1. so funny post I love it this is baby is so cute and beautiful

  2. Sidney says...

    For my part every person must go through this.
    Buffalo homes

  3. So funny

  4. love this

  5. OMG that is so funny I have tears in my eyes…

  6. I love that you posted this! I keep trying to share it with FB peeps and, oddly, few people find it to be as awesome as I do. And I’m totally not ashamed to admit I have watched it about 437 times… so far.
    The hacked up food is the best… oh and the stuffed bra.

  7. that is so hilarious! I love when she goes to the other table and starts taking the puppet’s food! and that fanny pack….

  8. my boyfriend sent me this the other day, it’s hilarious.

  9. Hahahahahahahaha! Oh my lands, so funny! I wasn’t expecting to really laugh that hard but I was laughing so hard! So funny and brilliant. So glad you shared it: you can always use a laugh! :)


  10. hehe.. funny and really cute movie.
    I wonder ..how did they make it?

  11. LOL

  12. someone just linked me this on facebook recently, and you’re right, it’s totally hilarious!!

  13. When she dumps the wine on the table it kills me everytime…and the fanny pack and watch are genius. So funny.

  14. My husband is Swedish and loves to make jokes about British people getting drunk and doing this on holiday. So the whole time I was imaging this a British baby which was even funnier to me for some reason. Cannot wait to show this to him when we gets home!

  15. we have the same taste/humor. i swear the last few weeks, we keep coming across the same stuff. love it, joanna!

  16. Sarah Hawley says...

    I have laughed so hard at this that people in the cafe where I was working had to come check on me. Why didn’t I think of this when my kids were this age? Thanks for posting!

  17. this is so clever and hilarious! made me laugh out loud.

  18. Hi dear Joanna,
    I enjoy all your posts and find them very inspiring and interesting.
    However, when i was watching today’s video, i couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy.
    I kept thinking about the child who would grow up to be an individual person and who might feel offended or disturbed by this video. We can never know. And once something is posted online, you can not take it back, it’s there forever.
    Do you remember a video about a boy who was just out of the dentist and still under the effect of drugs? the one who asked “is this real life?” I first found it hilarously funny and shared it myself too. Then, i read an article about parenthood and how even with the best intentions parents can abuse their children by posting somewhat offensive things about them and even make money out of it.-as i recall correctly the father started selling t-shirts with a writing of “is this real life?” on them.

    I know it is natural and in fashion for parents to publish several photos and videos of their babies but it actually is a very sensitive issue.
    We can never know what those future persons will find disturbing once they construit their own personality and ideas. In my opinion, there is a very thin line so, it’s always better to be cautious than to be sorry in the future.

    Please do not get me wrong, I do not refer to you or your blog, i find all the photos that you share of Toby adorable and non offensive to the wonderful man Toby is going to become :)

    with love

  19. Oh my Gosh! Tears run down as I am writing this! Thank you for the this J. It really made my day!!

  20. This was hilarious! I had to watch it a few times!

  21. I’m about to pee my pants. I’ve now watched it a total of 6 times lol…gets funnier EVERY.TIME.

  22. What an adorable film!
    I LOVE the fanny pack!

  23. Well there is my main laugh of the day!! Thanks for that. :D

  24. Babies really do look tipsy! Forwarding this to all my mama / daddy friends. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Oh my the earrings!!

    LOVE it!! Can’t stop watching it!!!


  26. That’s the best thing I have seen all day!

  27. My funny bone says ‘thank you!’ :O)

  28. This is too funny! My husband has said that babies act like little drunk people, stumbling around, slurring words,lol I’m def forwarding this around! Thanks!

  29. OMG WARNING don’t watch it at work unless you want people looking at you funny! that’s hilarious! i LOLd and got the stink eye!

  30. The way she holds the margarita and wine glasses with her little pinky curled, fantastic!! No matter how many times I watch this video it still cracks me up. Kids are so awesome.

  31. Anonymous says...

    He must have made tiny plastic beer bottles!

  32. Anonymous says...

    Still laughing. Thank, Joanna!

  33. I’m dying! I seriously lost it when she coughed the food up and then dumped the wine on the table.

  34. and the oscar for live action short goes to…

    this is hysterical.

  35. LOVE! I’ve been starting every day watching by watching this. It is guaranteed to make me laugh every time!


  36. I don’t watch videos, but since you insisted I gave a try and… THANK YOU!

    I can’t stop laughing! :-)

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  37. I never write in capitals, but this time I really have to make an exception: HILARIOUS!! Still laughing!

  38. I always thought kids act like little drunk people. Although the bra stuffing is a little odd, no?

  39. absolutely ADORABLE :) so hilarious…how creative!


  40. im crying im laughing so hard!

  41. The music is so sane, I had it on a loop, and I still went crazy until I got pooped.


  42. I showed this to my husband on You Tube last night. We have an almost two year old and it’s true, toddlers look like they’re drunk!! Loved it!!

  43. Omg! Adorable!! I feel like I might have been that baby :)I used to sneak the boxed wine we had in our fridge. I was the perfect size to just stand underneath it . . . mouth wide open. Not sure why we had said boxed wine.

  44. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so much!!! Fantastic :)

  45. ha ha! complete with fanny pack and stuffed bra–too cute!

  46. I am sitting in my law school library giggling out loud watching this!

  47. My boss send this to me the other day! It had the whole office rolling. Love when she spits out the food…haha!

  48. That was just the lunchtime diversion I needed – thank you! I love when she coughs and a piece of food comes out.

  49. M says...

    amazing….really shows the similarities between toddlers & drunk people! Love it! Thank you for posting this.

  50. that was pretty funny– I especially loved her little fanny pack! I have got to get myself a baby to make videos with! :)

  51. Okay, that was hilarious. I definitely had a laugh:) And that REALLY is how drunk people behave. This should be some sort of PSA for not getting blitzed. Great share.

  52. That is hysterical! I love all the creative ways parents are putting their babies to use these days:)

  53. It is so right on it is perfection. I could watch that video over and over again!! Brings back some memories from my mid-twenties. :)

  54. How funny! Thank you for the laugh!

  55. Lol! I was impressed with her drinking out of the martini glass. Thanks for the laugh!

  56. I’m dying here. This is so funny. The fanny pack takes the cake.

  57. Carson and I watched this about a thousand times. I love when she chokes up the food. Seriously a genius video!

  58. a friend shared this over the weekend (during our SLUMBER PARTY!) and we all just died. those tiny bottles and glasses of wine! and her SHORTS!! oh, man.

  59. the boobs and the fanny pack. so funny!

    thanks for sharing, joanna!

  60. haha, i didn’t even notice the boobs, that is hilarious!

  61. i always think that babies are like drunk adults–they say silly things, they stumble about without any balance, they scream at random–and this just proves it. so funny!

  62. hahahaahahah that is AWESOME. how did he get his baby to cooperate so well? i love the mini sized beer bottles. lol way too funny

    <3 steffy

  63. maggie says...


  64. That is absolutely hilarious. I love the wrist watch! I think that’s a great detail! Thanks for sharing!

  65. LOL! Nice boobs! It kind of made me shudder a little bit though, I seem to have a vague recollection…….


  66. This is so great! Haha, I laughed so hard. Thanks for posting this!

  67. Oh man, I needed this laugh today. Thanks for sharing!!

  68. I love this clip. I saw it a couple weeks ago on Facebook and have been sharing it endlessly. I crack up every. single. time. Can’t wait for the full movie to be released!

  69. LOL!!!! babies really do look drunk.

  70. Hahah..this is hilarious! I love how they dressed her with those clip on earrings…haha..Thanks for the smile, Joanna:)