1. so awesome. i LOVE these.

  2. yay! im psyched because Im a UP girl!!

  3. Cheese is my comfort food! Well, it never failed to cheer me up when I am sad.

  4. No Nevada one? Hehe.

    Very cool idea! After spending 1 year in Houston, I’d digg the Texas one… and I think my hubby would adore the California cheese boards. Lots of room on both for a great spread of cheeses.

  5. LOL, these are so cute!

  6. OH those are awesome. I am from Michigan Too! Leelanau County! XO

  7. lol! i need to get a cheeseboard of my homestate of california!

  8. I’m from near East Lansing. Yay Michigan!

  9. hey! where are you from? i was born in ludington! right on the lake!

  10. oh man! i am from michigan soooooo that one is my fav! i just got back from the up last night! it was a long road trip with five kids and my mom…..but super fun!

  11. so fun!!!! The Oregon one must be fab :) I’ll have to go check it out!

  12. I’m sooo excited about these!! Perfect for my Michigan themed wedding. Did you notice the little heart on each state?!

  13. As a fellow Michigan girl, that cheese board makes me very excited, too! It even has all of the the little bays carved in! Swoon!

  14. These are very cool – and make such a great gift! Sorry I’ve been out the loop recently. My work has blocked blogging sites – the horror right?! I’m slowly trying to catch up with my favs!

  15. pws says...

    holla atcha michigan :). you can take the girl out of the midwest but you can’t take the midwest out of the girl ;).

    too bad husband and i aren’t huge cheese/wine folk (though we love cheese)…i’d still love to have this in my kitchen for entertaining though!

  16. these are too cute! i love cheese lol thanks for sharing:)


  17. What a great find, these are so neat!

    Midwest girls unite, I need to get an Illinois!

  18. absolutely adorable!! and the cheese looks so delicious! xxx

  19. and this is why I read your blog! always posting about great stuff. this would make the PERFECT wedding gift for our friends in michigan. thanks joanna!

  20. Anonymous says...

    woah! cool!

  21. Julia says...

    I noticed Sarah pointed this out…I’m a Wyoming girl originally and yes, it’s always SUCH a bummer never to be able to recognize your home state by the shape! Oh well, we just get all the regular rectangular cutting boards ;)

  22. I want to see Montana’s! and I want that table cloth — beautiful.

  23. totally forgot you are from michigan! michigan is clearly the coolest shaped state — that is so neat!!

  24. these are amazing! Would make a great housewarming gift for a new neighbor :)

  25. yes please

  26. loves it! so cool.


  27. These are so sweet! I really need to get myself a Maine one :)

  28. these are fun! except they didn’t have hawaii! haha, i bet it would be hard to cut cheese on a bunch of different little island cutting boards.

  29. Oh I love you! You always post exactly what I like!

  30. How cute! I went to grad school at U of M in Ann Arbor. It took me about 4 months to figure out what the “U.P.” was! LOL!

  31. Yay! Paige of ‘I Heart You’ discovered these cheese boards on my blog, so I’m glad they found their way to you Joanna! Aren’t they the best? :) xo

  32. I love the boards, but I also love, love, love the fabric behind them! I want a couch in that!

  33. oh i HAVE to get one of TX! :) esp. since moving to VA to be with my fiance… perfect!

    and these would make great housewarming gifts.

    thanks jo! xo

  34. omigosh, this would make such an amazing housewarming or wedding present. I might have to pick up a Virginia for myself!

  35. Cute! It would suck if you were from Wyoming ;)

  36. How clever! I like these. I have to admit, the Texas one looks great…

  37. I love these!! As a chesse lover and a map lover, I think they are pretty perfect. I think I’ll be gifting several of these in the near future. Thanks for sharing!!!

  38. What an excellent idea! This CA girl would love one for her Phoenix home.

  39. These are so cute!!!

  40. I have to have one! Those are so cool! thanks for sharing – great christmas gift idea!

  41. very impressed that they included the UP! so cool.

  42. Ummm yeah! This are flippin’ awesome!!


  43. I know! I fell in love with AHeirloom’s shop when I came across a photo of one of their cutting boards! And they will actually be hosting a giveaway with one of these on my blog soon! I’ll let you know when I post it so you can enter if you want :)


  44. These are awesome, although I’m pretty sure that I already have a Colorado cheese board (which is fortunate since that’s where I am).

    ps: woo Michigan! I’m heading there in two weeks!

  45. these are awesome! great gift idea for the person that already has everything (my in-laws!) thanks.

  46. Anonymous says...

    love this!

  47. Oh my goodness, I just moved to Chicago from Texas and am missing my home state like crazy! This is the perfect thing to help keep home in my heart (and in my kitchen!) Love it and am putting on my Christmas wishlist already :)

  48. i need one of these! freaking adorable.

  49. the Michigan one is awesome!
    I hate it when they leave off the UP!

  50. Such a great gift idea! Thanks for posting.

    The Cali one is pretty rad:)

  51. Well, as a former Great Lakes girl (on Lake Erie) & w/a Pennsylvanian-past, I might have to spring for an adjoining set. One for blues, one for triple cremes, perhaps a Maryland, too. They’d make great gifts.

    PS: Toby giggles beautifully. I think he deserves an Empire State cheese board for when the time comes…

  52. i love this clever cheese board :) it definitely keeps things fun during a little wine and cheese night!
    sylvie of silver lining

  53. i was envisioning a canadian version of this, but then realized that half our provinces are square.

    i suppose the other half might work out?

    it’s a great idea though!


  54. How fun…I love cheese and we often have wine evenings with friends so this is such a great way to display the cheese…yummy….!!!

    Have a great weekend with your boys, Joanna:)


  55. love those! wonderful gift idea.

  56. haha, rachel, funny point about wisconsin :) and patricia, i know! they’d be such a great gift for someone who’s moving.

  57. The UP, eh? I agree about Michigan!

  58. I can’t believe there’s not a Wisconsin board made yet! What more are we known for than cheese??

  59. I want the TX one! Great find, Joanna.

  60. maggie says...

    i am flipping out over how cool these are!! thx for the find.

  61. Great find! I’m gonna request an Arkansas board with a heart on Little Rock. Thanks, Joanna! xo.

  62. maggie says...

    i am flipping out over how cool these are!! thx for the find.

  63. rachel — you can CHOOSE where they put the heart/flower! so it can be on your town! isn’t that brilliant?

  64. These are awesome! I hope they make a Massachusetts one soon!


  65. I love the little heart / flower carving in each of them. At first I thought it must be marking the capitals of the states, but it seems to be just a random cute touch :)

  66. I. Love. These! I’m absolutely getting one!!

  67. HOW CUTE! I want an Oklahoma one. Our state looks like a big cooking pot :)