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  2. I’m all sorts of knocked out with one too. Feel better soon!


  3. feel better cute family! *a

  4. Oh no :( hope you all feel better soon xx

  5. Feel better xxxxxx

  6. N Y is fab but cold, last time I was there it was a real snow storm and the wind isn’t stopped by the straight streets…but lovely lovely

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  8. the pic is very 500 days of summer…makes me want to visit NYC! :)

  9. I have been following your blog for a few weeks (New York is now a place I’d love to visit – you make it look like a wonderful place to live!) and thought I would (finally) say hello. :) And. That I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Oh dear!

    Feel better you three. :) Can’t wait to see you back on the blogging world!

    XOXO, darling and feel better.


  11. Ugh, I hate colds! I hope you start feeling better soon! <3

  12. hope you all feel better soon!!

    p.s. Leo Patrone is a good friend of ours! I got so excited to see his photo on your blog today :)

  13. I’m visiting new york for the next 2 weeks, and I have a cold too! Bundling up makes it fun though.

  14. oh, noes! I wish you much rest, hot tea, and a Pushing Daisies marathon. just for good measure.

  15. Feel better soon!

  16. We have colds in Charlotte.:( but our view isn’t nearly as inspiring…

  17. feel better soon!!


  18. DM says...

    Feel better Joanna! This photo makes me so homesick for New York.

  19. Hope you all feel better soon :-) x

  20. I hope you and your family feel better soon!

    Amy R.

  21. Wish all of you get better as fast as possible!
    Ahhh New York!! Wish to be there right that moment!

  22. I’m just recovering from my own autumn cold – they suck! Feel better:-)

  23. Feel better soon!

  24. Aww :(

    Hope the three of you feel better very soon!

    xo, Nadia

  25. so sorry to hear you guys are all sick! Hope you feel better soon!

  26. oh no! my husband and i are both fighting off colds out here in oregon. feel better, hope you can have a day of cuddles with Toby and warm soup!

  27. goodness, this cold is making the rounds! hope you & your family feel better soon!

  28. chiara, he had his first cold a few weeks ago — so sad and sweet to hear him sniffling and snorting! thanks for all these sweet comments!

  29. Feel better! Colds really are a bummer. More annoying than anything. Lots of water and love!

  30. I am in desperate need on a clod day… just one!

  31. What a bummer! I hope you are all feeling much better tomorrow! Lots of liquids, lots of naps, lots of trashy tv and magazines. =)

  32. Sorry, kids. Remember ginger tea, if no one has said. (Real ginger root, steep, strain. Add honey–for you guys, not Toby.) xo

  33. Ah don’t do this to me! That picture makes me miss New York SO much! (:

    Hope you all feel better.


  34. Hope you all begin to feel better soon! Sending warm, well thoughts your way across town today. xo

  35. Awww, not all of you – there’s always got to be one healthy person to take care of the poor sickies! Hope you feel better and spend lots of time cuddling in bed :)

  36. get well soon!

  37. Sick babies are the worst! I’d rather have the flu every day then see my kids sick. Lots of chicken soup for the Goddard-Williams household.

  38. My husband teaches and brings home every germ out there … our kids are immune to most but since I work from home now I seem to catch anything that comes through our front door! Knock on wood, not sick this year yet – you get better soon :)

  39. Feel better soon xx (and I hope Toby doesn’t keep waking up at night with his cold, that’s why colds for babies suck so much).

  40. Ohh I am so sorry:(
    Hope with some cozy hugs and yummy honey-tea you all will feel better soon:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today :)

  41. Bummer! Feel better, guys! At least now when you talk to yourself you can pretend you’re talking to Toby…

    Beautiful picture of NY!

  42. Ugh, I just got over a cold myself. Drink lots of tea with honey/lemon, snuggle under blankets and watch movies…that ought to do it ;)

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  43. hope you all get better soon! sending our love from tokyo…

  44. beautiful picture! hope you all feel better really soon, colds ruin everything.:(

  45. Oh no! Feel better, It’s tough when the whole family is sick. Try to enjoy this beautiful day.

  46. C says...

    Perfect weather for some hearty chicken soup! Hope all three of you get much better soon.

  47. aww :[ get well soon!

  48. Autumn hits us all with no warning at all! just a couple of weeks ago we were all wearing light fabrics, nude legs, and sunglasses…
    Now, I can barely ‘separate’ from my wool scarf!!!!


    get well soon

  49. Feel better everybody! Kisses to little sneezes and chicken soup for big sneezes. That’s my Wuglyee remedy! :-)

  50. feel better!!!

  51. rest up and feel better, you three!


  52. wishing you, alex & little toby lots of rest, a pot of lemon + ginger tea {my favorite cold remedy} and a speedy recovery :)
    sylvie of silver lining

  53. I’m home sick today, too. Colds are the pits.

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  54. Feel better, Joanna (and toby and alex!)

  55. oh dear Sorry to hear you guys are sick! Tea with lemon & honey!!! This weather has been insane lately with the ups & downs! Feel better!!