Wayfarer sunglasses

Our babysitter Sophie left her sunglasses at our house the other day. So I did the natural thing: Wore them until she came back again! They were classic Wayfarers (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business), and it made me want to get a pair right away. What kind of sunglasses do you have?
(Top photo by Garance Dore)

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  2. Amazing !!! What a beauty of wayfarer sunglasses.Really they are like my dream goggle.Such a nice blog of you.Would love to read in future also.Thanks a lot.

  3. Haha that’s hilarious that you wore your babysitter’s sunglasses :) I don’t think I would ever do that, although I probably would secretly want to ;) I just got my first pair of RayBan Wayfarers last week after always wanting them but never getting because they are big on me. I would go to the store decided to buy them, try them on and give up. But now, since I really needed Polarized lenses and they come in them, I decided to get them anyway even if big. I am so happy I did! My mom used to wear them years ago and I thought they were so cool, they never go out of style!

  4. I invested in a pair of Ray Ban aviators last summer, which I LOVE! I got a cheapie pair of Wayfarers a couple of weeks back, which I also LOVE! Would love some RayBan clubmasters too. I think those are also adorable!

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  6. I love sunglasses! I adore my Ray Ban rb3025 gold aviators,

  7. Anonymous says...
  8. I agree that Ray Ban wayfarer glasses will never go out of style. If I could, I want to get one for myself… But I guess I’ll have to wait till I can afford one.

  9. They look nice. Lately the old fashion is coming back, like always.

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  12. Joanna,
    Last week for my B-day my (super sweet)BF gave me tortoise Ray Ban New Wayfarers. They still read classic on your face, but are so much more flattering for a petite female. I recommend!!!

  13. 4sight!!!!!!!! Affordable ($89/pair) and super stylish. They are the Tom’s shoes of sunglasses! Tom’s just came out with their one-for-one sunglasses… but 4sight has been promoting social service, all while wearing sexy and cute sunglasses, for a bit longer!

  14. I have these; Rayban Wayfarers :-)

  15. I always carry two pairs of Wayfarers in different sizes – a big boxy black pair to jazz up an outfit and a smaller, more subtle tortoise pair to jazz down an outfit. I’m not the kind of gal who goes for “statement” accessories so the Wayfarer are my ultimate sunglasses (and probably will be for many, many years). And they’re super comfy and a good value.

  16. Ray-ban aviators are my current love. The gold that curve towards your face. My roomie got some way cool colored (teal green) wayfarers with white writing all over them in Japan.

  17. they are nice aren’t they, but reecntly I really like persol glasses too…

  18. the blonde in the picture is stunning!

  19. Wayfarers are so classic – but I love my black aviators!

  20. I have the Ray Ban classic wayfarers in black :) LOVE THEM! My husband got them for me for Christmas because I’d been obsession over them all year.

  21. I purchased a pair of “new wayfarer” and worn them only several times. I didn’t think they looking good on me anymore so I sold them on LOGE. I LOVE typical aviators that are on the smaller side.

  22. Love, Love sunglasses! It is funny, I look for cheap deals in everything else I buy, but always shell out some coin for good sunglasses. I just bought some tortoise shell wayfareres and LOVE them! I want to buy some of their aviators too. I have some Oliver Peoples Aero aviators I love, and I also have some black Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses that I use in my rotation :)

  23. I bought a pair of classic Ray Ban tortoise wayfarers last fall and I LOVE them, but my husband can’t stand them! I think he may have actually succeeded at ruining them for me, although I still wear them in the car when I’m driving.

  24. I can’t afford a real one but I do own a pair which my friends and I call the “wayfaker” :P

  25. Lindsay says...

    I got half a dozen wayfarers in all colors while i was in the Philippines. Knock offs but they made great gifts! I kept the tortise, pink, and yellow ones. :)

  26. i have almost all kinds :)
    love them always

  27. never had my own sunglasses.. sucks huh? :((((

  28. I have a Ray Ban aviator and have two fake Wayfarers from Ben & Jerry’s. Got a black one first and went back buying ice cream again the next day, to score a white one ;)

  29. Clubmaster Ray bans! It was tough choice between that or Wayfarers. ;)

  30. Emilie H says...

    I wear wayfarers too! Only I bought mine for ummm, cheap at the Souk in Istanbul, Turkey.

  31. fabulosamarquise says...

    I have a tuetleshell wayfarer “cousin” by giorgio armani that belonged to my father in the 90’s.

    Love them to death!

  32. Anonymous says...

    I wear Ray Ban Aviators – very Top Gun !


  33. classic aviators by Rayban are the best :)

  34. wayfarers are all time classics. I have some very large brown chanel ones with bows on the sides and some aviator type ones from Celine that are squarer than the classics. I did have a pair of wayfarers but I haven’t been able to find them since a move… very sad!

  35. That is the natural thing to do – if Mr TNMA leaves his Wayfarers lying around, I have to wear them!

  36. I love sunglasses and have a couple of pairs. I do like wayfarers but also love the aviator, clubmaster and cat-eye styles.

  37. After years of the big “Audrey Hepburn” shades, I bought two pairs of classic Wayfarers two summers ago while on a visit home to NY, one of the collapsible. I have not turned back. They’re perfect.

  38. I love the look of the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers. I ordered a light tortoise pair, but they were so huge! I almost cried, I was so disappointed. But they were really nice about the return. I think I’m going to have to try again with a pair of New Wayfarers, which are apparently a little smaller. I’m crossing my fingers they work – they’re just so chic!

    P.S. I love that you borrowed them. So funny. Sophie must be a lovely lady!

  39. Andrea says...

    I just had my optical appointment last week and since my prescription hasn’t changed I don’t need new glasses. Insurance still covers a new pair so I’m getting new Ray-Ban aviators (the new Cockpit style) with prescription sunglasses lenses. Hooray for free sunglasses!

  40. wayfarers, my dear. all the way and forever.

  41. Sasha says...

    Could we PLEASE do a Wayfarers giveaway? You could include pics of all the celebs who have worn them (JFK! RPattz! Marilyn AND Audrey!) They are simply classic.

  42. a cheap pair of aviators from Target…that way I won’t be super sad when I lose them…which is inevitable.

  43. Saved up for my first pair of Chanel sunglasses…a huge black pair that make me feel glamorous whether going out or leaving the gym.

    PS- Ray Ban’s Clubmasters are great too!

  44. Anonymous says...

    i also own a pair of classic wayfarers… they were my dad’s in the 80s, and he recently passed them on to me! i LOVE them. they’re tortoise brown and nice and chunky, but very chic at the same time. i know i’ll be wearing them forever.

  45. I used to never wear sunglasses because it gave me a sort of headache/faceache, to have them sitting on my nose (oddities of a once-broken nose, perhaps?).
    Then one day I tried on a pair of real ray-bans. I probably jumped up and down out of excitement–I can’t feel them! They don’t hurt!
    I bought the dark red wayfarers. And then a year later I found a black pair in the trunk of my family’s car (no one claimed them). So now I have two trusty pairs and I love them exponentially.

  46. I have the “new” Ray-Ban wayfarers, that are a little smaller. The ones I got are a really cool black matte rubber material! :)

  47. i’ve been dreaming about these shades forever. one day i’ll finally pull the trigger. one day….

  48. I love sunglasses! I adore my Ray Ban gold aviators and my updated Ray Ban wayfarers, they have more of a retro cat eye shape to them. I want to get a pair of round sunglasses next.

  49. i pretty much stick to cheapies from target or tjmaxx because i end up losing mine, sitting on it or running it over- or something absurd like that! my favorite now is my no-name brand aviators that i had to buy on our california trip a year ago (when i yep…lost the ones i packed!).

  50. rL says...

    You make me laugh!

  51. Dear Joana, I always read your blog and i love it!!!.

    On 04/11/2010 i edit a post in my blog:(Fancy Windows) called:
    My Wayfarer Ray Ban
    actually i recived 2.946 visits only for this post and is the most popular!!! So the Wayfarer Ray Ban are the most trendy and chic sunglasses.
    Many greetings from Roma
    ps: sorry for my english.

  52. I love the wayfarer’s too. My dad had a gorgeous 80’s pair in tortoise, but my sister got dibs on them before I did (which kinda sucked :p)
    I have Gucci aviators with a gold frame and black lenses. Then I have black oversized Chloe glasses for some retro glam.
    I’m eyeing the Ray Ban Clubmaster, and I think it’s going to be hard for me to resist them!

  53. Anonymous says...

    Cool. :)

  54. I have a pair of Jackie O style from Ray Ban. I love all
    the coverage they give. My husband has wayfarers and I always love to wear his when he forgets his.

  55. I am obsessed … I mean seriously obsessed with sunglasses {at the point where a 12-step program might need to be invented ;)}. Luckily, my obsession is satiated by the cheapies :)

    I think someone needs to warn Sophie that sunglasses can’t be trusted to be left behind at your place :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

    ps. Is there anything your summer sitter isn’t good at?!?!? She is clearly great with kids, is a killer photographer, has fab style … seriously, you hit the jackpot!!!!!

  56. Anonymous says...

    After my round, blue Foster Grants died back in ’73, I wore anything and everything. Until a few years ago when I found Kaenons. Fabulous big lenses that give your face lots of coverage.

  57. Ha ha! Hilarious. I have a pair of Tom Ford aviators, a huge Hugo Boss pair that make me feel like an italian movie star, and a pair of Miu Miu’s that are fun and colorful. I keep telling myself that’s enough…

  58. I have a pair of tortoise shell cole haan sunglasses that I love but last Thursday I tried on red Wayfarers and now am really wanting a pair of those or Lacoste Cannes in red!

  59. I am an aviator girl. Gold frames, black lenses x

  60. I haven’t seen these in a while! I’m sure they look splendid on you! Perhaps I’ll be brave and try them out myself!


  61. I just ordered a pair of wayfarers in tortoise shell as prescription sunglasses yesterday. I’m so excited to get them in. Before that I was rocking the faux kind in white, which were also fun.

  62. I only wear wayfarers from Ray Ban in tortoise shell. Just bought a pair of karen walkers in tortoise shell as well sort of cat eye esque. I’m very excited to branch out to a new frame.

    Fashionable Collections

  63. Ann says...

    I love your purse in this photo — looks so practical and is very cute! Where is it from?!

  64. oh those are so nice! I’ve been looking for clear thick framed ones, or pinkish hued frames. My mother had thse beauties in some of her photos, and I have a vague memory of seeing them around the house years ago. I think I might have either broken them or thrown them out in my foolish youthful days that didnt appreciate these things! of course now I’d keel over for them :p

  65. i used to keep 8 + pairs at a time of cheap forever 21 glassse. then in september i got my wayfarers. i got the new style, 55’s in tortiose shell. LOVE THEM. they are the only ones i wear. they go with everything.
    TOTALLY worth the splurge

  66. I have cheap bug eye sunglasses from target too! Can’t beat them- I feel 10x more chic with them on.

  67. ps. i wish i had some good tips for you — i would say just chit-chat with the baby at home as you normally would, and then it’s probably fun for everyone involved if you go out on field trips, like to the park or the library or even the grocery store, which can be fun for little ones, as you probably already know. i bet the parents love having you there — i know that as a mom i’m SO grateful for our babysitters. i’m like instantly in love with them for taking good care of toby and letting me get work done! :)

  68. paige, i work in the living room at my desk when they are out of the house (on adventures to the library, playground, etc.), and when they come home, i go into my bedroom and work on the bed! i love having them around and getting to sneak out to smooch on toby during my working hours — and the babysitters and i have become friends now — i hope they don’t think the situation is awkward, haha! but i know what you mean, when i was a babysitter, i always felt awkward playing with the baby in front of the parents before they went out. :)

  69. wayfarer’s are a must-have! i have the classic in black and a rounded pair in tortoise.

  70. Those are the ones! I wear them every day. They’re so cute and such a perfect size for my face.

  71. The thing I love about wayfarers are that they’re fun and sexy!

    Though my next sunglasses purchase is going to be from TOMS, who just started offering some really cute pairs. You buy a pair, they help pay for someone’s eyecare. Can’t go wrong with that.

  72. Classic Raybans. I get so so many compliments on them. Jo, how do you deal with working from home and having a babysitter there? Are you in the same room? Do you pop in and out? I am a babysitter and whenever mom (or dad!) works from home, I find it hard to be there with them. We usually end up going on a field trip. Any tips?

  73. EVERYONE is wearing them these days. But here’s the deal — every time I put them on, I feel like I’m trying to be in High School again! It was the 80s and we were trying to be the 50s. So I just can’t do it for me. But they look great on everyone else.

  74. I love sunglasses! I have the Ray-Ban wayfarers as well (black lens/tortoise shell) – very Blues Brothers :) ..

    I like to own classic shapes – they suit any facial structure not just ovals (my face is round) so I have a Stella McCartney classic aviator and an Audrey Hepburn type over-size Tom Fords.

    <3 Sunnies!

    xx G

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  75. i stick to the classics. aviators and wayfarer, right now, i am almost always wearing aviators.

  76. ray ban aviators–black lenses and gold metal–think tom cruise circa top gun. :)

  77. I also have the extra-large tortoise shell Wayfarers. They provide instant chic. I always feel like my outfit gets less cute when I get inside and have to take them off.

  78. There are no sunglasses cooler than Wayfarers (and this is from me – no youngster!) Seems they have been around even my whole life! I’m so tough on my sunglasses (scratch, lose, break them) that I’ve begun to buy whatever nice brand they have at Marshall’s.

  79. Sporting the Wayfarers! It’s a classic but laid back look. :)

  80. Rayban aviators plus a million cheap ones.

  81. You’re funny. I wear lots of cheap sunglasses. I loose them too often to buy something nice. I have some red wayfarers that I got for a buck at a dollar store and I have Target wayfarers that I wear daily.

    What is that website you have linked to a few times that is something like …one of a kind art photos that you can choose the size and they are really affordable??

  82. I have a pair of Wayfarers and I LOVE them – I even bring them to festivals because why buy expensive things (at least they’re expensive for a broke ass student like me haha) if you can’t use them? I also got a pair of Clubmasters yesterday and truth be told I might love them ever more… *Rayban_gurl 4 lyfe*

  83. I wore only Wayfarers for a few years, but lately I’ve set them aside for a pair of Tom Ford Anouk glasses I scored fairly cheaply on ebay. Seems I was just in time for this cat-eye comeback. I would really recommend them, they’re very flattering and you can always find a pair for a fraction of the original price on ebay.

  84. I have 2 pairs of sunglasses – rayban aviators (gold w/ classic green lenses) that have beat all to hell – and camo green “rubber” wayfarers with my Rx in them. love love love lovvvvvvve

  85. I love those, but they would not suit my face! It’s too small, and those glasses would eat me alive!

  86. Been wearing the classic black wayfarers for a few years now. They will never go out of style. Every time I lose a pair or they break I go and buy another one immediately. I usually get them at Target or Ragstock. They look just as timelessly cool for practically nothing!

  87. i bought one expensive pair of Kate Spades back when I was 20 years old and I loved them until they started coming apart. Nordstroms was great and said they would fix them but being a broke college kid (i said no) and just got textbook money. When I finally graduated my folks took my hints on a cool pair of shades and got me the Wayfares b/c they had worn them in the 80’s and were glad they were back in style. Best SUNGLASSES EVER! They go with everything and are timeless.

  88. I can see you
    Your brown skin shinin’ in the sun
    You got that hair slicked back and those
    wayfarers on, baby
    I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
    after the boys of summer have gone

    -don henley, boys of summer

  89. allison, that is awesome. and kaela, your comment made me laugh out loud. go for the black!

  90. love wayfarer sunglasses!
    always cool!!

  91. My favorite. Need a new pair. can’t live with them.

  92. I have a pair of Club Monaco wayfarers as my regular frames, and I’m hinting at my in-laws that a pair of Ray Bans would be the best birthday gift ever!

  93. Allison says...

    Haha cute :) I found my dad’s old Ray Bans in my car the other day and did the same thing, put them on and grinned like a fool, even though they are prescription and everything is blurry to me! After getting a headache I switched back to my usual.. a $7 pair from Walgreens that I’ve had since High School :)

  94. I have… every type of sunglasses! I used to invest in only one or two top of the line pairs, but since the recession hit, cheap sunglasses have become my go to guilty pleasure. At Goodwill, at Urban Outfitters, or at a Gas Station, they instantly transform your look.. and your mood.

  95. kaela d. says...

    i love wayfarers! hahaha and i love that you just hijacked them til she came back :D i always want to buy a pair of those raybans but when i get to the store i have an anxiety attack because i can’t decide if i want a solid black to be classic…or if i should do one of their funky patterns……#retailtherapyproblems

  96. I have two pairs of Wayfarers. Extra large tortoiseshell ones (think Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and a regular-sized black with red legs pair. They’re my favorite kind of sunglasses evah.

  97. White wayfarers and worth every penny!

  98. and I am totally with Dancing Branflakes!!! BP from Nordstroms has the best cheap ones!

  99. haha i have the cheap bug eyed from target too! also a pair of aviators from marc by marc jacobs and an old pair of chanels from college when i didn’t have anything better to spend my money on :). looooove me some sunglasses!

  100. Callista says...

    I plan on buying a pair of Shwood sunglasses in the not too distant future.

  101. I LOVE the wayfarers! I cant afford the Ray Ban ones yet, but I still rock them… they aren’t too over the top, but you still feel so cool wearing them!

  102. Haha! I always buy mine at BP Nordstroms. They are only $10 and since I lose mine like I lose lip gloss I don’t feel so bad.

  103. I’m an aviator girl. I have this dinged up old black and pewter pair that I picked up at a market in London years ago when I was working/living there. They only cost 2 quid and I can’t believe I haven’t broken them yet because I wear them ALL the time!

  104. I’m an exclusive Ray-Ban girl. Two pair of Wayfarere (black, tortoise), and a pair of aviators (shooters).

  105. RayBan Wayfarers! LOVE them. I love that they are timeless, I’ll definitely be wearing them for years.

  106. I have a vintage pair of hot pink and gray Bolle Irex 100 Wayfarer’s with perscription lenses. I have had them for almost 2 years now and haven’t lost them yet… knock on wood!!!

  107. Oh, you just told us (sorry, the other comments weren’t in when I left my nosy ?)

    I also have RX aviators from the early 80s. Bought them for my first trip out to SF. They stil look wonderful.

  108. Wayfarers are all I wear! They’re the best sunnies ever. And my husband can’t wait till my eyesight fails so I’ll wear Ray-Ban eyeglasses because he likes me in glasses lol So hateful…

  109. Vuarnet classics a boyfriend gave me a million years ago. Still very cool (& very effective).

    Wayfarers & Oakleys are also v. nice.

    But I’ll never give up my Vuarnets. A friend took photo recently & said that I look like a pissed off French film star. Hey, man, I’ll take it!

    (What do you wear now that you had to give back Sophie’s?)

  110. Tom Ford aviators. I was actually lucky enough to meet him once in L.A!

  111. I have red wayfarers by Ray-Ban that were 50% off last spring–I swear, they flatter any face shape!

  112. I love the classic wayfarers. They give such a cool, chilled vibe. This summer I’m wearing retro cat eye shades by Ray-Bon. Kisses:)

  113. I cannot live without sunglasses. Lately, I have really been loving the comeback of cat eyes!


  114. kim, prescription lenses are genius!!!!!! i want to do that now!

  115. i knw, abode, that was back when tom cruise was hot + not scary!

  116. I have some fake aviators from Target, but my regular everyday glassse are actually Rayban Wayfarers – with rx lenses! I love them.

  117. to be honest I hate sunglasses, maybe because I wear eyeglasses all the time when I’m reading or using my computer

  118. haha, i have cheap bug-eyes glasses from target, too. i wonder if we have the same pair!

  119. I LOVE my wayfarers and I also love wearing aviators…. I guess I have a thing for Risky Business & Top Gun!

  120. These will NEVER go out of style :) I have a couple pairs – a pair of sporty Oakleys for running and a cheap pair of bug-eyed glasses from Target for the more stylish look. Surprisingly, they fit me better than name brands. SCORE! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!