Oh my goodness, this news story made my eyes pop: West Village pet shops have banned “drunken puppy buying.” In the evenings, tipsy passersby stumble home from neighborhood bars, fall in love with puppies in the shop windows and drunkenly buy them…only to wake up the next morning and realize that they have a new puppy! Isn’t that crazy?

(Thanks, Sophie. Photo by Serena Solomon)

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  3. What a cute puppy, my mum promise to get me one this summer, but I don’t think it will happen. She is affraid that it will make mess on our carpet and she will have to book a carpet cleaner to clean it up.

  4. That is a cute cute puppy in the picture.

  5. Awww, poor puppies. Glad to see they are encouraging responsible pet ownership though.

  6. The pug in the photo is so adorable, you wouldn’t have to be drunk to fall head over heels in love.

    Any responsible person wouldn’t sell a living, breathing animal to someone who was obviously drunk. If they do, they’re putting money ahead of the welfare of the animal.

  7. Hah! My friend totally did this about a month ago. Luckily she loves her new puppy and is super dedicated to it. I would hope someone would tell me to come back tomorrow though if I looked like I was going to buy a pet while tipsy.

  8. Yes it is! I would’ve never imagined a city could have that type of problem haha

  9. Christina H says...

    I can’t believe NYC still allows pet stores to sell puppies?!! I thought a forward-thinking city like NYC would realize how backward that is, and ban them as several other cities have done. Way to support the puppy mills, New York. Boo!

  10. omg!


  11. naw. noo.. that couldn’t be happening!?

  12. Joanna, this story struck a chord with me! Last weekend when I was at the International Beer Festival in Seattle, we noticed that there was an “adopt a kitty” booth set up next to some other vendors. How crazy and weird is that? God forbid one of those kitties goes home with some drunken fool and later is abandoned when the new owner realizes they really didn’t want a kitty.

  13. oh my! i have been wanting a puppy so badly, but that’s crazy that people are drunkenly adopting! i hope those pups are okay!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Good for pet shops! I feel bad for the poor puppies who are victims to the “drunken puppy buying.”

  15. LOL what in the world?? Must be happening a lot if they are having to put their foot down in such a way..

  16. soo cute.

  17. AM says...

    Aww that puppy in the picture is so adorable, and it looks like he/she is looking warily towards someone (assumedly a drunk buyer), poor thing!

    Ann Marie

  18. Too bad we can’t ban pet shops all together.

  19. That’s a hell of a lot better than waking up to a strange spouse! I live in Vegas and think that some of these wedding chapels ought to follow these pet store examples! No drunk marriage, no drunk puppy adoptions!! :)

  20. lol this is so odd! maybe this pet shop should move to another place :P

  21. Collins, People really bring their pets to the shelter b/c they want to go on vacation. That is so sad

  22. i work in an animal shelter here in charleston, sc and it happens all the time. people just turn in their dogs this time of year too b/c they want to go on vacation and can’t afford to board them. it’s crazy! we have too many animals, literally at capacity which means we will have to euthanize due to lack of space. it makes me sick and it’s incredibly sad.

  23. well THAT’s a new one! :o

  24. this is so fascinating about the pet store — i had NO idea!!!! thank you so, so much for sharing!!!

  25. Add my voice to the chorus of people saying don’t buy dogs from pet stores!! There are far too many dogs in shelters that need homes. My dog was adopted directly from a family that couldn’t afford to keep him anymore, so he was free, all we had to do was get him up-to-date on his vaccinations. And he is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. :-)

  26. Well, I can think of far worse things you could wake up with after a night of drinking! Just sayin’ ;)

  27. Anonymous says...

    Seconding everything that MyStyleVita and others have said. Please don’t buy puppies from pet stores – no reputable breeder would ever sell their puppies via a pet store. Drunken puppy buying should be banned but most pet stores should be put out of business as well. And what does it say about them that they were willing to sell those puppies to intoxicated people in the first place!?!?

    Please consider adopting from a shelter. Puppies get big fast and mixed-breed dogs are usually MUCH healthier than pure-bred dogs (and yes, you can find puppies and pure-bred dogs at shelters if that is what you’re looking for). The Humane Society estimates that 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized by shelters EVERY YEAR. You are not “saving” a puppy mill puppy when you buy her from the pet store. You are just rewarding the store for bad business practices – and you can be sure that another dog will be there soon to take her place in the shop window.

    If you insist on having a papered, pure-bred pup (but maybe stop to really think about why that is so important to you), PLEASE take the time to find a reputable caring breeder. If any breeder tells you that they breed dogs for a living, RUN. Most good breeders do it as a hobby and out of love for the breed. And yes, you will have to pay more for a dog that comes from parents that have been cared for, screened for genetic diseases, etc.

    Sorry for the long comment, Joanna! This issue is near and dear to my heart (second only to public schools advocacy, lol). :)


  28. if I saw a puppy like that on that street.. I’d probably run over, kick the owner in the leg and run off with it..

    just kidding.

    but not really.

  29. Haha, well I suppose their are worse things drunk people could be doing!

  30. It’s not possible to buy dogs/cats in pet shops here anyway. When I lived in Paris I used to visit the pet shops all the time because it was such a novelty that puppies were sold like that! And that little one up there is soooo cute :)

  31. be you drunk or sober, messing with animals is no childish game

  32. I don’t like pet shops. I want to rescue a mutt :) I love puppies, but don’t really want one. I want an older dog. xx

  33. They should not sell puppies in the first place. That’s how animal cruelty starts.

  34. I can’t believe that this was necessary! But then, puppies are unbelievably cute and hard to resist, so maybe that’s why. Still!

    Oh well. At least they passed that rule–that’s probably the only way to handle it! I guess they have to use a breathalyzer?

  35. I heard about the whole drunken puppy buying on the radio this morning. That is so crazy! I can’t believe that people can get that drunk and not remember that they bought a puppy at night. I know I sure would hear the puppy crying all night long in it’s new home!

  36. I guess it’s better than waking up hungover next to some other slobbery creature!

  37. diana, i know! alex loves dogs; we’d love to get one if we ever move out of our teeny nyc apartment :)

  38. That is really crazy and sad. I have two dogs and I can’t imagine not having them around but they (as most animals) need tons of affection and care. Do those people later want to give the puppies back to the shop? Btw: I remember you posting that your Alex loves dogs, right? Are you guys planning to get a puppy one day? I was just wondering:)Kisses

  39. So many people unwisely buy pups, but this takes the cake!

    Ps. I have a pug… love them so much!

    Just a Silhouette

  40. i read this in my newsfeed and thought you meant the puppies were drunk. glad to clear this up ;)

  41. Seconding everything MyStyleVita said….I can’t believe stores still sell puppies (or that anyone would buy from them).

    There is a BIG difference between a reputable breeder (who would never separate such a young pup from its mother) and a puppy mill. Obviously rescue is great too, but whatever you do – don’t buy from stores (drunk or not).

  42. I adopted a puppy from a family that had too much money on their hands and had one too many beers. On a walk home from a bar they decided the English Bulldog puppy in the window had to be theirs. A year later she was mine and that was when it was discovered that the dog was deaf. Apparently the owners NEVER EVEN NOTICED. Sad.

  43. cuuuute puppy. in love. but people definitely shouldn’t be “drunken puppy buying.” a dog is pretty much a 15 year commitment! it’s like a real child! they have to be taken care of, taken out, and fed! they are wayyyy more than just a cute little face!!!

  44. How sad and awful…. People shouldn’t even be buying animals from pet shops anyway. The pets come from cruel puppy mills and are inbred and treated poorly. I hope everyone educated themselves before purchasing a pet into their forever home. Rescue dogs!! Pure breads and mutts are always up for adoption at your local animal shelter and pound.


  45. ohh I wish there were such pet shops in my town! I think I would stay in there the whole day :)

  46. oh my goodness! i could see this happening, but i never even thought of that. poor little puppies :(

  47. Only in New York would the pet stores still be open! I remember some crazy nights in college– if I’d had access to a pet store I definitely would have adopted tons of sweet little baby animals, thank goodness everything closed in my town by 7 p.m.! Oy!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  48. kaela d. says...

    ugh! people in denver stand outside the bars on the weekends with boxes of puppies trying to get drunk people to buy them….MAKES ME SICK. i am a huge anti-puppymill/breeder/petstore advocate and it just breaks my heart! i’m glad that drunk buying is being banned there! :-)

  49. aww those poor pups! well im glad they are doing something about it now

  50. Can’t the shop owners tell the people are drunk or are they used to slobbering?

  51. that is very interesting, i didn’t even think there was such a high rate of that!
    and what a cute little pug!

  52. G. says...

    I don’t think it’s that crazy. It is a responsability to have a pet. Imagine these drunken people buying a dog, waking up in the morning and not wanting it, what are they most likely do with it? Keep it? Yes but maybe then neglect it. Trying to give it back to the store? Not gonna happen… Sell it? If they have a chance to find someone. And then, the most likely thing to happen to that dog, is to be send off to a shelter..where if he isn’t adopted quickly, they will have to put him down… And all that because a person drunk too much the night before…poor littly puppies :-(

  53. oh and the article said that people are stumbling home after happy hour at 6pm :) although the shop is open pretty late, usually like 9 or 10, i think! we’ve walked by after dinner quite a few times.

  54. it’s le petit puppy on christopher st — it’s right by our apt and the puppies are SO cute.

  55. well at least it isn’t the puppies who are drunk!

  56. haha wow. why are pet shops open when people are leaving bars anyway? and what part of the west village is this? i drink out there enough and ive never seen any cute puppies on my way home!

  57. oh those poor puppies! Maybe the pet shops shouldn’t be open so late…unless people are drunk by 5pm!