What are you guys doing this weekend? We’re heading to Michigan to visit my parents. My mom is making grilled shrimp (per request:) and Alex is psyched to go on a driving tour of Detroit. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Do or don’t: A braid bar. Genius or a rip off? It lasts for 96 hours!

Love this museum photo.

I’m starting two new books: Maine and The Help. (Have you read either?)

Another amazing pre-wedding photo, where the bride and groom didn’t actually see each other!

The most flattering underwear.

Kind of dying to hang this rad print in our apartment.

Suitcase eyes!

London sky orchestra. Breathtaking.

How to navigate a bathroom while wearing a romper. Hilarious.


Love the idea of photo return-address labels. (FYI, the link takes a second.)

Dancer vs. ballerina.

Shark week awesomeness.

Have a good one, my darlings! xo

(Photo from GQ)