Our Los Angeles hotel

A few readers asked where we stayed in Los Angeles, and I’d love to share: We were lucky enough to stay at the Oceana Santa Monica, which was one of the nicest places we’d ever stayed. We booked a two-room suite through the amazing (and addictive!) website Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so that we could stay up and hang out after Toby went to bed (at his cute 7pm bedtime:). The rooms were beautiful and and homey; our bed was insanely comfortable, and the hotel was right next to the beach.

But the biggest plus was the service. Every time we walked into the hotel, they would say, “Hello, Ms. Goddard! Did you enjoy your walk?” or “How was your lunch? How’s Toby doing?” Fancy! I was amazed that they remembered our names, and they’d coo and chit-chat with Toby for as long as he wanted. :) The staff made the hotel feel so personal. One night, we invited friends over to play games, and we wanted to order pizza, so I called room service, and the guy answered the phone, “Hello, Ms. Goddard! How can I help you?” and when I asked for a recommendation for a pizza place, he brought up local menus, along with bowls of crushed red pepper and grated parmesan. How sweet is that? Those little touches make such a difference, especially when you have a baby. We can’t wait to go back next year.

Anyway, we really loved it and would highly recommend it if you’re planning a trip to L.A.! :)

  1. The pictures you have shared of your Los Angeles are very impressive. The interior of the room are majestic.

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  2. I love the room where you stay. The color of the whole room is very light and relaxing. I also love the yellow color. It one of the best attraction of that hotel room.

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  4. That hotel looks and sounds amazing!!! What a dreamy vacation! <3

  5. Mo says...

    The yellow chest is the PERFECT splash of color. Would make me smile every time I walk into the room.

    Glad you had a good stay!

  6. thanks for the great recommendation!

  7. Anonymous says...

    We stayed at the Oceana with our then 6 months old. The best part was we ate dinner by the pool with the baby monitor while the baby was sleeping in our room. It worked!

  8. those colors in the hotel room make me happy :)

  9. We are crazy over the hipstamatic app. Great photo!

  10. Beautiful hotel room. Love customer service – really were ever you go it makes a difference!!! great recommendation:)

  11. i want that hotel to be my home. and the 7pm bedtime is the cutest :)

  12. thanks for the tip always looking for great hotels in LA… and with great service… A+ xx

  13. Now that’s some great service!

  14. Anonymous says...

    This hotel sounds amazing! I appreciate really good service!!!

  15. Your hotel sounds absolutely lovely! Glad you had such a great time. My husband and I just booked our first real vacation since our honeymoon, so reading this post is making me even more excited for it!

  16. That sounds like an amazing trip away, I am hoping to go back to l.a for a holiday, last time I went I stayed at ..not the best hotel, maybe I will have to save up for a holiday to this place, sounds perfect
    Izzy x x


  17. Toby just gets cutter and cutter with every post. Thanks so much for sharing about your trip. That hotel sounds wonderful!!!

  18. I love how it looks like a home.

  19. Such a treat!
    I will put this on my list of hopes for the coming year… or two.

  20. v says...

    This just looks amazing. I LOVE the yellow chest at the foot of the bed. Wow. Sounds dreamy – what a getaway. You are very blessed!

  21. This hotel looks absolutely marvelous!

  22. what a beautiful room! i want to stay there! :)

  23. I love the decoration in the room. Those happy colors give it a perfect touch!

  24. Wow. I want to stay there. : ) Looks and sounds fabulous!

  25. The room looks so incredible cozy. Oh, and now I’m totally going to use Mr. and Mrs. Smith from now on!

  26. so cute I loved



  27. what a lovely hotel! love the yellow! light & airy! :)

  28. Glenda says...


  29. I love being in Europe… but during winter time… I’m so missing my hometown of L.A. I’m so jealous you got to go!

  30. that place looks fantastic! i’m very envious in the iowa snow. so happy to hear your first trip with toby went well. how nerve-racking! xx

  31. This looks absolutely fabulous!! I wish I could hop on a plane from this horrible east coast weather asap!

  32. First of all, that picture of your boys is TOO sweet! Definitely frame-worthy. And second, I’m sooo jonesing to stay at that hotel! When I was at school in Malibu we used to go into Santa Monica all the time (one of the places I miss about LA). Glad you guys had such an amazing time!

  33. Wow, now I really want to go to California! On another note Toby is getting so big. What a doll!


  34. wow- the room looks so beautiful and you described your experience like it was perfection. It really is those little touches of service that MAKE the trip, hope you guys told them how pleased you were :) and this will def be a hotel i book if ever traveling to Cali……



  35. That’s the most beautiful hotel room I’ve ever seen! I could live in a place like that. Especially if the staff treated me the way they treated you! Sounds like a fabulous place to stay.

  36. It’s absolutely adorable + cozy. And such a good idea to choose a 2 bedroom suite. We always have the problem of having to be super quiet + tip toeing around after the baby is asleep.

  37. looks and sounds amazing! and toby is looking so adorable in these holiday photos :)

  38. Sounds like a wonderful place! Those extra personal touches sound so nice, especially compared to staying at any other generic hotel. Bet they’ll be booked following your review! :)

  39. we live down the street from this hotel and I have always wanted to check it out, thanks for the info! We love getting 2 bedroom places with our little one – you can really get some good hubby time in if you are able to watch movies and have a glass of wine when little one is sleeping ….. glad you had fun!


  40. So beautiful! I would never want to leave!

  41. Planning a trip to LA soon and I’m definitely going to look into the Oceana. I’ve stayed at a few hotels before where they call you by name and it makes you feel so special – the little things always count. Plus, it made me feel important…haha.

    Thanks for this recommendation Joanna!

  42. haha, so funny, amanda! :) and samantha, the vintage look is from the hipstamatic app on the iPhone, it’s the best xo

  43. Thank you for the hotel tip..I’ve been dreaming of visiting California (my last trip was when I was 9!) After seeing your lovely pics, it has become a goal for this year!

  44. Sounds like a very special place to stay. We aren’t much on traveling, but if ever in that area I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the tip.


  45. The hotel looks beautiful! I love the bright colors, very homey looking but still so chic. Personalized service is the best.

  46. sounds and looks wonderful! toby is such a good baby!!

    maybe the husband and i deserve a a treat to a night at that hotel. we rarely make it out to the west side and that would definitely be worth a little traffic.

  47. That sounds amazing! I went to REALLY nice spa once where they called you by name and catered to your every need. I swear I giggled every time they called me Mrs. Swann. It was so cool.
    I’m not too far from there, maybe I’ll go hang out. I need to feel special today;)

    The Cheeky Cafe

  48. The room looks absolutely sweet! And that is so wonderful that they give such personalized service. That can make all the difference! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    A Whole Lotta Love,

  49. LOVIN’ the vintage photo vibe you got goin’ on!!

    how do you do it?? :)

  50. the next time we plan a trip, I may have you book all our travel. sound good? ;-)

  51. Feeling fancy and important feels so good sometimes! Glad you had such a nice family trip.

  52. Wow, sounds incredible! I’ll make sure to remember that if I ever visit Santa Monica…


  53. That looks like such a gorgeous place to stay! I am also addicted to Mr & Mrs Smith, I think I have planned my next 10 years worth of holidays based on hotels and houses on their website. Such gorgeous properties.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  54. What lovely service personalized service! The staff sounds so AWESOME!

  55. We’ve stayed there. Best hotel experience I’ve ever had, no exaggeration. Staff is great, location is awesome (it’s in Santa Monica but not in the busy area), and I love how the rooms are decorated like someone’s home — not like a hotel room at all.

  56. haha, amy, i totally pretended that, too :)

  57. That sounds like a great hotel and your room looks amazing..I love the pop of sunny yellow colour! So happy you had fun and I also love personal service like that. Little hello and how are you makes all the difference, dont you think?

  58. beautiful room! sounds like a wonderful place to stay :) xoxo jcd

  59. WOW! That sounds like just the perfect Hotel!! Oh, if only I could dig myself out of the snow!!! LOL Wonder if Scotty could beam me there?! ^_^

  60. Sounds and look great!
    Have a nice weekend — Kristina

  61. How fancy! I think that’d be my favorite part as well– having the staff recognize you and call you by name. Some folks might be creeped out by that, but I’d pretend I was a celebrity. Just for a day!

  62. I love how that room is decorated Ms. Goddard!

  63. Goodness me! That photo of Toby + Alex = so precious! Enjoy the weekend. xo Lola

  64. That hotel looks amazing, and it doesn’t sound like you could have possibly had better service! That would certainly make visiting LA a perfect vacation! Thanks for the recommendation!