Do you guys ever watch documentaries? My friend Scott and I have a monthly documentary club, and I thought I’d share ten of my favorites that we’ve seen over the past couple years. I’d highly recommend them all…

Surfwise tells the story of the Paskowitz couple, who drops off the grid to drive their nine kids around in a camper and surf all day.

Food, Inc. examines the American food industry and corporate farms. Not for the squeamish!  We’ve bought only organic meat and dairy since watching this.

My Kid Could Paint That looks at the runaway success of a four-year-old girl whose paintings are compared to Picasso. But is she the real artist?

Man on Wire is a documentary about a wild French tightrope walker and his jaw-dropping (illegal) stunts.

Mad Hot Ballroom follows an adorable group of New York City fifth graders taking a ballroom dance program.

Deep Water tells the gripping story of an amateur sailor who (insanely) enters a solo race around the world.

The Up Series is a series of incredibly compelling documentaries that have tracked the lives of fourteen English schoolchildren since 1964, when they were seven years old. Every seven years, the filmmaker releases a new documentary that checks in on their increasingly varied lives. (They’re now 53!)

American Teen follows five high-school seniors–a jock, princess, heart-throb, geek and misfit–in a small Indiana town.

Autism: The Musical chronicles five autistic children as they rehearse for a musical production.

Stranded lets the survivors of the famous 1972 Andes plane crash tell their story of survival.

Have you seen any other good documentaries? I’d love to hear!