1. I love charts too! They can communicate so much with a few lines and words.

    You have a great blog Jo! Rambles with Reese

  2. i’m exactly the same.
    i have an extreme obsession with cool flowcharts.
    check it out on my blog…

  3. Oh and I second the recommendation of Hyperbole and a Half! You have so much hilarity ahead of you :P

  4. Oh my gosh Joanna, you have to check out Kate Beaton’s comics. She does these really great takes on actual historical events. Her comics are ridiculous! Just the expressions on the characters’ faces, they kill me.


  5. these are great! your mind is EXPANDing, Joanna!

  6. although i’m not an anxiety girl… i found it just perfect!!! ahahahahahahah

  7. Speaking of nerds, I saw a great quote today…

    “Nerd? I prefer the term ‘Intellectual Badass’ “

    Isn’t it great!!

  8. Loving these! Thank you for bringing a much-needed smile to my face!

  9. Natalie Dee is amazing. Another really good blog/comic thing is Hyperbole and a Half. She is hilarious without pictures, but the way she draws adds so much! You should definitely check her out.

  10. have you heard of the Oatmeal? Seriously funny!

  11. hahah i could think of 1,000 people to post one of those on their walls.

  12. I have spent a very unhealthy amount of time looking at I Love Charts Lately. There should be a support group.

  13. I am finally a super hero! Anxiety Girl it is! Love it!

  14. Oh man. Awesome.
    (I think my husband will feel compelled to buy me an Anxiety Girl t-shirt. But then, that might just encourage me further.)

  15. One more reason to love your blog (not that I need one, I am a total nerd! I love charts and graphs! Anxiety girl is me.

  16. There is definitely a spot in life for our inner nerds. Right next to comedy and guilty pleasure. =) Seriously the dino one cracks me up.

    – Sarah

  17. i AM so guilty of taking hummus to a lot of parties! hahaha made me laugh so hard, and yeah i’m one of those herbivores.

  18. haha that first one is totally me. my fiance sent me the link to that a few weeks ago and the title of the email was “sound familiar?” :)

  19. Ha! I should show the anxiety comic to my mom. That pretty much describes her to a T. Lol.

  20. Those are too cute! I especially love the champagne one, which works with any form of alcohol really.

  21. Oh, I love these! Do you read XKCD? Lots of charts and comics…


  22. ha ha ha, so cute :)

  23. Anonymous says...

    I love anxiety girl. So funny and true.

  24. i think i need to send anxiety girl to all of my friends! haha! hilarious finds joanna!

  25. Anything that makes you laugh is not nerdy. FACT.

    (PS. Love these!)

  26. LOVE THESE! Definitely love anxiety girl!

  27. I love anxiety girl!, so funny and so true haha!, have a great day.

  28. these are amazing.

  29. the first one is totally my experience at every braai! haha so great x

  30. I need a banner of Anxiety Girl to put up in my house.

  31. I love the champagne and friends one…So brilliant and so true but I would probably swap the champagne for wine:) hahah

  32. omg, this is why i love you, joanna. ;-)

  33. Oh my, I am totally anxiety girl. Eeek!

  34. the anxiety girl one is my favorite haha

  35. Haha… those are great! Thanks for sharing!