This weekend, we joined some friends at a lakefront cabin, an hour north of Manhattan. Every evening, after Toby fell asleep, Alex and I would sit on the dock, drinking white wine (my favorite) and chatting about nothing in particular. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I want to beam myself back there right now. xo

How was your Fourth? Hope you had a good one.

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  3. The two of you look more in love than ever.

  4. Hi Joanna,

    I have 3 years’ old doughter and to be honest I miss this kind of moment! I am happy though to see that you had these moments :) GREAT!

    Also I think that is only you and this person who is for you to care for those moments – I know I can only do something about it – just arrange things to make it happens. Isn’t it?


  5. Hello Joanna,

    You have the same name as my sister whom I am very close with.

    Your photos are fun. I’m actually very stressed out lately and I’ve thinking about vacation for like two days now. Seeing your photos made me wish I’m in a beach right now. There are lots of beautiful, really beautiful beaches here in the Philippines and I, tool, wanna beam myself in any of them right now. :)


  6. I miss sitting on the dock and soaking up the sun, so jealous of your perfect life x

  7. wow, how pretty! i’m so jealous of you right now…

  8. Beautiful pictures! WOW! How are you so skinny already!

  9. Beautiful photos, can actually feel the quiet and stillness.

  10. These photos are beautiful. Sounds wonderful!

  11. gorgeous photos of some sweet moments.

  12. How idyllic! It’s so beautiful to see how much you enjoy your life…

  13. so very lovely! I wish i was there right now too…
    there is something so peaceful about a lake that the is so different then the ocean.

  14. I was about an hour and a half north in Wappingers Falls! So lovely upstate, I had no idea…

  15. This looks like a dream!

  16. This sounds — and looks — so lovely! I’m glad you had a nice weekend.

  17. AWESOME!! Thanks Joanna, i’ll check it out right now! :):) have a great day everyone !!

  18. Such beautiful photos! My husband has a family cabin and it’s our favorite place – beautiful and relaxing. Now, I’m wishing I were there :)

  19. mary, kati and wildchild, thanks for the idea to frame one of these — maybe one would look great above our bed. that would definitely be soothing :)

  20. vicki, yes! it’s so cool, there’s a little fold-up bench :)

  21. This looks so beautiful and peaceful. Gorgeous photos, too! Thanks for sharing.

  22. the golden hour! i love these shots of the two of you. my favorite part? the reflection of those clouds in the water.

  23. That dock is amazing! Does part of it fold up to make the seat you and hubby were leaning against?

  24. These pics are great. look so like the wanderlust photos you posted last week. before you mentioned you were looking for a calm and peaceful pic for your new bedroom -perhaps frame one of these? they are so lovely!

  25. Love sharing some quiet time. Yours looked extra nice! Lovely post!

  26. you are so lucky that your son falls asleep! our toddler hasn’t let us have a gorgeous and relaxing evening like this since the say she was born. lucky lucky lucky :)

  27. What a perfect setting! And what a perfect couple!!

  28. These pictures are so amazingly beautiful and peaceful. What a special time together! Nothing betting in life :)

  29. Gorgeous Joanna! We actually went to a cabin too, wish we would have thought to capture it in great photos. Looks like you had an amazing time! xo

  30. sounds pretty idyllic! i love the dreamy clouds in the water with the soft light. yum yum.

  31. omg, joanna. blow these up big, 20×30 on canvas and put these calm magic photos on your walls. for real.

  32. Great photos… Looks completely perfect! I can see why you want to go back, sunset, wine, awesome time with hubby!

    Xx Callie

  33. so peacefully and quiet. love the lake! xx

  34. Looks just idyllic; I have to admit to experiencing envy!

  35. thanks for these sweet comments! our friend danny took the photos. and nancy, yes! we were in the same town as jenna, a couple lakes over! :)

  36. oh, first jenna, and now you! i can’t stop being jealous of lakefront cabins! (you must’ve been in the same area as jenna.) and i agree with everybody–totally adorable photos!

  37. That looks so lovely Joanna…I’m so missing the States, especially over Fourth of July weekend! My husband tried to make it special for us by buying a grill and tracking down US meat to make hamburgers…it was quite a story! This place you visited looks beautiful and we hope to get back to that part of the world someday soon! Thanks for your pictures…they are calming just looking at them.
    – Grace @ Wrinkled Chiffon

  38. that looks absolutely dreamy :)

  39. wow, who took the pictures!? they are just lovely, those clouds reflected behind you are stunning- you two are cute too ; )

    looks like a lovely weekend!!

  40. Oh this is so dreamy and relaxing! I cannot wait until Summer here in Australia, your photo’s are making this winter unbearable! :)

  41. wow, that looks so beautiful & perfect :)

  42. this looks like an incredible way to spend the 4th, complete bliss! my 4th was very busy, but lovely just the same! xo

  43. I love that you two are so sweet together and you are so willing to share with the rest of us…Happy 4th to you, too!

  44. I flew into NYC to visit with my boyfriend for the next week or so. We watched the fireworks over the Hudson and listened to all the musicians in Central Park.

  45. Anonymous says...

    It’s nice to see two people with a baby still making time to talk with each other.

  46. uau, that is lovely… hope to live a life like that “when I grow up!”
    I’m a reader from Portugal and I just love your blog :)
    Thanks for sharing so much hapiness!

  47. These pictures of the two of you are just beautiful.

  48. these pictures are absolutely amazing (: !!!

  49. that scene looks divine. My love and I went boating, BBQ’ing and to a pool party. I took some snaps too but nothing as great as these!

  50. never mind — just saw a previous comment you posted!

  51. how lovely-and only an hour away from the city-wow!

  52. I love that dock! How serene :)

    p.s. who took these photos–they’re really great.

  53. What precious photos and lasting memories! I had a memorable 4th with my best friend who came to visit from Houston. We found the best spot in Dallas to take in all of the fireworks with the skyline as a backdrop and watched 5 fireworks shows at the same time. Beautiful!

  54. These pictures are adorable. So serene.

  55. Wow! Looks like the perfect place to spend an evening! Great pics!

  56. Simple pleasures are the best!

  57. bliss…you deserve all of that beauty and simplicity, Joanne!

  58. These photo’s looks so romantic! You guys are really made for each other, so sweet!! Heart warming! :-) X Mandy

  59. This moment looks so peaceful and romantic. Exactly what you need after a day running after a toddler. I wish I had a friend with a cabin!
    ps: the photos are great and I agree with Sarah that it immediately reminded me of your wonderlust post from last week. Without realising you made it come true! ;)

  60. owmm, very very romantic… love it!

  61. A beautiful place, a beautiful couple and lots of love…
    That’s so romantic.
    I can tell you guys had a great 4th of July weekend.

  62. these pictures are just lovely! I love the images reflected in the water of the sky! I mostly napped in doors while it was a roasting 115 outside this weekend. yuck. iven our pool water felt more like Bridgette Soup then a refreshing dip

  63. sounds wonderful. i love the photos.

  64. ahhh, i am going on vacation to lake huron next week and i’m hoping that my nights look just like this.

  65. megan, it’s in brewster — a little lake called Lost Lake. xo

  66. This looks so relaxing. I could definitely use some quiet time like that right now. :)

  67. marissa, i know, white wine is the best! i love sauvignon blanc and chenin blanc and vermentino and…all of them really :)

  68. that looks so relaxing and beautiful. my mom calls quiet time by water “soul searching” and we always used to make fun of her for it, but nw i cherish those types of moments!
    (i’m a white drinker too! i love a good tangy sauvignon blanc!)

  69. Oooooh. This looks lovely! I want to go to there. I’m dying to know where this magical place is an hour from the City!

  70. you and alex make me sigh. How idyllic, sweet and peaceful.

  71. looks very romantic! sometimes quiet time together…sitting together.. just ‘being’ is the BEST!

  72. its so nice to get away from the city sometimes. you can hear your thoughts and feel the peace all around you! these photos are so beautiful! xx

  73. amazing. i’d take a lakefront cabin visit any day. we live in sacramento, so we put up a wading pool to beat the scorching heat. ghetto, but fun with glasses of wine, great food, and awesome company :)

  74. Those pictures are so ridiculously cute!!!

    I spent the 4th buying a new computer (yay!!), then my husband and I took our dog to “Yappy Hour” (like happy hour, but dogs are allowed to attend!) at a local bar, and we topped the evening off with dinner at my parents’ house with my nieces from Colorado – they’re out here to visit for the week and I haven’t seen them in 3 years! Sooo excited to spend the week catching up with them!! :-)

  75. awww you guys are so cute. I love couples who dispel the theory that you can still be lovey dovey and romantic AFTER having a kid!

  76. these pictures are so dreamy! :) long weekends are just never long enough, are they?!

  77. Even watching those pictures makes me feel totally relaxed and at ease with myself. Very beautiful, Joanna!

  78. Thanks Joanna! Sounds fantastic!

  79. Your weekend looks wonderful! I took a lovely picnic and enjoyed nature! It is so peaceful to be away from the hectic pace of life for awhile! :)

  80. Anonymous says...

    That looks absolutely magical! I’m glad you had a chance to do that.

  81. sheena says...

    what a beautiful post!

  82. You look so relaxed and lovely! And your pictures are American summer at its best :)
    My family and I escaped from Paris to Burgundy…

  83. that looks heavenly. My hubby wants to live up north someday (Alaska, actually) and our dream home is a log cabin in the woods. Perhaps someday we’ll be doing the same thing! Glad you had such a lovely weekend :)

    Hubby and I spent the day with friends and family. And got one of those old-fashioned portraits taken. Our town is “America’s Fourth of July City” so they go all out! :)

  84. that looks beautiful! like a dream. :) i love ur blog. Joanna, do u have any suggestions of radio stations to go the office work day go smooth and interesting :P

  85. These photos are so spectacular, and yet so simple and personal. It looks like the most wonderful memories-are-made-of-this weekend!

    Briony xx

  86. This looks wonderful! We went to our local lake and spent the day there. I love being by the water.. no matter what, ocean, lake, river.. I will be a happy camper.

    XO Hilary Nicole

  87. these pictures are perfect!

  88. how very dreamy! what a wonderful way to enjoy summer, the sunset and each other. lovely. xo, katie

  89. Anonymous says...

    This looks like the perfect summer weekend.

  90. What a lovely way to spend the 4th! I spent my fourth alone with my bestfriend shooting off bottle rockets, playing with sparklers, grabbing sonic, and taking pictures. It was pretty easy-going all around! (;

  91. These photos are so lovely! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I am counting the days until my lakeside vacation later this summer. These pictures make me even more excited for it.

  92. Annalise, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous on thursday — 85 and sunny! i would take the train into manhattan, and then go to the Highline and get ice cream, sit outside and read a book, go to chelsea market and get a lobster roll or yummy sandwich, walk by the water, etc. :) there are also pretty shops on 9th avenue (little french home shops, lovely bookstores, etc.) OR you could go to the Museum of Modern Art, which is amazing, and has a fantastic cafe for lunch, and a sculpture garden where you can chill out and read a book. xoxoxo

  93. What a beautiful place and a fabulous weekend!

  94. how serene! it’s so good to see what a lovely, normal couple you are. you look sweet.

  95. Wow. I love the reflection of the sky in the water. Makes me want to get out to the country.

  96. haha, marty, everyone should have a friend with a cabin! :)

  97. thanks for these sweet comments! our friend danny took them :)

  98. ahhh, you guys look so cute. What a lovely dock at the lake.

  99. wow who took these gorgeous photos of you?! So beautiful, Joanna!

  100. my goodness, those pictures are beautiful. i thought they were from a magazine or something until the one with your faces. ha.those are ones to frame on the wall :) it looks magical there.

  101. wow, such beautiful photos. Looks like the perfect 4th!

  102. This is awesome. It reminds me of a vacation I took with my now husband to the Smoky Mountains. Sigh. I, too, wish I could beam myself back there. I think I need a friend with a lake cabin STAT. : O )

  103. You both look so happy and at peace. Seems like it was perfect bliss.

    I have a long layover in Newark on Thursday (8 hours!) – any recommendations on what to do?

  104. Vanesa says...

    Wow. Those photos are gorgeously serene. Looks like you guys had a great Fourth of July! :)

  105. amazing! I can feel the quiet. Must’ve had some great chats :)