Weekend with Toby

This weekend, Alex, my mom and I had an awesome time playing with Toby, who is now a whopping 3.5 months old. (So grown-up!)
This photo cracks me up. We had propped him up in the armchair, and he looked so hilariously chubby. Go chins!
My mom was visiting for the past ten days, and it was amazing to have her around. She slept in the nursery with Toby and called him her “roomie.”
She left yesterday. We miss you already, Mama!

Update: Our birth story will be posted on Monday, September 20th.

  1. I know this is a SUPER old post, but just had to comment: your mother is SO young-looking and gorgeous! It gives me hope that you can have kids (3, right??) and still manage to look awesome and sane when your children are grown!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! These pictures are adorable. Toby pretty much melts my heart–he’s so adorable and chubby, which is always the best. :)

    Aww, the birth story?! Wonderful! I can’t wait. I’ll be on.


  3. I love his round face. Chubby babies are the cutest babies.

  4. Adorable! Even the non-cluckiest of us could be transformed!

  5. Your mom is gorgeous and vibrant!

  6. your family is so gorgeous! my heart (and my uterus) aches whenever i see a photo of your Toby.

  7. OMG!!!! Your mom is gorgeous!

  8. Your mom is so beautiful! As is your lovely babe and you of course. :)

  9. Anonymous says...

    Wow, your mom is the youngest looking grandmother I have ever seen! You should do a story on her beauty routine!

  10. Anonymous says...

    Your mom is SO gorgeous! And so is your baby!!

  11. Such a beautiful baby and 2 beautiful moms! :) That must have been such a nice weekend..

  12. Toby is such a doll! I just want to bite his little cheeks! And your mom is gorgeous. What a happy grandma :)

  13. I love these pics. Chubby babies are just divine. You all look gorgeous. x

  14. so sweet!

  15. your mom looks like she’s 35 years old. that is CRAZY

  16. You can totally see the Joanna in Toby in the first pic :)

  17. Please tell your mother that she looks impossibly young for a grandmother… I love the bottom photo best!

    Warm regards,

  18. Toby is so cute, gosh! He’s going to grow up looking so gorgeous!


  19. He looks so serious in all the pictures. I smell a deep thinker here.

  20. seriously gorgeous bunch!!

  21. monica says...

    toby is so cute! these are really wonderful pics. :)

  22. Such beautiful pictures! I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your mom and Toby. Who, by the way, is so adorable in all his chubby cheeked glory! :)

  23. My goodness, your mother is beautiful! What a nice time to get to spend with each other!

  24. loving toby’s precious big boy face and your mom is STUNNING!!

  25. awww moms are the best! And Toby is getting so big…he’s such a cutie!

  26. That’s your Mom!? Wowza. You guys are just the sweetest.

  27. I have to say this about Toby: he has the most handsome face. I just love his eyes. And those three chins? Cute as pie.

  28. I agree, your mom, Toby and you are gorgeous !!!

  29. how fun! I had my mom stay for a week both times when when my babies were born and nothing could be as helpful. Toby is looking so CUTE!

    She is also a hot grandma your mom ;)

  30. elena says...

    he is soooo cute!

  31. Toby is as handsome and adorable as ever! and your mom is gorgeous! she is just glowing holding her grandson. so cute!

  32. You have one hot momma!….and that chubster’s pretty cute too :)

  33. Such cute pictures:-)

  34. ah, now I see where you get your gorgeousness! She looks so young! And your little guy is so sweet. My son Samuel was born on June 2nd this summer. He’s already 19lbs! :(

  35. aaaaw Toby is amazingly adorable, and your Mom is absolutely beautiful! Like mother, like daughter! She’s what…like 35? :)



  36. I’m so glad your pretty mom was able to stay with all of you! It’s so cute she called little Toby her ‘roomie’!

  37. There is something about a naked baby. Pure magic.

  38. That chubby little face is so so precious! And the picture’s of him with your Mum are so lovely xx

  39. He is absoultely gorgeous, and you mother is lovely too!! Thanks for sharing!

  40. ahhhh! he’s out of his generic baby phase (we all have to go through it) and looks like his own little person! so chubby and adorable…you’re making my ovaries pine, Joanna.

  41. he’s looking so beautiful. He changed from even last time I saw him. I have to say he looks a bit like your mama too!!

  42. Your mom doesn’t look like she could even be old enough to be a grandma!! She has a very youthful glow – so pretty!

    Toby is so stinkin’ adorable!

  43. How cute!

    When are we going to get to read the birth story?? :)

  44. Beautiful pictures! I have to ask what camera do you use? Your images always come out so clear and crisp!!

  45. sophie says...

    One gorgeous mama and baby!

  46. I know pretty is not really used for boys but Toby is one pretty boy:)
    so chubby with big twinkly eyes.
    I send him hugs:)

    I can’t wait till my aunt has her baby and I get a new chubby chin-y baby cousin.

    p.s there photos are so lovely:D

  47. Adorable!!! Hows it going?? My little guy is 3 months this week. Its getting more and more fun each day!! We posted pics of him on the last 2 posts. One day I will be moving back to NYC(my home) and our little guys can rock with there double chins!

  48. Aren’t moms the best! You have a beautiful family! Love the photos! :) xxoo

  49. Anonymous says...

    Toby is so beautiful! Very photogenic! What a munchy baby. Have a great week. So lucky to have a nice mom.

  50. i love, love, love how he is always naked. so cute!

  51. oh gosh he is yummy.

    so huggable.

  52. Oh my goodness, Toby is so sweet and adorable. I just love little babies.
    Also, your mom is just beautiful!

  53. oh he’s absolutely adorable! and very handsome. Your mum is just gorgeous, very vibrant looking!

  54. your mom is absolutely beautiful! and toby is the most handsome little chubby baby! adore!

  55. Your mom looks so young! Your son got some great genes!

  56. awww how sweet :) his “chins” photo is just too funny!

  57. wow, your mom is one hot grandma. What a cute set of weekend photos!

  58. Darling images and it is so great to have Mimi visit!! Tekll her she looks very young and I am sure she hears that all the time!

    Art by Karena

  59. Um, gorgeous Mama. She looks so young too.

    Glad you had that time together:)

  60. adorable with all the chins!

  61. SUCH adroable photos, I love it when you share your family life. Your mom is gorgeous, hello good genes! And Toby, what a charmer..

  62. Wow such lovely family shots! Toby is adorable and your Mom is gorgeous!

  63. Toby is precious!!!

  64. good looks run in your family!

  65. awww, what a sweetie! I love the rollie pollie photo, babies can rock multiple chins no problem!

  66. Your mother looks so young and gorgeous! And Toby cracks me up…he is too cute. :)

  67. Your mom looks so young!

  68. What a fun weekend! Cute photos : )

  69. Your mom is beautiful! What’s her secret to that glowing skin?


  70. You mother is absolutely stunning! And that little guy of yours, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Great post to start my morning :)

  71. the roomies DO look alike! cute :)

    by the way, did i miss your birth story? we talked about it a while back and my birth went a completely different direction than anticipated….

    cheers to you and your mama and your bbbeautiful boy!

  72. How great! And is it just me, or are the “roomies”starting to look alike?! ^_^

  73. What a cutie. My kids never got that chubby that early. They are both long and lean, I guess.

    Does your mom (adults in general) totally ignore what you say and focus all attention on Toby? That happened to me with my parents (my mom picks on me and says the only reason she ever had a child was for grandchildren). I can tell my mom that the house fell in and my car caught fire and meteors are falling from the sky, and as long as a grandbaby is around, she replies “that’s nice, honey.” Hopefully you’re more relevant and/or interesting that I am now :-)

  74. What a darling baby! keep posting pictures of him.

  75. it’s so cute!

  76. he looks like he’s getting so big! It’s hard to believe he’s already 3 months!

  77. Your mum is so gorgeous!!

  78. Did someone order up a batch of precious?

  79. Too cute! Your mom looks incredibly young!

  80. Wow..look at how big he’s getting! Growing so fast!

  81. these are beautiful photos, joanna!! :)

    Do we get the birth story soon? I hope so!

    p.s. happy 3.5-month birthday to little toby!

  82. sweetness! your mother is beautiful. now, come on! what about this birth story? ? ? !!

  83. he is such a cutie!!!

  84. Great pictures! I can’t believe Toby’s already three and a half months old!

  85. … so sweet photos, I like this very much :-)

  86. Those are such sweet photos! Toby actually looks a lot like your Mom!


  87. Ohh how sweet are these photos!! What a cutie pa tootie!! That’s awesome that your mom got to spend some quality time with Toby! Adorable moments! =)

  88. SWOON! What a lovely pair ^_^

  89. totally adorbs – sounds like such a lovely weekend! :)

  90. I can’t believe he is growing so fast. I see the resemblance with Grandma. And she is very young and pretty! I’m sure she is missing her ‘roomie” already.

    Hope you were able to make it to your romantic sailing getaway!

  91. Your mom is a beautiful woman, and Toby is so cute!!!

  92. Beautiful photos and a beautiful family. Your Mom looks so young.

  93. Now I see why you and Toby are so cute, your Mom is such a beauty too:)

  94. Such great pictures :)
    Love the last one of your mom and Toby!

  95. Your Mom could be your sister, Joanna! She’s gorgeous. Great photos– thanks for sharing them with us!


  96. Haha, I love that your mom called Toby her roomie! By the way, she is absolutely gorgeous! I can see where you get your good looks :.P

  97. such sweet photos! everyone looks so happy and healthy! yeah for moms, yeah for babies ;)

  98. Toby’s story, pleeeeeaaase

  99. What a sweet baby. Good looks run in the family, I see!

  100. I’m so happy too when my mom comes to visit us…and your Toby is really beautiful!

  101. Look at those cheeks!!! and those elbows!!! Why are baby elbows so adorable?

    Toby sure is a handsome devil. And your mom looks like she couldn’t be more thrilled with her roomie.

    great photos.

  102. These roomies look so much alike!

  103. Your Mom is gorgeous…. sweet sweet photos :)


  104. awww that is so sweet! I can see that grandma really loves her little cutie…:)
    Toby looks so cool sitting in the armchair:)
    Glad you had a fun family weekend,Joanna
    Moms are the best! Aren’t they?…Looking at those photos makes me want to call my mom up for a chat:)


  105. What an absolutely beautiful child!! And your mum is also beautiful :) It must run in the family.