Deb Perelman writes the mouthwatering blog Smitten Kitchen, featuring delicious recipes and heartfelt, funny thoughts on food and life. Happily for us, she’s also finishing up a cookbook! She lives in the East Village with her husband and toddler son. Here, she tells us how she attempts to juggle everything…

1. What’s your work schedule?
My husband and I switch off nights/mornings with Jacob, but lately he’s had to leave for work before Jacob is done chatting animatedly with the stuffed aardvark in his crib, so I’m on morning duty. Not that I terribly mind. I get him dressed, make and help him eat his oatmeal, read some books with him, then get myself ready to start my day (I work from home but insist that I’m showered, dressed and able to be seen by the world, or at least a barista, by 9 a.m.). Once the babysitter arrives, it’s off to the races — literally, because I have soooo much more to squeeze in than I can ever finish in the day.

2. How do you handle childcare?
I work three full days and two half days a week. We have the best babysitter in the entire world. When I take him to the park or library, almost every time a complete stranger will come up to me to gush over how they’ve seen them out together and how great she is with my kid. It never gets old.

Thanks, Deb!