Choppy haircuts

Want to hear a weird secret? When you’re pregnant, your hair gets thick and glossy, but a few months after your baby is born, it starts to fall out! It’s crazy; I’m officially balding with a full-on receding hairline. Apparently it does grow back, but in the meantime, I’m thinking of getting a choppy haircut to make it look thicker.

Anyway, aren’t these two pretty? Perfectly easy and messy.

(Photos from J. Crew and Elle Canada, via Kate Arends)

  1. taking lots of vitamin b after you give birth helps with the hair loss – or say my hair stylist says, I’m def trying it next time, my son is 19 months and I’m still recovering (new hairs sticking out in unflattering ways…)

  2. Choppy hairstyle are awesome. Of course not for people already have uneven/choppy hair. It adds volume and makes you look more cool.

  3. mmfifi says...

    Drew Barrymore..WOW would never have known…this hair cut as my HUBBY calls it…. is my early morning army look and i should be wearing army cloths and crawling out from behind a bush!!! and he makes a..piewww piewww (gun noise)
    i showed him and he giggled..6.5 guy giggling!!!!! lol

  4. This is sad, but true. I had my beautiful baby girl in March, and I’m finally at the stage where I’ve stopped losing hair. Which is great, except that now my bald spots are starting to grow back, so I’ve got ugly sections of short, spiky hair coming in. *sigh*

    Of course, the babies are totally worth the ugly hair! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, it does?! I did not know that. But yes, I would say this is an answer to that problem. I actually saved both of these photos because I love the hair and my haircut is slightly like this and my hair is curly. I love the first one!

    Thanks for sharing. :)


  6. I’ve heard that Kerastase makes a line of shampoo/conditioner for Pregnant/Post Preg women…it might help?

    Weird how more women aren’t out in the open about this…guess it’s just embarrassing to talk about publicly. Pretty awesome of you to do this post :)

    Come to think of it, I remember seeing Katie Holmes with so many baby hairs after Suri was born. All makes sense now.

  7. I was about to take the second photograph to London for my next hair cut, what a coincidence! I’d love to see your cut when you get it done to compare! :)

  8. i am going through this same exact thing! on my way to the salon next week!

  9. that is so not drew. wow she looks hot with brown hair. not that she isn’t beautiful all the time, but the brown is full wow factor. makes me want to go back to being an all over chocolate brown.

    I am lucky to have thick hair, cause after two little people I am sure if it was fine I would be bald by now. When my hair fell out in chunks I thought there was something wrong with me, but realised it was a normal part of post childbirth.


  10. I read this a few days ago…3 months post partum with my second. AND have since started losing hair ALL over the place. Sigh. The saddest part? The growing back stage…it is hideous.
    Maybe I should also look into a new choppy cut…
    Good things those baby boys are so cute…

  11. @robynu says...

    My little man turns one tomorrow and my hair is STILL growing back! I know its all worth it but these shots make me envious!
    P.S. Didnt know it was Drew AT ALL!

  12. I hear you on this. After six months of my little Odin, I am shedding like a dog. :-) My friend just gave me a fantastic choppy cut. Rubi at
    She does wonders. I feel like I have a head full of volume even after the gobs and gobs that come out each shower (not to mention throughout the entire day).

  13. lisa says...

    Thanks for posting this! My daughter is now 5.5 months. I used to have really thick hair and now it’s getting extremely thin. It’s nice to know it’s happening to others.

  14. mine is still growing back. it’s such a bummer! your looked luscious when I saw you last. I bet it still looks great. Have Caroline do it!

  15. too true.
    it happened to me. my wee one is 18 months now.

    go with the second pic haircut. it will look gorgeous on ya ;D
    and tell the stylist to POINT-CUT your hair. the cut will last way longer.

    long live the fancy mom!


  16. choppy cut has turned out to be my most strategic (and BEST) move of fall. LOVE my nerd-o bangs.

  17. So natural and carefree… lovely!

  18. …no way!

    …that’s just… noooo…

    Loving the awesome hair though. You’re providing me with hair inspiration this morning…and reasons not to start a family yet :P


  19. That is just crazy and I never heard of it! Then again I don’t have any kids either :)

    The second hairdo looks amazing though!

  20. i am 17 months in with my second and have a little baby fringe (bangs!). cute but annoying! i think the hair thing is to do with hormones. when you are pregnant you need all your growth hormones to grow your baby, so hair stops growing and because it stops growing, none falls out. when it starts growing again after the baby is born, the new hair pushes the old hair out, so it seems like a lot but actually you can spare it. the fact that it’s falling out is a good sign, it means it’s growing again, and in a few months you will have a funny little fringe like mine!

  21. I love these styles but I cannot do choppy or messy. My hair looks actually messy and unattractive, not sexy beadhead/beach hair messy.

  22. The pill–all of them I have ever been on– made my hair fall out!!

  23. I seriously cried on day when I pulled my hair into a ponytail. I had a bald spot on each side of my head! The babies are 8 months and my hair has grown in about an inch and a half…slowly but surely??

  24. Ohhh, my friends have told me about this. But you know what I’m worried for? All three hairs coming out of each follicle at once! My hair is already waaaay too thick. Which sounds great in theory but omg it takes a million years to dry.

  25. I know exactly what you are talking about! The hair loss is frightening! I even bought this special shampoo from Kerastase to “help” the problem (obviously it didn’t work but it secretly made me think I was in control of some part of it). Today I’m very happy to say that I started to loose less and less hair a few weeks ago, so don’t worry Joanna, it will stop ;)

  26. I had the same problem when I went off Birth control. Try the supplement Biotin it works WONDERS and is completely safe! You can get it from your local health food store. Also Giovanni smooth as silk organic shampoo and conditioner will really help :)

  27. Anonymous says...

    My twins are 4 months old and I’m still losing loads of hair every day. I try not to wash it every day because it’s just too scary. My doctor said long-haired mums have to be extra careful that hairs don’t get wound around tiny fingers, toes or penises…they are strong and can act just like a tournequet and cut off circulation. What a relief to hear others are having or have had the same problem.

    Lisa M

  28. i had the BEST hair when i was pregnant, but that was the only part of me that improved! layers are awesome and i can’t believe that that’s drew barrymore.

  29. “make it look like a rat chewed on my hair” = i love that!

  30. thank you so much for these great tips about taking care of yourself as a mother, such good advice!

  31. I love love LOVE this hairstyle. I am unsure how to style it though if I got it. My hair is so wild and curly, I wouldn’t know what to do.

  32. I’m LOLing at the comment above me! I need a haircut, like, yesterday! Hmm maybe I don’t want to grow out my hair afterall!

  33. I used to tell my stylist to “make it look like a rat chewed on my hair” and it made for the best head of messy curls.

  34. Oh dear! I remember the balding. My hair isn’t terribly thick anyway, so it’s was rough. It does grow back though. That’s when I decided to get bangs! + I think that’s Hilary Rhoda, not Drew.

  35. Dear Joanna,
    Fear nothing, your beautiful hair will grow back after some time. Do ask your doctor if you should take an iron supplement. Sometimes postpartum anemia does that. Best wishes, Joana (from Portugal)

  36. I know the feeling. Having that problem now-I’m putting it down to the stress of having 3 and 5 year old boys!

  37. Oh my goodness, that second photo is my dream haircut. Printing it out and taking it to salon ASAP. Thank you! Your finds are amazing, as always.

  38. Choppy is my favourite kind of hair style for me… my hair kind of looks like the first pic right now. And no, I had no idea that was Drew Barrymore! Mind blown!

  39. Anonymous says...

    I had the exact same experience but for me the hormone fluctuations actually meant that I had become hypothyroid. I didn’t find this out until my baby was 18 mos old – I was religious about his dr appointments but didn’t think about my health for a second after my six week post-partum exam. So word to the new moms – don’t forget to keep all of your check-ups, dental exams etc – it will make you a better mommy!

  40. DO you know the BEST and EASIEST and surest way to remedy that hair loss???

    Get pregnants again.

    Just sayin. :)

    God bless-

  41. no way, that’s drew barrymore!? it doesn’t look like her at all!
    I love choppy haircuts, but I don’t think you have a receding hairline. you’re beautiful!! xoxo

  42. I love the 2nd haircut too!! Hilary?… I like that natural, just got out of the bed, look! It’s also less to fuss with when you have a baby! Nobody will know whether you just didn’t have time to do it or you were fussing with it all morning!! ^_^

  43. oh god…i’d feel so bad! I’m quite special about my hair and haircuts..haha
    and I thought that was not drew…but if you said so!
    Did you get a chance to see my halloween table???
    is over at my blog.
    i think it turned out cute.

  44. I love choppy cuts! My hair is super straight though and it never looks as good as I imagine it will!

    Julie xo

  45. I would love to have choppy messy hair but i just cant pull it off. More mussy than sexy!

  46. Megan Flowers says...

    Each hair follicle produces about 3 hairs. This is usual but usually as one grows the other one falls out. When you are pregnant all three hairs remain together. 4 months after birth the hormones change and this affects your hair and those hairs that were 3 to a follicle all fall out together. The hair then goes into the normal pattern of growth again of 1 hair per follicle but I get left very thin and almost bald around the hairline.
    I chopped off 12 inches and donated its before the shed started. I regretted doing so. Having short hair meant I could not tie it back in a pony tail so hair was just falling out everywhere. If you do cut your hair I do recommend leaving enough length to pull it back. And remember short or layered hair can be harder to just wash and go… you usually have to do some styling. My son is 17 months old now and my hair is all grown back. Can`t wait to see your new style!!

  47. I can’t believe that’s drew… but i guess I’ll have to believe you…

    and both cuts would look wonderful (and I hope you feel as fun as the first when it’s done!)

  48. Before I had my son my hair was always half straight/half wavy but after pregnancy (and after it falling out like crazy) it grew back super wavy just how I’d always wanted it!
    I think Drew needs to do the dark hair…so beautiful on her!

  49. Also, before reading the comments, I thought the first one there looked like Reese Witherspoon. Is that who it is?

  50. wow..thanks for that tidbit. yet another thing to look forward to ;).

    p.s. I didn’t recognize Drew Barrymore…she never looked better!

  51. Funny, just this morning I was looking around for hair inspiration and here it is! Perfect!
    I would not have known that second one was Drew.

  52. I just love the choppy/messy/wavy style, post-pregnancy or not. Sadly, my hair is really straight and thin, so it never looks as good on me. Maybe the post-pregnancy look will hit right someday?

  53. Love the cut!! It has to be the most flattering length!

  54. Hi Joanna! As a stylist, I can tell you that those cuts aren’t choppy – the styling is. All you need are some layers in your hair, a little dry shampoo, and hot rollers. Give your hair a once over with the dry shampoo, focusing on the roots. Put in the hot rollers, take them out, spray on a little hairspray to hold the curl. Turn your head upside down and shake the whole thing. Really muss it up. Use a little more dry shampoo and you will have Hillary Rhoda hair!

  55. yes, and it’s horrible!

    i’m on round 2 of losing my hair.

    i could outfit dolls with full heads of hair after every shower.

    but it DOES come back!!!

    in the meantime, i cut bangs.

  56. omg i had no idea! i assumed that after your hair gets thick it just stays that way…eek!

    choppy haircuts are way cute…i’ve been getting the urge to cut my hair lately. always happens in the fall.

  57. I adore both of those looks! Good luck with the new do!

  58. This was my summer. I hated it. I wanted to cry. Clumps of hair all over. Now she is 8 months and finally it stopped. I love the haircuts. Great inspiration for a new holiday hairstyle.

  59. Yes indeed it does thin a lot. mine started falling out when my baby’s did (he was about 3 months old) and by the time he was 6 or so months, I had a lot of new growth. Rest assured!

  60. That is the worst! Hang in there, it will grow back! Mine actually got thicker after that. It also helps to shampoo and blowdry less. LOVE the choppy look!!

  61. LOVE the hair! i love anything messy sexy and crazy!

  62. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I would send belly shots to my family in California, but their comments were always about how thick and gorgeous my hair looked. As someone with naturally fine hair, I loved hearing that. It was so sad when half of it fell out and my hairline turned into wispy baby hair. I’m pregnant with number 2, so I’m currently enjoying the thickening process again, but it will be so sad to lose it again.

  63. I’ve not been pregnant (yet), but my hair is so naturally thick and messy , that I’m on the lookout for an anti-volume shampoo!

  64. Joanna, go for it! I totally love choppy hair cuts – they’re uber stylish! I wish I could carry one off myself – but, for whatever reason, I just don’t suit it :(

  65. Joanna, the hair falling out thing is a bit stressful and I have a lot of hair. My hair fell out in massive clumps for weeks and then just stopped. About two weeks ago I got a choppy hair cut and it changed my life!
    PS the photos of Toby are adorable. My son Gus is almost 7 months – where does the time go!!

  66. my hair did the same thing post-baby. I thought I had a disease!

  67. Coming from a long line of hair obsessed women I swear the hair fall out is my biggest pregnancy fear!! Hope it ends soon and I think a choppy haircut is going to look fantastic on you!
    Also give Rene Furterer RF80 Hair Strengthening Formula ampoules a try (at Sephora), they are truly fantastic for encouraging new growth.

  68. this is how I usually cut my hair because its long and thick.
    drew barrymore??

  69. I think the chop haircut is a great accessory for fall. I imagine that as a mother with a little one, the wild and messy look would be very convenient. when i chopped off 10 inches for locks for love a few years ago (and cried in shock for 2 days afterward…a bit melodramatic, i realize in retrospect) my favorite part of having short hair was how chic those little ponytails and buns looked. With longer hair, i don’t think of my ponytail, when necessary, as very stylish. so i’d say do it! but don’t forget to take and post before and after pics. I think you’ll love the feel of it!

  70. oh you’re right, kiira! it is Hilary Rhoda! not drew barrymore. i stand corrected.

  71. Yes – love the mussed up second picture, is it really Drew Barrymore?

  72. and yes, that is Hilary Rhoda the model, not Drew! :) Hilary is so gorgeous.

  73. Oh yes, it grows back, but that means you get a weird sort of under-cut effect as your receding hairline starts to, err, advance again. Good luck at the hairdresser!

  74. Joanna–Oh dear. You keep telling us that you have a giant head, & now you have a receding hairline? Should we call you Meathead?

    OK, seriously, choppy works if your hair is not stick straight or you raise your right hand & swear that you’ll sorta-style it (floof with some “product” or ?).

    And to poor blue hour designs. Yes, that happens to lots of women. I do not glory in this but a French friend finally threw in the shoes–to me. That half a size was not going away. (She got new shoes…)OK, I do glory in it, in this one small case.

    Yes, I recognized Drew but only because I’ve seen this photo somewhere…probably wouldn’t have otherwise.


  75. I had other crazy things that happened to my body after kids, but never the hair. Was thick, dark and curly before kids, during pregnancy, and after.

  76. Isn’t that second shot of Hilary Rhoda from Elle Canada??

  77. Yeah, something I wish someone had told me when I had my first kid! I was so perplexed by this and it was way worse with my second kid. It wasn’t until recently (1.5 years later!) that my hair is now starting to feel healthy and normal again. These are great and fun cuts, love them!

  78. Yes, I was grateful I didn’t get a bad bald spot, it is much easier to hide the receding hair line. I got some layered bangs that really hit it and my hair actually looked thicker than ever! And don’t worry, it does all grow back.

  79. The CRAZY things that happen as a result of bringing a child into this world: I had a receding hairline (thank God it grew back) and feet that grew a half size (that one unfortunately did not go back)


  80. OMG…does it really? I didnt know that! I heard that shampoos with natural oils (like from olives) stop the process of falling out and bring back the thickess… You should give it a try!
    I totally think that the second girl looks like Drew B.:)

  81. Love the choppy haircuts! And, YES! it does grow back–don’t worry! Mine came out only in one spot on my forehead so it looked like I gave myself some really wacky bangs on one side!

  82. Believe it or not I had straight hair before my pregnancy and now it is curly! I definitely go for choppy (my stylist calls it ‘garbage-y’) and it is the best! I love all the little pieces that peak out from under a knit cap!

  83. ah, yes. since having my little babe 2 months ago the hair is thinning quite a bit. bummer city. aaand, that’s drew? wow. she is so drop dead gorgeous and gets even better with age.

  84. just wait until it starts to come back in…all those short baby hairs. i looked like my bangs had bangs, and ended up getting a super-chopped, layered cut which i liked except for the fact that i couldn’t pull it all back anymore out of the reach of little grasping, pulling fingers. it was NOT great planning on my part.

  85. wow, these are the things they don’t tell us non-mothers for fear of scaring us off i guess :)

    aaaand… totally didn’t recognize drew there. even now that i know it’s her, it’s still hard to see it. she looks completely different!

  86. ok i dunno how i feel about this – i have thin/fine hair now – so i’d be LOVEN’ the fact of it getting thick and lovely being preggers – but then FALLING OUT?! – i don’t have enoyugh hair for it to fall out!!!

    *kiss kiss*

    PS –> love for you to stop by and
    *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*

  87. i’m not sure, johnny. i think maybe it’s because your hormones are dropping back to normal levels? i’m going to google it :)

  88. I can finally wake up in the morning without having my pillow covered in hair. My little girl is 8 months old, so yes, it might take a while, but it will stop! I got my hair cut short and choppy to help it have some body. Crazy mess all the way!

  89. um NO!! wow, drew barrymore……….seriously????

  90. Those are very pretty pictures indeed. Either would look awesome on you. I wish I could master than “just-rolled out of bed and my hair happened to look this good” style…! xx

  91. I remember that with my wife. Is it because when you’re breastfeeding there is not enough nutrients to be rationed off to the hair?

  92. Ashlae, yes, a crazy mess! that’s the best look! :)

  93. Stop! I didn’t realize that’s Drew. Talk about a chameleon :) I totally think you should go for that top one!


  94. WOW, didn’t recognize her at all!! Love the dark hair on her.

    Choppy is fun – and sexy! :)

  95. SO beautiful! Right now, my hair is naturally choppy (from years of bleaching) but finally looks like a good, healthy choppy. It’s so fun to just let it go wavy and be a crazy mess. I have bangs, too, and I think that would do a great job of hiding that hairline :)

  96. ps did you recognize drew barrymore in that second shot?