love to have had a twin sibling.
    There is definitely a role in every family. I’m more of the good listener and the planner/organizer.

  97. Well I’m the middle child and often held the most accountable. My brother and sister are one way and I’m the opposite. I’m also the goofy one.

  98. I’m the youngest, and I would say I’m the entertainer/pleaser in the family. My older sisters are always kind of crazy, so I try to keep everyone laughing and not rock the boat! Ha!

  99. I wrote a piece for Pregnancy magazine a few years ago on the very topic of birth order. It’s fascinating. When you start looking at the trait of the first, middle and youngest, it’s shocking how much your personality matches up.

    Like you, Jo, I am the responsible, bossy one. :)

  100. Every time I’m doing a mistake my family will recall it even after 5 years. Of course when they do the same it gets forgotten the next day. I’m the oldest of three!

  101. Crystal says...

    I have always been the organizer (typical eldest child!) and have hosted the family celebrations at my house for years. Still it was a shock after losing my grandmother and mother a year (to the day) apart to realize that I now had a new role: matriarch. I’m still growing into it.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Birth order is an amazing thing, even when it’s ordered by small margins!

    Can you imagine how different your life would’ve been if you had been born second instead of first?!

  104. I’m with you Jo. The oldest although by more than a couple minutes – 5 years and 8 years older than my sisters. And got those oldest child traits goin’ on too – bossy, responsible etc.

  105. Nesa says...

    Right now, I’m the “college girl” in the family. Every time I go to a family function, I get asked, “How’s school? What’s your major? What are you going to do with that???” (I’m an English major. lol) That series of questions is asked in that same order at least 50 million times!

  106. I have two older sisters; I let them pretend that they handle everything, but our interests are pretty similar so it winds up feeling like I have personal assistants who make fun plans with me in mind, then drive me around before cooking up a tasty dinner–then when I’d like something to go differently I just pretend that I have found everything they have set up so far to be unsatisfatory and that just for one day (or meal, or whatever) things should go my way.

    Works pretty well.

  107. I’m the bossy oldest one and the best gift giver.

  108. P.S. I’m the youngest of five sisters, so I’m also known as ‘the baby’ ;)

  109. I’m the one in the family with the food blog, so I’m automatically put in charge of cooking and baking, but I don’t mind one bit!


  110. For the past 5 1/2 years, I’m the eldest daughter of 2 that our parents want to get back close to home. My husband is in the Air Force and we’ve volunteered for 2 overseas tours-first Germany and right now we’re in Guam. Less than a year left and our family are (finally!) getting what they having been hoping for-we’re headed to good ol’USA next. I’m happy, but still feel a little sting about giving up our world hopping… (=

  111. I’m known as the ‘artsy, weird one’ along with ‘the book nerd’ in my family! I secretly call myself the pretty one ;)

  112. Ashley Taylor says...

    Hi Joanna! I’m a twin too, the older one by one minute, but my sister has always been the responsible one. I’ve always been the goofy, free-spirited twin ;D. During the holidays, I try so hard to get everyone in the holiday spirit. I tend to go a bit overboard…haha