1. Hi, just a moment back I was searching for the new ideas on Moon & Star Tattoos and now I am here. So much information, really well executed blog. Thanks

  2. Sometimes a simple tattoo is better than a complex one. This tatto is the proof of my theory.

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  4. i am deff not a tattoo and have always said that I would never in a month of sundays get one. …..

    …..However I find the simplicity of this one rather attractive.

    hmmm…. never say never.
    Thanks for this little inspiration x

  5. Anonymous says...

    No tatoos for me, they just aren’t my thing and I have never thought they add to the beauty of the human body but detract from it. That being said the simplicity and even elegant form of the line makes this my favorite.

  6. I have two already, but have been wanting to get another recently to commemorate our life-changing move to Europe. This one is beautiful and simple – and great inspiration for me! Thank you for sharing.

  7. I don’t and I normally don’t like them but that one I love!

  8. Sue Henry says...

    I have a tattoo that I got on a tribal island off the coast of Sumatra. I was staying with a shamanic tribe called the Mentawai… they were beautiful and covered from head to toe with line tattoos.. by the end we were monkey hunting with poison arrows, fishing and sleeping on their floors. They were amazing, warm and just down right cool so I took center of the lines that cross their shoulder blades and their spines with 4 dots in the 4 quadrants and had it nailed (with a nail and the charcoal from a cooking wok) into my hip. Painfu? Hellz yes.

    Now I’m a mom and if I ever found out that my kids did something so stupid I might have to lock them in their rooms for a couple of months but at the time and even still it is a reminder of a slow, steady and outrageously fun time of my life and I love it.

  9. What a great tattoo!! I do have one…. “Eterno” on my ring finger underneath my wedding rings. :)

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  10. I really like this too, it’s so subtle. I’ve been seriously considering getting a celtic ring tattooed onto my right ring finger, but I’m extremely hesitant when it comes to tattoos.

  11. when my dad was little his dad made him a battle shield to play with, he painted it to look medieval with a horse as well as “Sir Dave the Brave” painted on it, in cursive. Last summer my dad had a small heart attack (he’s fine+healthy now) but I got a very simple version of the shield, with the same words on the back of my upper arm. he was very touched, but now my mom is jealous.

  12. I do! I stopped counting how many a long time ago…hee, hee!

  13. I got a tattoo maybe…. 3 years ago? I got a dove on the top of my foot and I had them use a brown shade so it looked more like henna. It is so incredibly subtle and dear to me. Sometimes I get tempted to get something else super tiny, but I don’t know that that will ever happen. It took me my whole life to decide on my first! It’s a big commitment.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  14. Oh_Cat says...

    I have a tattoo on my ankle – the Penguin Books logo, just in black ink, very simple. Lovely piece of iconic design, and a nice way for me to remember my Literature degree days :)

  15. Yes! Some random ones on my back from when I was a crazy seventeen year old- but the best one is my kids names on my arm I got last year. I really love it.

  16. I recently got a henna, it looks lovely, but the best part is that it is only temporary!

  17. I met a guy once who had a tattoo written up his inner forearm that read “I have great friends” in a beautiful cursive scroll. I always thought that was such a cool tattoo, and I’m not usually a fan.

  18. Gorgeous! It’s so pretty and subtle. I have one, on my right hip, of a black cat on top of a moon. Hurt like the mother, but it’s exactly what I wanted. Now I want one or 2 more!

  19. okay. If i ever get a tattoo. The choices are now narrowed to a lightning bolt (harry potter addict, yes i am) or that wave tattoo. I love the simplicity <3

  20. i don’t have a tattoo. but i always think about what i would get if i did and where i would get it.

    but i’ll never do it. heh.

  21. No tattoos! But, this one is really cute/original. I have been thinking about getting one, but it’s such a big commitment I have to make sure I’m COMPLETELY sure I won’t mind looking at whatever I got one day. So I’m still thinking:)

    I’d get one on my foot! On the very side where it’s pretty hidden:)


  22. i have one in my forearm that reads “Joie de Vivre”, i’m thinking what my next one is going to be! the one you posted is very original!

  23. I have 3: a bumblee on my right ankle that represents a time when my friends really were my only family; a turtle (w/ a dragonfly in its shell) on my left shoulder that symbolizes my creative life as a river, and the tough girl w/ a soft inside I used to be. (These are both from 15 years ago.) Just got my 3rd last week–a butterfly flanked by stars. It symbolizes my relationship w/ God. I believe the more we’re in relationship w/ him, the more he sloughs off all life has done to us so we become who he created us to be in the first place.

  24. i love simple tattoos that have a lot of meaning.
    i wanted a tattoo ever since i had my son and 2 years ago i finally did it after thinking about it for years, i had the idea of writing his name in my skin but didn’t want to have it out in the open, i wanted a little secret for him and myself so i decided to have it in my back and in braille. i love it because it looks like his name’s written naturally in moles, just little subtle dots.

  25. dc says...

    No, We have a lot of original artwork and when I get tired of a painting or piece of sculpture I can just move it of give it away. If it’s on my body, it’s there to stay! I have gotten a temporary Henna tattoo and that was okay.

  26. That is so gorgeous in it’s simplicity!
    I have a tattoo across my wrists to remind myself of the bigger picture.

  27. That wave is lovely. i do have a tattoo. A vine on my lower back with 3 hibiscus flowers representing my Huzz, son and daughter.

  28. That’s so lovely! I’m actually quite heavily tattooed – a sleeve and a chestpiece with a few other small ones here and there. People don’t expect me to have them given my otherwise preppy style and relatively conservative career path, but I’ve always found them to be such a beautiful art form and can’t wait to be covered!

  29. I like how this tattoo is unusually simple and elegant. But the first thing I thought of when I looked at it was the tsunami :-( One solitary, life-changing wave.

  30. I love that tattoo. I have two – both on the smaller side and both have personally meaning to them – they are my helpful reminders of the truth I forget too often. One is actually on my wrist (similar to the wave) so I see it all day.
    Much love,

  31. I have a massive Inuit goose on my lower back. Went through over an hour of intense pain. I was 20 then, I am 37 now and trying to focus on the pain bit for my daughter never to go near a tattoo shop! I do like my lovely bird though…

  32. I’m doubting to take a tattoo. I would want to have a black simple keyhole at the back of my neck…
    This one is really beautiful.


  33. This wave is beautifully simple. I love it. I just got my second and third tattoos. I have a flock of birds on my left wrist and a heart on my right pinky finger. My husband’s nickname is Pinky :) <3

    The pain is totally worth it. You forget it quickly.

  34. When I was 19 I drove 100+ miles to a state that allowed tattooing (Mass. didn’t at the time) with a hundred dollars in my pocket and no idea of what I wanted. Having decided by the time I got to the place, I told the guy my idea and he said it would be $115. This was the mid-nineties in bumblef*ck, so there were no ATM’s. I said, “Ok, just give me half”. And he did. And I never went back to get it finished. So, I have lived the last 17 years with half-a-tattoo on my arm. It’s a a real conversation starter.

    I love that wave tattoo.

  35. i have 3 smaller ones. my favorite is from the Little Prince… 3 of the birds that carry him away. They are behind my ear.
    I am planning on getting a bgiger one for my bday on my forearm

  36. yes indeedy! i just got one about a week ago and i am so in love with it! if you like you can take a peek at my blog post about my experience (link below), complete with process photos. it was such an amazing, personal experience and i get to keep the beautiful results forever! love.


  37. No and I’m so glad! What might look cute in you twenties aint so cute any more when you’re sixty:)

  38. Thats a cute tattoo.
    I have one tattoo on my wrist. It is the outline of Africa to remind me of where I grew up. I left South Africa when I was 18 and have been traveling ever since. I now live in New York and whenever I glance down I just get reminded of my friends, family and my country.
    I blog about my adventures away from home here: http://www.saffakate.blogspot.com

  39. No, I don’t. But I’d love to have one like this wave

  40. I love how cleverly the tattoo is placed, making it subtle and in harmony with the body! I have a very simple swallow on my back which I drew myself, and it was tattooed a bit too close to my shoulder blade so when I move it, the swallow “flies”! Oh dear, haha!

  41. Love it! I have a small one – the number 32 in Roman Numerals on my wrist.

  42. This tattoo is really cute! I have one ony left foot, it’s a scroll with stars around it and the Hogwarts school moto inside! I love it! I’m getting my other foot done in 2 weeks, a seagul which will look like it’s been done with watercolours. xxx

  43. pretty tattoo! I have two. sun moon and stars on my foot and a hersey kiss on my upper thigh.

  44. i DO have a tattoo!!! and i love mine. i have a side piece. this is really cute but too small for me!!!

    allister bee blog

  45. I want one very badly but I am having trouble committing to the idea…

    something simple and sweet would work like this…


  46. I do! I just got mine in March, but I’ve been planning it for… 7 or 8 years? Didn’t want to rush into anything clearly. Also both of my parents approved of the design so that has to be a good sign (note to Toby on that one). Mine’s the constellation Leo – just nine black filled-in stars, maybe over 1/2″ big, scattered across my back. (It’s my sign – not that into astrology, but I’ve always identified with it.) It makes me so happy when I see it! :D

  47. I love it! I’ve been seriously considering a tattoo lately. I love the quietness of the wave. I would love to hear the story behind it!

  48. Anonymous says...

    I’ve got two. The first one took me nearly 20 years to figure out what I wanted. The second took me… well, I started designing it the very night I got my first. Now I’m thinking of a third but am trying to hold off. In the mean time I’ve been working with two friends on theirs, finished one design.
    you can see them here:


  49. love those little almost hidden tattoos they’re so sweet. i got a little tattoo once, and of course regret it. if i had any kind of pain tolerance i would get a big tattoo that would cover my whole arm in pretty colors.
    do you have a tattoo?

  50. This is actually really pretty! Coming from someone who isn’t big on tattoos…
    xo C.

  51. I love this tat! So lovely. I have three… and counting. One more coming up soon, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be done after that.

  52. i have a really large one, a group of peonies on my left shoulder. i dont think i could love them more! i plan on getting more as well. love them!

  53. I have thought about getting a tattoo for many years. I am just afraid of needles!

  54. hi, i don´t have any, but this seems awesome, very sutile!

  55. i have a tiny whisk behind my ear and on my wrist, in white, the words: Some Mad Hope.

  56. No tattoos for me, but my husband is a tattoo artist. :) He has enough for the both of us.
    I do like the tiny ones though, so cute, but could never decide on one for myself.

  57. No tattoo over here, yet. I know what I would I get if I could ever get over the fact that I know it hurts. That one is very subtle though.

  58. I love subtle tattoos! I have 6 and my husband’s name is my favorite :)

  59. No tattoos here, but oddly enough, now that I’m all grown up and mature, I want one. I’ve actually been toying with wrist placement, seems so delicate and sweet while still being tough and dangerous. I’d probably go on the inside of my wrist though, a simple line drawing or a word or two.


  60. I have my own wave tattoo on my hip. I love this one, though.

  61. Wow. That is beautiful! I don’t have a tattoo but I used to want to get a strawberry on my foot. Glad I didn’t do that.

    Another one that I loooove: my cousin has a teeny heart on the inside of her left ring finger. Isn’t that so sweet?

    Do you have a tattoo?

  62. I love this tattoo! I have 5 small, simple ones. My favorite is the white ink dove on my shoulder.
    (the only picture i have is on this link to my wedding photos… 3 pictures down)

  63. I have nine tattoos and counting. There a great reminder of a time in your life. I don’t regret any of them.

  64. nope, no tattoos, no piercings… as in not even my ears are pierced. too scared.

  65. No I don’t have one but I’ll definetly get one as soon as I turn 18. I’m doubting between “sauvage” on the inside of my upper arm and a little swallow on my palm. ♥-Axelle


  66. The Pisces Girl in me is oh-so-delighted

  67. I have 7 tattoos and I want more! But i really love this wave tattoo and simplicity of it.

  68. I do! It’s funny, but my parents (really my dad) told me never to get a tattoo, but when I got mine (on my back between my shoulder blades) and they saw that it had my life verse (the Bible verse I live by) and my mother’s initials (she’s a cancer survivor and my best friend) they loved it. It hurt like hell to get it on my spine but it’s one of the things I’m most proud of. :)

  69. I really like that! I have a tattoo on one of my writs but have been flirting with the idea of doing the other one…

  70. that’s so sweet! i like that one!
    i have a tattoo – a crescent moon on my right shoulderblade. it’s a tribute to a book series i read when i was in elementary, and a reminder to never stop secretly thinking i might be better than everyone else… which sounds like the most narcissistic thing in the world when i type it out. trust me that it’s more of a self-esteem thing :)

  71. This is off-topic, but can I request a (young) father’s day present gift guide? it’s time to shop and you always have great ideas.

  72. I like this just cos it’s so different! I have about 7 tattoos so far and am contemplating a half sleeve of things that remind me of my family. They’re half a world away so I’d like to carry them with me :)

  73. Um, ya. I’ve got the “tramp stamp” on my lower back. It’s a butterfly with a Celtic design on either side. It’s also huge. When I told the tattoo artist that this was the size I wanted he asked me if this was my first tattoo, and I said yes. His jaw dropped and he said,”Wow, that’s kind of like marrying the guy before you get to know him, eh?”

    I can’t see it, so I’m not sick of it. I’ve had it for nine years. Yes, I want more.

  74. No, though I am tempted at times. I’d probably get bracelet or ring–or if I were to be really bold, have my kids’ names and birth dates tattooed on my arm.

  75. i do not. thought i have always wanted a writing quill on my side.
    my bf has 6 – all of them are nautical. he is a maine man after all.

  76. I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did–I would want something like that! So sweet, subtle and beautiful.

  77. This is so great! I got one on my hip when I turned 18, as a silent rebellion against my Dad, who is very conservative. Then I had it altered 5 years ago. It’s a flowers and leaf, black and red motif. I like how it curves on my hip. I did tell my Mom eventually – but Dad still has no clue.

  78. I have two! They are both behind my ears, one is an anchor with waves and the other is leopard print. They’re subtle but cute, I think.
    I like that wave tattoo as well, super cute

  79. This is gorgeous! I have a dime-sized peace sign on my hip. It’s great because it is right where my undies/bathing suit hit, so it is only visible when I want it to be. My husband calls it my “on” button (it does look like a little start button). I’m thinking of getting another.

  80. I have a peace sign on my ankle…my best friend and I have matching tattoos. Cliche, I know, but I love her like a sister so we got inked together!

  81. Very cool, Joanna – I’ve always wanted something subtle like this but I haven’t gotten the nerve quite yet…!

  82. Very subtle and pretty! And yes, 5 tattoos and dying to get more!! It’s hard to explain why, but once you get one, you just can’t stop!

  83. Oh that’s pretty and subtle. No tattoos here, admittedly I’m afraid of the pain..is it worth it? I mean I went through labor, which I imagine is probably worse, but I’m fairly certain I”d be whiny about getting a tattoo. Haha.

  84. Ooh, that wave is wonderful! I love wrist tattoos. My twin sister and I have matching wrist ones of a Picasso line drawing. I love that it connects us. But it was way to painful for me to ever think about getting another!

  85. this is very sweet….i have a tattoo on my left ribs of the outline of the key to my childhood home. inside the head of the key is the letter ‘w’ for my dad’s first name. he passed away about a month before i got the tattoo.

    i am currently brainstorming my 2nd tattoo which will probably be on right ribs. i am hoping it will incorporate something about my 2 kiddies…


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  87. I have roses on my shoulder, you can see them here: http://bit.ly/iR7y9b
    I like tattoos that are kind of feminine but in a tough way, if that makes sense! It’s definitely time for another..

  88. I am not normally a tatoo person but I must admit, this is pretty cool! Love your blog!


  89. Sweet! I don’t have a tattoo but I wish I had one! Totally scared of the pain:)

  90. Love the wave tattoo. No tattoos for me… I’m scared of needles. & tattoos are a serious commitment, i have no idea what I would even get :)

  91. I don’t have a tattoo (I think I am too ADD to decide on a good design), but love how this image follows the shape of the wrist (although, that must have been painful – not a lot of fat to cushion the ink!)


  92. i don’t have any tattoos, never really wanted one, but that wave is neat/pretty :)

  93. Nope, but I do love this one ;)

  94. I love this tattoo! It’s so pretty!