1. I’ve never tried bread… but if you like beer, hold a mouthful of beer while chopping onions = no tears! And you get to drink a beer. Doesn’t seem to work for other alcohols (but feel free to try, hic!)


  2. I’ve tried putting the onion in the freezer for 20 minutes before cutting, and it didn’t work. Then I tried cutting it while it was submerged in water (a deep casserole dish), and it didn’t work. But then, I finally thought to try goggles, to completely cover my eyes from the “elements” and that worked perfectly! The goggles did get a bit foggy after a while, but after wiping them dry it continued to be the perfect onion protector! I definitely recommend using goggles – maybe I’ll have to try bread sometime, too. It would save me from looking like a dork. :) lol

  3. When I chop onions I slice the onion in half, take the skin off quickly and wash the onion in cold water. This really minimizes the crying (sobbing, actually, in my case). Also, chewing gum helps.


  4. Anonymous says...

    I do the same thing with a match. It’s more badass and it works.
    – Laura

    • Jill says...

      Do u light the match? ;))

  5. I have found the strangest onion chopping solution – I wear my ski goggles! It keeps the onion smell from getting to my nose and eyes. I look like a fool, but it works!

  6. I saw your post and tried it while I was preparing Christmas dinner, and it actually works! Thanks for the tip, I’m always cooking with onions and I hate how it tears up my eyes!


  7. Kelsey says...

    I just wear my swimming goggles when I chop onions! It’s not the coolest look ever but its foolproof.

  8. Anonymous says...

    Futhermore, while you re chopping onions put them on a bowl of water, it works. thats a tip from Turkey ;). merve.

  9. i’ve heard so many ways: chew gum, wear glasses, haha. but that’s just odd!

  10. Wait, what?!?! How in the world does that work? I am definitely trying this next time I am cutting up an onion bc oh boy, I despise that onion burn!


  11. Shut the front door! Who would have thought??? Really! I love it! I’m doing it next time for sure. Because see, I was told if you stick your head the in the freezer for a moment it takes away the tears, but I find it cold and uncomfortable. The bread I can do.

  12. I have tried this and it did not work for me :(

  13. Anonymous says...

    Our old italian family tradition is to put a glass of water near you as the onions are attracted to moisture so instead of going to your eyes they go to the glass!

  14. I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but apparently putting the onion in the freezer for 20 mins before works too! i’ve known for ages but I’m never organized to remember 20 minutes before i need the onion! haha

    – agata.

  15. My grandfather taught me this trick when I was a little girl! It really does work!

  16. Huh. I suppose that makes sense; the bread soaks up the fumes. I’ll have to try that :)

  17. great tip! i love onions but hate that they make my eyes sting. i’m definitely going to put this trick to the test.

  18. that is a bizzare tip – ill get someone else to test it out lol xxxxxx

  19. ha ha I’ll definitely give it a shot! I’ll do most anything that gives me an excuse to put bread in my mouth!

  20. haha, nora, that is hilarious. and thank you, natalie, so glad that you’re here! xo

  21. I’ve tried and it did not work, not for me at least. But my family got a big kick out of it! I DID look like an idiot.

  22. Ugh I hate onions and I especially hate chopping onions bc they always make me cry. lol So thanks for the helpful hint. :)

  23. i’ve never heard that!! i’m going to have to try for sure now…my eyes will thank you :)

  24. I am *so* going to try this!!

  25. yep, I’ve also heard of chewing gum… or having a mouthful of water the whole time, but that one’s so uncomfortable!

  26. This is weird but super interesting.

    Where did you find this out?

  27. Anonymous says...

    i will definitely try this this week!


    Really?! My eyes ALWAYS tear up, so I’ll have to try this for sure!

    Thanks for sharing ;)


  29. gum works too! it’s all about breathing with your mouth open because you inhale the burning onion stuff before it gets to your eyes! learned that in a recent issue of rachael ray and have been doing it ever since. :)

  30. Good to know! We’ve tried lighting candles, rinsing the onion, using the stove fan, but none of that worked. Our current method is to cut onions with a dive mask on. Looks ridiculous, but totally works. My snorkel mask is now considered a critical cooking tool now :-)

  31. Oh my goodness – this is one easy trick to try! I hate onion tears.
    p.s. thanks for all the other tips too in the comments…so many new things to try…bring on the onions!

  32. Gia says...

    Love onions, hate tears. Another super easy trick is to run the knife under hot water before using it to slice the onion — my saving grace.

  33. haha that’s so weird! but i’ll try it because I can’t stand to chop onions, I cry and cry…

  34. I could have used that tip last week when I made french onion soup! boooo hoooo….

    Merry Happy Jo!

  35. It would surely add to the fun conversation with guests mulling in the kitchen.

  36. I hate onion eye sting!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  37. This is because your eyes don’t sting if you breathe through your nose only. You can put anything in your mouth, a spoon, bread,whatever and you can’t breathe through it then.

  38. it makes sense that the onion ‘fumes’ would be absorbed the bread as bread is poreous:)funny, i have heard of people chopping onions with goggles and a
    snorkle! haha


  39. It does work! You can just chew the crust of bread either.

  40. Great! I was told, that anything that will keep your mouth open helps with stopping tears.

  41. I will definitely try it! I always cry when chopping onions!!

  42. :) nice!
    I also hear about the match in your mouth but bread is nicer I think

  43. LOL! Sounds like a big joke, but I believe you Jo :-)

    Xo mandy

  44. ha! Never heard of that one, but I have tried cutting onion under cold running water (helps if you can rest a cutting board across your sink, under the flow of water) and it DOES indeed work.

  45. Tried this for dinner — didn’t work for me!! Maybe I should have used a bigger piece of the delicious fresh bread from the bakery down the street that we bought for our dinner party? As it was, I spent the whole time trying not to drop snot on the bread in my mouth from my onion-tears…

  46. My mom taught me this trick years ago! It really does work!!

  47. this is great, as i currently wear ski or swim goggles when i chop onions (no joke)!

  48. Anonymous says...

    My eyes totally water when I cut onions. Can’t wait to try this.

  49. Anonymous says...

    Love this post – I will definitely try it!!!!

  50. Zing Zing says...

    Hi everyone! Yes, holding an unlit match in your mouth does the same thing as a piece of bread. Both of which will absorb the sulfur fumes from the onion, and thus eliminate what causes your eyes to tear!

  51. Oh this totally works! My dad told me about this years ago and I’ve used it since!

  52. Interesting, I will have to try this.

  53. great idea…i sob for hours every time i try to cut an onion!

  54. I tried it tonight while making dinner, and it totally worked! Now I am completely fascinated. What is the phenomena that makes the bread neutralize the tears?!?

    I did note a couple of drawbacks: my jaw was totally aching by the time I finished the onion, and I guess I forgot to swallow b/c I actually started to drool for a second (then I totally cracked up and almost ruined the experiment by making myself tear with laughter). Better than going on an onion-induced crying jag though!

  55. wow, this is life-changing! and also one of those things i wonder “how did i go my whole life without ever learning this”? :)

  56. The best trick I’ve found yet is putting it in the fridge for a few minutes. It’s amazing – much less onion gas so, no watery eyes.

    cute pic!

  57. This cracks me up! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the tip!
    Have a pretty day!

  58. I’ll try anything!
    Chopping onions makes me weep like I’m watching Old Yeller.

  59. Wow, I’ve never heard of that! I really want to see if it works! (:

  60. I’ll have to try…curious to see if it works!!

  61. Wooooo! I’ll try it next time I’m cutting up an un!


  62. my fiance is skeptical, but i’m going to make him try it!

  63. wow really? i don’t like onions, but i’m ready to chop one just to see if this works! weird!

  64. I’ve definitely participated in this..and encouraged others to too… it not only works, but is a fun party trick. ;-)

  65. Another tip to stop the onion tears from a flowin’ is to put the onions in the fridge. It is foolproof and awesome.

  66. Kerry says...

    One good thing about poor eyesight – the contact lens barrier! I’m the designated onion chopper in my house.

  67. I can’t wait to try this trick! Happy holidays!

  68. what?!? okay, now i must try this because my eyes are EXTRA sensitive to onions after my lasik surgery.

    thanks for sharing, jo!

  69. Oh. My. Goodness. Just tried it – IT WORKS!!!!!

  70. no freaking way! last time I cut an onion I cried for an HOUR! it was awful….. Bread!? really!?


  71. I’m going to give this a go and see what happens. It sounds almost too bizarre.

  72. I have to try! I always cry and because oF that I almost cut away my finger recently, althoug I am not beginer in the kitchen :)

  73. Another one for the anti-tear, contact lens wearing team. Love that we can rejoice in the one and only benefit of short-sightedness :)

  74. I’ve never heard of this trick but I really want to try it!

  75. I’ve never tried this and I’m curious to know if it works! I’ve always been taught to breathe through my mouth while chopping onions instead of through my nose, and that works.

  76. if this works you are my hero!

  77. martha says to light a candle nearby, so the vapors get “killed” by the flame.

    seems easier than the bread trick :p

  78. Thank you for the pointer! I’d love to give it a try as I’m always crying after chopping onions.

  79. I love a good cooking tip!! Thanks!

  80. I can hear my boyfriend’s laughter at watching me do this now… Still, it might be worth it to avoid running mascarra every time. Thanks for the tip :)

  81. i will definitely give this a go! my eyes are super sensitive to onions. it gets to the point where i can’t even open them. if this works out, i will sing your praises :)

  82. Anything to keep from burning eyes is worth trying! Thanks for the tip!

  83. I’ll try it! Just reading this my eyes started to water.

    ♥, style-dc.com

  84. i have yet to experience the chopping onions/eyes watering thing…. when i was younger, i thought it was a myth. i am assuming it’s because i wear contacts? otherwise, it just makes no sense to me how i’d be immune to it….

  85. ha – however when bread hits my mouth it does not take long before it is eaten. I must try this.

  86. So interesting! What a great excuse to eat lots of yummy bread!

    I actually never have a problem because I wear contacts and for some reason there’s barrier between me and those dang onion tears.

  87. haha, must be because you’re supposed to breathe through your mouth rather than your nose. your nose is closer to your tear ducts! that’s why!

  88. I was googling tricks to keep from tearing up the other night!
    Thank you-I’ll have to try this one!

  89. I always stick my tongue out the whole time. It has questionable results… but really adds a little fun to whole process. :)

  90. I’ll definitely try it, onions always get me! Shallots, too.

  91. seriously? will that really work…I am skeptical..hahah but still, I will try it:-)

  92. Kate says...

    An oldie but goodie.

  93. This is really helpful! I will be testing this one out for sure. Until then the swimming goggles and lack of shame serve me quite well :)

  94. hmmm I will have to try this!! I hate chopping onions.

  95. Or… do what my roommates do: they make me cut all the onions because I wear contact lenses (they create a shield between the sulfur emanated by the onions and my eyes)! I will definitely pass this trick on to them though!

  96. I can see this now, I’d end up eating it the whole time lol. I better get some cinnamon raisin in lol

  97. Libby says...

    It’s not an allergic reaction. There’s sulfur in the onions which mixes with the H2O in your eyes to create a dilute solution of sulfuric acid. To fix this problem you could also cut the onion in a tub of water.

  98. My mom puts the bread on the end of the knife. I cut a piece of the onion and balance it on the top og my head. It really works too! I read that in “Like Water for Chocolate” and have done it ever since.

  99. I am so going to try this trick because I always cry while chopping onions..Thanks, Joanna:)

  100. Totally going to try this next time I find myself chopping some onions!

  101. I’ve never heard of this before! I’m gonna need to try this out. =]

  102. I’ve found that the best way to get your eyes to QUIT hurting once the onion has already gotten to them is to open up your freezer door, stick your head in, and open your eyes wide with your face close to anything frozen. Discovered this on accident as a teen, and recently found an article that cited it as a remedy – apparently the cold constricts the blood vessels in the eye, slowing the mini-allergic reaction that’s going on!

  103. Chewing gum also helps immensely

  104. As daft as I’d feel doing this I think I might give this a go as I really dislike chopping onions!

    Thanks for the tip :)

  105. Hahahah — I feel like, if there’s any available piece of bread lying about, I do that anyway.


  106. I REALLY need to try this. I always have to wear my boyfriend’s lab glasses when I cut onions!

  107. WOW, I will totally be trying this. I will be using a much bigger piece of bread though. Those onions are brutal!!! I may try a whole loaf. :)

  108. any reason to put bread in my mouth is good with me! ha!!

  109. Hello! I’m new to following your blog, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! It’s an inspiration to me!

  110. I’ve heard this before! :) Never tried it though… I keep my onions in the fridge, so they don’t make me cry at all… although I’m sure some chef will call that blasphemous!

  111. haha! that is really odd! i had always heard to light a candle or cut it near an open flame. i learned it from martha and it really does work. i guess i’ll have to try this too, now i am curious!