1. Awwwwwww Toby is really strong! You go boy! Oh congrats, you have one beautiful baby there, me and my mum just AWWWWWWWWWed to this pictures for like 10 seconds!

  2. hee! hee! so cute.

  3. He is darling! I have a Toby too, but my Toby is already 2.5! I don’t know how they grow so fast. Do you think it could be something we feed them?

  4. he’s growing so well! :) He’s beautiful…

  5. He is absolutely precious Joanna!

    This makes me a little sad though because it doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were celebrating milestones like this as well.

  6. nnn says...

    ahhhhhhhh11! toby isnt so wrinkly anymore! he must be the cutest baby in new york! love his little mouth! can you imagine him with little teeth!? awwwwwwwwwwwwwww~ and look at his wrist, ROLLS of wrists! those are the best haha.

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  8. I can see all of his mighty effort in his expression. So darling. Yay!

  9. bravo Toby! encore, encore! :) he is so precious.

  10. So sweet.. He’s adorable!

    p.s. I’m heading up to the Hudson Valley the end of the month.. I wish we could have stayed where you did, but we ended up getting a room at a Bed & Breakfast in Rhinebeck. Your post really made me want to head up that way even more – thanks! :)

  11. Aw, so so sweet…

  12. Awwww….. It’s the little things in life <3

  13. Yay for the little dude! Can’t wait to see his next trick! :)

  14. he’s just so cute!

  15. All I have to say is “TA-DAH!!!” Fabulous job Toby! You too mom, for catching it on film.

  16. clever boy! nice strong neck muscles

  17. m says...

    so cute!
    at this point he looks more like you joanna.

  18. Very impressive for a fresh baby boy. It’s wonderful that he’s getting his tummy time in.

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  20. He is a beautiful one. ahh,it is so good to be remind to delight in simple things. sweet moments. Yeah Toby!

  21. Anonymous says...

    Looking good, Toby! What cute chubby arms! And I love the look on his face – like “Are you watching? Did you see what I just did?”

  22. Your beautiful Toby is just perfect Joanna, and already a strong little man. I am loving watching him grow, thanks so much for sharing.I have two gorgeous kids of my own but looking at Toby makes me want another…oh no see what you’ve done!:)

  23. such an adorable baby!!

  24. Cuteness!

  25. Oh my gosh, so sweet!

  26. go, toby, go – conquer that head raise! ;) he’s a CUTIE.

  27. Think how much energy and thought it took for him to do that. What a fabulous boy!


  28. he is so grown up now! and oh so gorgeous beautiful photos too.xx

  29. x says...

    so cute :) . *

  30. sarah says...

    He is so sweet. And lifting a head so much bigger than the rest of his body is no easy feat! What a strong boy!

  31. This picture needs a caption.


    ^_^ Go, Toby, go!

  32. Wow … I can’t believe how big he is getting!

    (Also – I can’t get over how sweet and homey your apartment is. I love it.)

  33. Toby, you just brightened up my entire day! Huzzah for your new trick!

  34. Ohhh my gosh, so cute!

  35. he is so cute!! it just goes so fast!

  36. He’s adorable. Can’t wait to see what other tricks he can pull!

  37. Anonymous says...

    Hello, Magnificent Head Raiser!

  38. Yay Toby! How brilliant! :) I have to just say he has the sweetest face! Those eyes… ahhh!

  39. boy is he CUTE!

    Loved seeing your place by the way and I was excited to see a bottle of Pimm’s. I love Pimm’s and Ginger in the summer!

  40. Aww long at home strong he’s getting!! Such a cutie

  41. Haha I love this! He should have his own show full of his amazing adventures =)

  42. such a sweet little baby burrito! xo

  43. Toby, you are quite a talented young man! I can barely do the head raise myself some mornings.

  44. Strong boy! Such a cutie!

    Julie xo

  45. that is some tummy time goodness. well done Toby. my 4 month old is about ready to add rolling over to the head up trick. fun stuff.

  46. Such cuteness! Yay Toby!


  47. G. says...

    Well done Toby!

  48. yay Toby! And you look great doing it! What gorgeous eyes.

  49. Congrats Toby! Your momma is so proud.

    Joanna, isn’t it amazing how much they change and grow each day? My mom still wonders at all the things I learn/do everyday, so I don’t think that feeling ever goes away.

  50. he looks like he’s working hard! how adorable. aren’t the smallest developments so exciting to celebrate?!

  51. He looks sooo like you in these pics! :)

  52. so, so adorable

    i think he’s totally a mix of you too by now…
    from the photos you show us, I think he has daddy’s smile but the eyes area are YOU! haha

    my daughter was the same: 50-50
    then she was all dad… now she’s changing and looks like me more…

    the important thing: they’re the cutest thing!!!!!

  53. I love that children help remind you of life’s small triumphs and joys- perhaps Toby’s greatest trick of all!

  54. What a wonderful new trick, I know he has more tricks up his sleeve – looking forward to them all!!

  55. I love that you are so tummy time conscientious! It makes such a difference! Toby will have a 6 pack at 15 mths.

  56. Joanna, he is soooo precious! I know that you are having the time of your life.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  57. Kerry says...

    Wow, I can’t believe how much his face has changed! Such a cutie.

  58. Toby, keep up the good work, kiddo!

    Joanna, he *totally* looks like his mama. xo.

  59. such cutie-cuteness!
    but i have to say, i’m glad it’s not a video. my 18-month-old has not gone a day without asking for “baby” since you posted the giggle clip. i believe he has now watched it as many times as you!

  60. Look at him! that’s adorable!
    I love how babies try and try until they achieve their goals. We, the grown ups, should learn from them, not the other way around!

  61. Meredith says...

    ps. something about the shadow makes it look like he has a wee baby unibrow. lol cutie.

  62. Meredith says...


  63. Way to go, Toby! Those heads are *heavy*, aren’t they?

  64. Nice work Toby. You deserve a baba. :)

  65. Go little man go! Joanna, he definitely looks just like you – it’s all in his eyes.


  66. SO cute. Soon he will be walking! I love his arms:) So chubby and amazing

  67. He looks a little like Alex now but more and more I’m seeing him look like you. :)

    So strong, go Toby!

  68. WHAT a sweetheart!

  69. So so so precious. Enjoy each & every moment as they change so fast. xx’s

  70. aww i am definitely seeing the resemblance to his momma now! so stinkin’ cute!!

  71. aaaw cutie!!! His little chubby arms are adorable! love your blog, it’s so personal and fun! Great positive vibe!

    xo from Spain


  72. aww, he’s precious!! and he’s getting so big. I think he looks like you, too!

  73. Go, go little man! He’s so stinking adorable! I think he looks just like you as well!

  74. i’m not sure whom he looks like, but he is a very handsome boy!

    great job Toby on the head raise! keep up the tummy time. xo

  75. PRECIOUS!!!!

  76. This is so cute Jo, soon he will be crawling – and then there’ll be trouble!

  77. kate, do you think so? we haven’t been able to figure out who he looks like, so that is fun to hear!

  78. Awwww! Go Toby! I love how every little thing is a huge deal :) That’s what life’s about right??

  79. hahaha, that is so funny. he’ll be ready to drink juice in no time.

  80. go baby go!

  81. And one and two and one and two!

  82. awww… watch out, he’ll be rolling all over the place soon!

  83. he is completely gorgeous! i am really enjoying your toby updates!

  84. Joanna, he looks SO much like you! Eeep, so cute.

  85. Anonymous says...

    You go, little guy! Workout time!

  86. Btw: he has such a beautiful big eyes:)


  87. OMG…he is getting stronger and stronger each day….What a sweet little guy….You can see how hard he is trying…right?hahahah


    Ps: I am having a really great GIVEAWAY today…hint?(something you can wear) so please join in !!!!

  88. gah! so strong for such a little man! congratulations :)