Don’t you love interactive museum exhibits? This morning, Alex and I swung by the New Museum’s amazing new exhibit, Carston Höller: Experience, which has transformed the museum into a grown-up playground. First, we rode a mirrored carousel, where you sit on swings and rotate slowly, while listening to actual birds singing. It was incredibly relaxing, and you felt like you were five years old.

See the mobile of chirping birds? Now, see the top of the slide?


Fascinated by themes of childhood, safety, love and doubt, Höller built a 102-foot-long slide that runs from the museum’s fourth floor to the second floor.

Naturally, Alex was braver and went first.

Down he goes!

Butterflies in my stomach, I went next. The guide told me to put my hands in my lap…

…and tuck my feet into the canvas sack seat.

Whoosh! The slide was FAST with twists, turns and blinking lights. You basically fly out of the tunnel at the end; I definitely screamed! :) What a trip!

The exhibit also has a sensory deprivation tank, in which you float weightlessly and have an out-of-body experience…


…and upside-down goggles, which make you see the world (you guessed it) upside down.

What a fun exhibit; I’d highly recommend going by. See more here. xoxo

P.S. Look at Höller’s slide at the Tate Modern!

(Glasses photo courtesy of The New Museum; tank photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist; all other photos by us)