Our grandparents

My mom sent over these old photos of my grandparents, who met on Valentine’s Day back in 1945. My grandfather was an American pilot stationed in England, and my grandmother was an English girl living with her parents. They were set up on a blind date (to a Valentine’s Day dance), hit it off, and got married in August of that same year. I love these photos of them right before they got married and on their honeymoon.

Thanks for sending these, Mama!

  1. amazing!!!!

    these are so special, i feel weepy and happy looking at them!

  2. Joanna – the background to these photographs looks very familiar. I’m sure it’s Torquay in the South West of England.

  3. wow what a hunky couple! last photo is quite steamy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. a beautiful love !

  5. so romantic! I love stories of how grandparents met : )

  6. I really like that kind of pictures, your granny seems to be sooo sweet! I also asked my granmother to send me pictures of them, the result is always so great.

  7. So sweet! What a lovely gift from your mother. A beautiful, happy couple! ; )

  8. This is such a completely perfect love story. Thanks for sharing this amazing photos!

  9. Anonymous says...

    I don’t have time to read through all 117 comments, so I’m very sorry if someone has already pointed this out, but WOW you look just like your grandfather!

  10. Great photos. You can tell how into each other they are–the tension is palpable! Good for them.

  11. Gina says...

    Joanna, these pictures make me want to cry they’re so sweet! I am such a sucker for pictures from that era…especially when the man is in uniform. I have a book called War Letters, and I once cried for two weeks for a man who had been dead about 50 years. He was a young soldier from NY, crazy in love, and was killed in action. I could cry thinking about him now. Anyway, I see the same sweetness in your grandparents’ eyes, and it makes me misty. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Luv those beautiful photographs of your grandparents. What a loving couple. Thanks for sharing.

  13. oh my lands! love, love, love these, jo♥ thanks so much for sharing. what a sweet, sweet and inspiring little story! how adorable that they met on valentine’s day IN england AND got married that same year:)


  14. These are just adorable!!! How cute!

  15. This is beautiful. Makes me want to get out my grandparents photos

  16. They look so in love… This is what I strive for. Wonderful story, wonderful photos!

  17. these old photos always seem so glamorous to me… and your grandparents look so in love and just totally caught up with each other. so cute!!

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  19. Oh Joanna, these photos are simply divine! What wonderful memories, their love for each other is extremely evident. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  20. gorgeous photos. i love going through my family’s old pictures

  21. My grandparents have a similar story! My grandfather was an American pilot stationed in England, and my grandmother was a 17-year-old English girl. He married her 3 months after he met her at a dance, and put her on a boat and sent her to live in South Carolina with his mother until he finished his tour! They were married for over 60 years until they both passed away :)

  22. they look so in love!

  23. These photos are just darling. I love old photos!

  24. I love this. They are a very beautiful couple too. I see the resemblance.

  25. It’s amazing that you have so many old family photos. I wish I had some… my grandparents lived in China {later Malaysia} and I guess photography didn’t exist? We don’t even know their real birthdate since certificates didn’t exist!

  26. how lovely :) My husband’s grandparents met in the same fashion- a young girl from Wales and an American military man…so romantic!

  27. Mo says...

    Such a romantic story!

  28. oh my gosh so sweet!!! what GREAT photos!! <3

  29. Oh! My mom’s father was an American soldier stationed in England when he met my grandmother, a brit from a tiny village who was working as a nurse in the war. Thanks for the lovely memories, and sweet, sweet photos. You’ve inspired me to get some photos together for my own Mom xox! Emily

  30. This is the sweetest post- I have a black/white pic of my grandparents when they first met and it makes me happy every time I look at it:)

  31. It’s lovely with old photos isn’t it, you can see how much in love they were..

  32. OMG, Toby is just the perfect mix of them both!
    Lovely pics by the way, hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day. Besos!

  33. What a beautiful couple! Awesome pictures!