NYC Guide: 10 Amazing Ways to Spend an Afternoon

New York is packed with fun things to do, and you can’t go wrong with the classic attractions: rowing boats in Central Park, kissing at the top of the Empire State Building, eating oysters at Grand Central. But I’d love to share a few twists on those adventures that we’ve discovered over the years…

1. Sunset sail. Feel the crisp wind on your face while sailing down the Hudson River on a classic 1890’s style Schooner. The captain passes out wool blankets and serves wine, beer and Champagne, and you can bring snacks, if you’d like. (Think: Two lobster rolls from the nearby Chelsea Market.) Alex and I have been on these two-hour sails many times; they are always exhilarating, giddy and romantic. You sail right up to the Statue of Liberty (such a fun way to see her) and gaze at the sparkling city lights.

2. Kayaking. New York offers free kayaking, which is fun, beautiful and surprisingly not scary. On a sunny day, it’s refreshing to be out on the river; and kayaking is gorgeous way to see the city (the skyscrapers look even taller from the water).

3. Chelsea art galleries. Put on red lipstick and a cute dress, and go gallery hopping! Chelsea galleries are easy to find; they’re all clustered on the same few streets. (Here’s a handy map.) Even cooler, go to gallery openings in the evenings. The website ARTCAT lists when each exhibit will have its opening party (typically Thursday evenings), so you can stop by to sip wine and rub elbows with downtown artists.

4. Murray’s Cheese classes. During these two-hour classes, you taste stinky cheeses, drink wine, hear funny cheese-making stories and leave full and happy. What’s not to love? (This would make a great date, don’t you think?)

5. Drink wine on the Met’s rooftop. Here’s a (kind of) secret: Every year, from May to October, the Metropolitan Museum of Art features an amazing exhibit on its rooftop. Go to the back of the museum, take the elevator up, have a glass of wine, walk through the installation and look over Central Park. A perfect summer evening.

6. Upright Citizens Brigade’s Asssscat show on Sunday nights. This side-splittingly hilarious (and kind of dirty) improv comedy show features uber-talented comedians from SNL, The Office and 30 Rock. Amy Poehler co-founded it, and she still hosts a show now and again. You buy tickets online ahead of time, then stand in line outside the theatre early the night of the show, to make sure you get a decent seat (the place is a total dive and if you’re late, you sit on the floor…which is kind of fun, too). Highly recommended.

7. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (especially at sunset). The iconic Brooklyn Bridge takes my breath away every time I step onto it. You’ll adore the skyline views of Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as sparkling water, sailboats and the sunset.

8. The Brooklyn Bridge Park. This small park in Dumbo (right across the Brooklyn Bridge) is spectacular. It’s on the waterfront underneath the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, so the views are dramatic and amazing. Lie in the grass. Skip stones in the water. Fly a kite. Ride the carousel. Pick up an impromptu picnic with neighborhood pizzaice cream and a giant chocolate-chip cookie. And if you’re in a boat-y mood, you can take the new East River ferry back to Manhattan.

9. MoMA. Three words: Raddest museum ever.

10. The High Line. This new park runs along old elevated freight-train tracks. The incredible landscape architecture makes it appear as if wildflowers are sprouting up among the tracks. You can sit on the reclining wooden benches, stroll along the meandering paths, and take in the city views. Such a lovely place to…do nothing.

Bonus tip! As you’re walking around the city, duck into one of the many cheap massage places around town. You’ll spot neon signs with massage prices listed by the minute (usually $10 for 10 minutes), and you typically have to head down a few steps. Don’t worry, though, most aren’t sketchy! :) Inside, you’ll see a row of massage tables, separated by a curtains instead of real walls; and the massage therapists will guide you to one. The massages are always surprisingly good, and it’s an awesome way to sooth your sore muscles after walking around all day–or to relax before heading to dinner.

What do you love doing in New York? Do you have any favorite tips? I’d LOVE to hear! xoxo

(Top image graphic design by HipHipGinGin for Cup of Jo. Globe, High Line and massage photos by Laura Ratliff, Murray’s Cheese photo by Jamie Beck, Brooklyn Bridge photos by Philipp Klinger, Met rooftop and UCB photos by NYTimes, Hither & Thither, and Alex; sailing photos by Bart Stiller and Marvelous Kiddo; MoMA photos by MoMA; carousel photo by New York Magazine.)

  1. Mirla says...

    Lots of stuff posted here that are evening rather than afternoon things, though. But I’m definitely doing MOMA, because in the 10 years I live in the City, I never once went!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I’m in NYC for two client appts and have the afternoon clear so this is perfect. Headed to MOMA and the Highline!

  3. I’ve never been to New York City before, but I’ve always dreamed of going there! I’ve never been sailing before, so I think that it’d be a very fun thing to try it! I also like the idea of going to the Brooklyn Bridge Park! Thanks so much for these great activities!

  4. LOVE this guide … can’t wait to go back to NYC w/my bf and try some of your tips.
    Couple of my favorite places when I used to go the the city were bicycling in East River Park and pastrami at Katz’s on the Lower East Side.

  5. I just returned from my week-long trip to NY, and you have no idea how handy all your NY guides were! I went on sunset sailing (with lobster roll, of course), strolled along the Highline, had pizza at Co. the first day for lunch, got lost in art at the Met and MoMA (it really the raddest museum ever!). Thank you for the tips in making my NY trip so memorable! xx

  6. For anyone visiting the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, I recommend grabbing lobster rolls at Red Hook Lobster Pound, then heading over to Valentino Park for THE most incredible view of the Statue of Liberty. We used to finish the evening with key lime pies from Steve’s but I think he’s now closed post-Sandy. Baked on Van Brunt is always good for sweets, though. You can take the IKEA ferry back to lower Manhattan when you’re done!

  7. I adore The Cloisters. At the northern tip of Manhattan in Fort Tryon Park, it’s part of the Met’s collection and suggested donation so totally affordable!

  8. What wonderful suggestions! …I’d love to hear some cozy winter ideas, since I will be there for a long weekend in December. :)

  9. Leaving for NY on Thursday! Been carefully digging though each of your NY to dos… SOOO EXITED now! THANK YOU!
    From sunny South Africa

  10. Thank you so much for this post! I am heading to NYC in eleven days for three weeks. I hope to be able to do at least one or two of these things on my few days off!

  11. Laura says...

    There are great flea markets in Brooklyn on the weekend- on on Lafayette near the Clinton/Washington stop on the G in Clinton Hill and one in Williamsburg, on Kent (closest stop is Bedford on the L, but it’s a few blocks walk)

  12. Alice Andrews says...

    Wow this post was really good! I love NYC, it is defiantly one of my favourite cities in the world. I came last year with my sister and we booked a new york serviced apartment for 3 weeks…it was the best 3 weeks ever! I love the vibrant city and juxtaposition of different people and cultures. And how you have a different type of food on every corner depending on what district you are in!

    To anyone looking to go to New York, do NOT forget to try a new york bagel! You can have ANYTHING in them! Amazing!

  13. Anonymous says...

    Hey Jo,

    do you know some great markets on the weekend? Something like Portobello or Camden in London? Will be in NY soon.

    Thanks :)

  14. If I ever come in NY I’ll definitely try one of those massage places! :)

  15. Cap'n Scrappy McDonahue says...

    Wow thanks for the really obvious ideas. might just go to that unusual NYC scottish restuarant (the name rymes with McMonalds)thats owned by a red haired clown, mull over what i’m to do in NY ..

  16. Joanna, thanks to your suggestion, my boyfriend and I booked the sunset sail on the Schooners Adirondack for this coming Sunday :) I can’t wait. We’ll be visiting New York for a friend’s wedding. Your blog is very much getting me in the mood. Thank you!

  17. thanks for the nyc lists! really wanna go back and visit new york again and check out all the places you’ve listed!!

  18. The High Line and Met rooftop were on my list for my last visits and I never made it there :( … also, got lost in the DUMBO area which was disappointing (wanted chocolate, couldn’t find it) but did get some nice views from across the river. Do you know of any good DUMBO maps? I think getting off at the wrong subway stopped messed with my sense of direction. For those who do touristy things, I highly recommend the Top of the Rock (360 degree view of the city). Have you ever done the tram to Roosevelt Island – this was also on my list, but it was closed for repairs. Oh, and a ferris wheel ride in Times Square Toys R Us is a blast too, go in the early AM for no lines. Has anyone been to the new 9.11 memorial yet?

  19. Fabulous post – some great ideas to check out – have added them to the list I’m working through while I live here over the next couple of years!

  20. Hi Joanna!
    I have been a loyal reader of yours for a long time but I absolutely HAD to comment on this post. I work for The Pace Gallery and was so happy to see two of our exhibitions included in your post (David Byrne’s globe and Tara Donovan’s mylar sculpture)!

    As always, your posts are informative and fun. I can’t wait to check out the NYC spots you’ve recommended.

  21. Janice says...

    I am a New Yorker living in North Carolina. Thank you so much for the wonderful list. My husband is a Marine and we have two more years until we get back to NYC!! can’t wait.

  22. Love your suggestions!! Hope to make it to NYC someday.. I read your blog every morning.

  23. ughhhh i want to come back so bad!

  24. your list is so charming it makes me want to pack my bags and go back to new york.

    next time i am in town i will definitely go sailing! being on water, a view and cold drinks: it sounds too good. thanks for the tip.

    i really enjoy going to the museums in the evenings when they have extended hours. even though they are busier, there is something more peaceful about being in a gallery setting after 9-5.

  25. Yay! The High Line! Also I love the museums in Chelsea and the MoMA! Also I wish I had known about the exhibit on top of the MET. That would have been so fun to go to while I was in NYC.

  26. MoMA IS the raddest museum ever! One time some dude tried to tell my best friend that it was awful and she went off on a tirade about exactly how wrong he was!

  27. BTW, Joanna, you would love Lisbon… If you love to eat, walk and see culture and art… You would defenetly love Lisbo. There’s something unique about Lisbon light and atmosphere… Tipical winter day in my city: cold (that air that make your cheecks go red) and sunny sunny day (sunglesses required!) But I would recommend coming in the summer (middle of June) to profit the city festivities, eating sardines, drinking sangria and dancing all trought the night in the oldest neighbourwood streets!

  28. You make my heart race with desire to go back to your amazing city ASAP. I’ve been there for 5 days in 2006, and needless to say it was too little time to feel that awsome spirit of NY and NY’ers! These tips are so great and reflect what I love most to do when I travel to a diferent place… eat, walk, feel the city!!! I would love to go to Chelsea galleries and attend the cheese workshop!!! I want so much to go there again with my baby boy!!! No I’m depressed :-( because I won’t be able to go there soon… (just kidding, Your posts can never depress anyone!) Keep posting such lovely lovely stuff!!! Love your blog (didn’t I said that already?? :-))

  29. I haven’t visited New York since my senior year of high school in 2006 but your NYC Guide is making me want to plan a trip. Also, as a recent college grad, I’ve noticed there are currently more Architecture related jobs available in NYC than are in most places. I’m a little terrified of moving to such a huge city but your guide might change my mind! Thanks!

  30. Mariette, so fun that your family is coming november 25th! yes, the christmas shopping starts right after thanksgiving, so that’s perfect timing to feel the magic of the holidays:) as for weather, you might want to keep looking up weather reports online — usually the end of november is quite chilly but a couple years ago, we were riding bikes in shorts! so you never really know:) hope you have a wonderful trip!!! xoxoxo

  31. thanks for all these sweet comments and awesome tips!!!! @Hello, thanks for your note; i actually figured i wouldn’t do a children’s guide at the moment, because toby is still little so we’re still figuring it all out (mostly, we go to the children’s museum on the UWS, the new Pier 25 playground in tribeca which is amaaaaaazing, and the bleecker st playground which is right by our place; we also love the free storytimes/music times at the libraries, esp the children’s floor at the hudson park library on leroy street; and there’s a lovely grassy meadow and carousel right on the north side of Chelsea Piers– other than that, we just cart him around wherever we go as grown-ups! :) hope this helps a little. i hope to do a children’s guide to NYC when toby is a bit older and we’ve figured more out! :)

  32. ashley, haha, yes, you are my model of a beautiful girl hanging out at the met! :) we haven’t taken toby on the schooner, only because we usually just want to relax and drink wine after he’s asleep. but you can take little ones under 2 years old for free, if you want to take hudson out on the water, i’m sure he’d love it! :)

  33. Anonymous says...

    Fun things to do where I live:

    1. Uhh… go to Walmart and watch fat people?
    2. Get out of town

    Yay for flyover country…

  34. I wish I would have had this list when I was in NY last. But, I will keep it in mind for next time.

  35. I said it before, but I will say it again, your suggestions have me SO excited to come to NYC in October! I know we’re definitely doing the Brooklyn Bridge and the park picnic with Grimaldis but I want to walk through that elevated park so much now!

  36. Anonymous says...

    NYC is such a unique city. Im absolutely head over heels in love with it! My husband and I live in SF and although I do l love it here it does not compare to the energy and vibrancy NYC has.

    I just got back from a 5 day trip in NYC this past Tuesday and it was my first “summer” trip out there. (technically Fall but the weather felt summer-like to me) We typically steer clear of all the touristy activities but this trip was different. For the first time we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, took the ferry boat to the Statue of Liberty, went to the Empire State Building at 9pm to see the city at night (lovely btw!) and walked the High Line over at the Meatpacking district.

    All you NY-ers are lucky to live in a city with so much class, history, culture and great eats! I’m hoping that one day I get tolive amongst it all.

  37. This is just so great!! We love every suggestion. Fantastic. ; )

  38. What a great guide. The MoMA is my favorite place.

  39. this is a WONDERFUL little guide. drinks on the met rooftop are the best :)

    fancy [no]pants

  40. this post was so awesome! i’m enjoying all of these so much. the high line park looks incredible!

  41. 1. A glass of wine or lunch at the Oak Room, Plaza Hotel
    2. Fish & chips at Pier 70 and a walk along the Hudson River
    3. Lie on the lawn at Sheep’s Meadow and take in the view

  42. Hi Jo!
    Sooo excellent that you’re doing this NY-Guide!!
    Me and my husband are going to NY for a little romantic/shopping/sleep in/ away from the kids weekend on nov 25th.
    Do you know if the christmas shopping has started then? Is it cold?
    We’re frpm sweden, so we will probably bring really warm clothes… ;) But maybe it’s not that cold?

    Anyways, love your writing, and your feelgood blog!
    Thank you!!

    Takr care! :)
    Big squeeze!

  43. Tassu says...

    I wish we had a New York here in India as well ! Whatever you have said in this post about NY sounds so amazing ! It would be a difficult thing for New Yorkers to get bored on holidays… !!
    Where in the World Will I Live?
    Find out where you are likely to setup home.

  44. thank you for such a lovely list. My boyfriend and I are always talking about visiting as soon as we can afford to (it’s a long way from Scotland!). I’m going to save this as both an incentive and a reminder for when we finally do get to visit! It all sounds like so much fun!

  45. Oh! Joanna! I go to grad school in Connecticut, a NY lover and frequent visitor. I am currently on a long and overdue vacation in India and…I have always been a silent reader of your blog but I just had to say this, you make me want to go back and never leave NY again. Ever.

  46. I really wish I had know about this list when I went to NYC for the first time last fall! Although I didn’t get to do half of the things I wanted to do, this list has some really unique and appealing things to do! Looks like I’ll just have to go back sooner than I thought!

  47. this very nice! I have yet to go to New York :d

  48. yes to the highline and chelsea art galleries :) my favorite things to do in nyc for sure. and scrounging around all the awesome flea markets for hidden treasures.

  49. i didn’t do a single one of those things when i lived there! i’ve been aching to visit and that just made it even worse! thanks for the list..i will, without a doubt, be using it.

  50. Excellent post! I lived in NYC for 6 years and never did the kayaking (it scared me) or the Chelsea galleries. I think i really missed out. I need to definitely do both next time I’m there! And Grimaldi’s is THE BEST. My husband proposed on the Brooklyn Bridge then we walked over to Grimaldi’s to celebrate afterwards. I did a little post on it here back when it happened…

    Thanks again. I’m so loving all of these great NYC posts!

  51. Love this list! The High Line and The Brooklyn bridge are my favorites places in NYC. I never thought of getting a massage when I’m walking around town, but it’s such a great idea. Usually, when I get tired from walking, I go to a Barnes & Noble and read for a while. But I;m getting massages from now on!
    Thank you for sharing!

  52. I love these lists! We go to NYC all the time but love discovering new places “where the locals go”. Thanks for putting these together!

  53. ha I love that you mentioned a massage!! every time I’m in the city visiting my family I always leave so sore! you new yorkers know how to walk! :)

  54. So great. I especially love that park on the old rail lines! What a great way to utilize space!

  55. oh how I love the city. your guide is wondeful and makes me want to jet back home subito!

    riding the staten island ferry, (it’s free) to take in the beautiful views of the city, day or night but night is more romantic, makes for cute a date.

    natural history museum

    botanical gardens, bronx and brklyn

    bronx zoo, another fun afternoon activity

    day trip to fire island, watch hill.

    the lotus garden on west 97th street

    getting cocktails at Campbell Apt. in grand central station

  56. Everytime I go to new york I stop by the Met. I could spend endless hours looking at all the beautiful painting, and then I usually decide to get lost in central park. Not very original, but so much fun !

  57. All of these sound so fun and amazing! Would love to check them out!

  58. Oh man, now I’m really missing New York. I live in Boston, and I used to drive down all the time to visit my sister. She moved to Barcelona, which is a pretty awesome place to visit as well, although I don’t get to do it nearly as often. I miss the city! Awesome list!

  59. i am so happy you’re releasing your guide now… we’re coming to nyc for the first time in two weeks! it’s great to have an insiders guide of the best things to check out… the majority of these are now on my to-do list! xo

  60. This past June I went to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island with my husband and another couple. I found out about it on your blog, and it was sooooo much fun!!

    And for all the times I’ve been to the Met, I had no idea about the rooftop exhibit! If I make it to New York within the next month, I’m totally going to make a point of checking it out. :-)

  61. I adore the kayaking idea, Jo!! Would love to do that :)

  62. Take me back to New York. The highline is one of my favorite places in the city!

  63. My parents visited this weekend and we did EXACTLY your tip for the brooklyn bridge park. It was so perfect and we actually watched a wedding.. while eating the pizza! So fun.
    One thing I’d add for that is you can order your pizza from grimaldi’s ahead of time and completely bypass the line. we called ours in, then sat in a neighboring bar for 30 minutes having a few drinks, then got the pizza. Completely civilized and everyone in line gives you death stares :)

  64. Now I really *have to* plan a visit to NYC! When I lived in Boston up until 8 years ago, I used to go NYC often. I love the energy of the city! Now that I live all the way across the country in Bellingham, WA, it take a bit of planning but, I think, a visit to NYC would give me a great chance to recharge my creative energy. Thank you for this post!

  65. Thanks Joann! I live in New York and have only done a few of these, so the suggestions are great!

  66. All I know is that your NYC Guide is invaluable! I will have to start printing away soon for my next trip. Thank you!! :)

  67. Anonymous says...

    governor’s island! every summer i spend many days there, riding my bike, basking in the sun, enjoying the gorgeous city views, and checking out the art installations. pack a picnic lunch, or eat at the new outdoor cafe. there’s always something fun going on.. it never gets boring!

  68. I actually participated in The Artist is Present with Marina Abramovic at MoMA. It was a truly great experience. I’ll never forget the way she suddenly sat up and took notice when I sat down across from her after a few hours of looking down. -RS

  69. Wonderful series! We go to NY two or three times a year and absolutely love it. One of our favorite things to do is the Society of Illustrators life drawing sessions. We’re both illustrators, so it’s a kind of mecca for us! It’s cheap, they usually have a jazz band and very fun models to draw!

  70. I love this list. I think drinks on the Met roof is the best thing to do in NYC.

  71. Wow, the rooftop on the Met is amazing!!!! Thanks for breaking the secret!

    xox Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

  72. Joanna maybe once you’re done with all posts you can make this into a one-document form that can be printed through your friend’s press business all cute with pics and whatnot. It could make a super awesome gift!!! (to someone living in newyork or someone going there or something).

  73. Ohhh! I’m having a hard time reading these posts. You are making me miss living in New York so much!

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  75. What a fabulous list! these all sound like such fun and relaxing things to do! thanks so much Jo! :) xx

  76. I keep meaning to go to Murray’s with my best friend, who’s a cheese addict (I think, like you, she would be happy with a birthday cheese!).
    Of course, since I watch 30 Rock, now every time I hear about “(Singles) Wine and Cheese” events i think of Liz Lemon saying “…they should just call it ‘Singles Fart Suppression'”. Ha! ;)

  77. Excellent suggestions. Loved the Brooklyn Bridge.

  78. LOVE your NYC guide! I’ve wanted to visit all of my life.. soon I will! But now, I want to live there!! it offers everything, excellent tips. thank you! xo

  79. What an awesome list of activities!

    I’m moving to New York in less than two weeks (gulp!) and your fabulous blog is partly what has kept me motivated in planning what I hope will be a fabulous adventure. I particularly love the free (or cheap) activities listed, because until I land a job I’m going to be doing NY on a budget!

    Thanks again, Jo!
    Poppy xox

  80. When my mom and I went to NYC on vacation last summer, we had a picnic in Central Park, near the reservoir. We got an amazing spread from Dean & Deluca and sat and people-watched… we even spotted Kevin Bacon jogging! I love NY so much.

  81. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was one of my favorite things I did in NY. Also loved renting bikes and riding around Central Park.

    I’m hoping to catch more museums next time I’m there. I went to the MOMa last time (even saw that lady in red!) but would love to see more!

  82. I love this! But it seems like many of these activities are better to do in Summer. Unfortunately I’ll be in NY this year during winter so was hoping for some fun winter activities. :)

    Nevermind! Can’t wait to see MoMA. :D

  83. Jess G. says...

    This has been a phenomenal series, Joanna.

    I think the blog series in general (motherhood Mondays, relationship Tuesday, etc…) really gives us reader something to tune in to!

  84. this is awesome, I am totally fascinated with NY and I hope to visit again one day soon…this will def become my to-do-list!

  85. Ok, a bit of embarrassed here, but you are literally making me cry. Moving to NY has always been my biggest dream and lately I’ve been having the feeling that it’s about to finally come true (I even made a tumblr as my inspiration board so I don’t give up fighting: Every single post of this guide just makes me more and more excited about it!! Thank you SO much for sharing..
    Lots of love from another Argentinean :)

  86. I can’t wait to try some of these out next time I’m in NYC. I love to walk across the bridge as well and a visit to magnolia bakery.

  87. What a lovely guide Ms. J. I plan on visiting NYC next year for my big 4-0 and plan on following your wonderful suggestions ;)

  88. This was awesome!! I’m a huge fan of the city, but have never done any of these things on my trips out there. I have a new to-do list!!

  89. I can’t wait till I save up enough money to take a trip to NY! I will definitely refer back to your posts.

  90. I have been LOVING your NYC series! My husband and I went for our 10th anniversary and are planning to bring our daughter in November. Your guides are making me so excited!

  91. I´m from Argentina, and I visited NY twice. But my next visit (november, or march, we don´t know yet) will be too much fun thanks to you :)


  92. Anonymous says...

    These are the greatest tips ever! Love them.

  93. Wow, I confess I have always considered myself a country mouse, but this NYC Guide is convincing me to give cities a chance. Free kayaking? I’m impressed!

  94. Ooh! So surprised (and flattered) to spot myself in your awesome guide, Joanna! Still need to get ourselves on a schooner! Have you ever gone with Toby?

  95. We just did #1 last Monday night. Its my dearest memory of our trip. But watch out, the champagne pours are liberal (at least on the Adirondack Schooner)!!

  96. This would be my top ten as well – I love all these places and the MoMA membership deal is one of the best things going in NYC.
    We did a private sunset sail from Sail-NYC for our wedding and it was perfect, highly recommended!

  97. Your Guide is just further proof that NYC is the greatest place on earth! I lived in NY all my life, 10 years in Brooklyn and then relocated to San Francisco for work. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely worse places to be relocated to, but i miss NYC, Brooklyn in particular with such a passion. My fiance and I always say “when we move back east” because we know thats where are hearts really are.

  98. I’ve read about the High Line and would love to visit – a bit far from the UK, but one day!

  99. Heading to “the lot” after walking the highline was great this summer! (It sat right below the entrance on 30th, in an empty parking lot.) It featured food trucks, a beer garden and eventually opened a roller rink! It was so great! Great picks!


  100. yep, walking the brooklyn bridge & the high line are two of my favorite things to do in the city.

    another recommendation: take the ferry to governor’s island and rent bikes. it’s such a nice view of lower manhattan and the bonus of no cars to dodge!

  101. i can’t wait to head back over to nyc again! i was able to visit moma + the brooklyn bridge; next time definitely going to plan on having a kayaking adventure :) i would love to visit with my two kids + hubby next time. will you be doing a post on fun things to do in the city with younger children?

  102. This is great. What wonderful pictures.

  103. WOW! The tip about the massage parlours is FANTASTIC! Both my mother and I suffer from terrible back aches, so it’s excellent to know it won’t ruin our days!

  104. This is great! Thank you so much! I will be sure to visit these places on my next visit! I was in Chelsea the last time I was in NYC and loved it. I can’t wait to check out the art galleries, the High Line, and the Met roof top. Love that balloon sculpture!

    I usually go to NYC in the winter, but it looks like summey weather offers a lot of fun options!

    xo, Anna of :green gable:

  105. great guide – i’ve nailed a couple of these first ones but definitely added more to my “for my next nyc visit” list. thanks for sharing!

  106. Wow, this is an amazing list! Can’t wait to bring this with me the next time we’re in NYC. Thanks!!

  107. Anonymous says...

    What a great list you’ve compiled Joanna. I’m from Australia and will be planning a trip to NY in the next year. Lucky you for living in such a wonderful city.