Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers is the amazing cooking class in Brooklyn, where photographer Karen Mordechai invites a guest chef into her home to teach a small group how to cook a delicious dinner from start to finish. When Martha Stewart Living decided to write an article about Sunday Suppers, Alex and I were lucky enough to be invited to the photo shoot. We were psyched…

I dressed up in a Gap maternity dress, stretched an apron over my belly and joined a group of lovely people (including Sarah from Saipua)…

Alex poured blood-orange liqueur over fruit to make Boozy Fruit

And under the careful watch of the guest chef–Martha Stewart Living food editor, Shira–we all chopped, diced and stirred to prepare an Italian feast.

Here, Sarah shows off the herbed flatbread

The meatballs were rich and fragrant, paired with a fresh tomato sauce…

And my favorite part of the meal, hands down, was the ridiculously delicious penne frittata with basil, ricotta and lots of pepper. I would highly recommend it (and definitely ate more than my fair share).

During dinner, we all chatted and drank Prosecco (well, water for me). Ben and Laura, the cute couple behind Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, told us about their wedding in Central Park, recent trip to Bali, and how pistachio is their most popular ice-cream flavor.

Weren’t the flowers by Saipua wild and wonderful? Sunday Suppers classes are always styled beautifully.

For dessert, we had delicious cookies…

…and affogato, an Italian dessert of espresso poured over gelato.

The classes always end with a little favor, and, that day, we got to take home Frankies Spuntino olive oil, as well as a booklet with the recipes. It was such a great day. If you’d like, you can sign up for a Sunday Suppers class here — they’re amazing! And read the full Martha Stewart article here and find the recipes here. We were embarrassingly excited to appear in the magazine, and, needless to say, our moms flipped out. :) Thanks again for including us, Karen!

(Photos by Karen Mordechai)

  1. holy cow. this is the photographic documentation of my dreams. :) i’ll just go ahead and let you know- you can just email me for my invite next time. nothing formal needed. :)

  2. Love the flower arrangement!! And the Italian desert looks so delicious!

  3. I just wanted to say that when I was reading Martha on the Metro coming home from work the other day, I was about to turn the page, when I said to myself – wait, that person looks like Joanna Goddard! so i turned back, and it surely was! Then I saw Alex, and I just thought, man these people are just so super lucky. I would give anything to be in a Martha shoot! What an amazing opportunity that was, you lucky ducks!

  4. I love the pictures. Especially… the cookies.

  5. Anonymous says...

    I am making the Penne Fritatta and meatballs with sauce this weekend. Also some snickerdoodle cheesecake…YUM. Cant wait!


  6. Awesome! I want to take lessons like this as well, I am sure I would love it. Beautiful photos of the food, I am getting hungry!

  7. Aside from this being a super fun post, it’s especially awesome because it was the night before you went into labor! You’re so lucky to have that beautiful photo of you on your last full day of being pregnant!!! Super neat!

  8. Anonymous says...

    No posts this week=baby. Congratulations on welcoming your baby Joanna & Alex!!


  9. I hope that everything is going fine and to see that beautiful baby soon!

  10. Wow, do you wear pregnancy well…and that looks like such an amazing time!

  11. Congrats on the baby!!!

  12. What a wonderful way to spend the evening- interesting company, great food, not too mention chic style. Great photos Jo, thanks for sharing!

  13. Bexpress Yourself says...

    Eeeeeeeee! A baby!! Congratulations on your gorgeous little monkey xxx

  14. Juliana from NC says...

    Yummy recipes to try this summer.

    Does… no recent posts = beautiful baby boy? If so, Congratulations!

  15. Since there aren’t any posts since Monday, I hope that means the baby arrived/is arriving safe and healthy! Congratulations and good luck!!

  16. wow, it looks so lovely! you must have had a great time! xx

  17. Anonymous says...

    Yay for baby!!!

  18. Sending baby vibes! Take care from a mother with a 5 week bub from down under!

  19. congrats on your new bundle, i too thought, ‘oh she isn’t posting, you know what THAT means!’

  20. Okay. Everyone is saying there’s a baby. I haven’t seen any posts since Monday. I’m feeling like Fox News…only I don’t have a story to report on( pins and needles, pins and needles). I hope all is well. If the little one is truly here. Blessings and Congrats!

  21. I’ve always wanted to take a “hands-on” cooking class like this and yours looks AMAZING! The cookies especially look delicious! What a fun day!


  22. Dear Jo,
    I hope you and the baby are okay! My thoughts are with you and Alex!

  23. happy baby! congrats :)

  24. i can’t wait the first baby post!

  25. i just know you are having your baby. so exciting! i’m now 35 weeks and i hope it’s my turn soon… can’t wait to hear your news!!

  26. What a beautiful gathering, and the images are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Art by Karena

  27. These pictures are beautiful.

  28. No Wednesday giveaway…baby is on the way…or has already arrived ;-)

  29. pws says...

    aw, i’m pretty sure this means what we think it means :) :). guess he couldn’t wait til june 2nd to see his mommy and daddy! can’t wait for the update post — congrats to you both and enjoy this beautiful time!

  30. Lucky you!How amazing to be in a magazine!
    Noticed that you didn’t post yesterday? Congratulations if your baby is on the way!

  31. Oh I’m so excited for you if you’ve had the baby. I keep checking to see if you/someone has posted a pic or some news! Hoping you’re all wonderfully happy and healthy!

  32. AHH. I really hope you are with your baby. :)
    No posts in a few days keeps us all guessing. Keep us posted. :)

  33. ooh Jo hasn’t updated in two days! Could this mean baby???

  34. so inviting and yummy! love the simple white walls that really showcase foodie/flower details and people’s expressions. congratulations on catching martha’s eye!

  35. hope its true and all is well. blessings jo!

  36. Oh has baby come? Oh joy xxxxx

  37. Congratulations! You must be so very excited and pleased!

  38. Anonymous says...

    This is a beautiful post; you look absolutely stunning; Alex is the man; …and now such a enrapturing silence.
    With heart in mouth, we anticipate the earlier-than-expected emergence of your child. Someone please declare! Where is the NYT announcememnt?! Hehe.
    With love from all of us!

  39. oh i am so excited for you Joanna and Alex!!!! no posting must equal an adorable new baby boy :D

  40. Anonymous says...

    YUM to everything!


  41. Congratulations!

  42. Is the little one here??? If so, or even if he is still on the way…CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the best journey ever x

  43. Congratulations! Hope the little guy has arrived safe and sound. best of luck.

  44. Oh, I love cooking classes. I’ve taken numerous classes in the city, but did not know about this one. I am going to look into it…thanks for sharing!

  45. SO eager to know what’s going on!!! I happened to read this on the train last night, and was smiling over how they cleverly disguised your bump!!! XOXOXO

  46. So delightful! Congrats :)

  47. First time here, love your blog! Congrats!!!

  48. keep checking back…no news. fingers crossed and love from london. x

  49. Oh if its true, CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you guys. Cant wait to see the new little man!

  50. congrats, joanna! i am thinking the same thing the others have posted above. praying for a healthy baby and momma.

  51. It was so great to see you guys in the magazine! Congrats Joanna :)

  52. Congratulations!!

  53. No posts equals good news?! Congrats and hang in there the first few days are a complete circus but I PROMISE you it gets better:) And better, and better!:)

  54. You’re a buzy lady, Joanna!
    I love reading your blog and I’m looking forward to see your little new born soon!

  55. how cute are you with your little belly and apron! these photos aer beyond amazing, and the food. to die for. another reason why i heart ny.

  56. this gave us a great idea, we are going to do that same! t

  57. Yum, really want some garlic bread right now!

    Laura xx

  58. Oh I was thinking the same thing ;) I hope you had your baby! good luck and many blessings if you did!!

  59. Hi jo, I know I am at the very end of a long list of lovely comments but thanks for the very cool post. Food looks amazing, love the pics, love the people, love the prosecco, great concept. Carla

  60. hmmm2 days and no posts here, and only 1 on Glamour. oh, Joanna I’m hoping this means we get to see pictures of your and Alex’s little man soon! :)

  61. Aeesome pictures and great blog post!

  62. dc says...

    Beautiful post and Congratulations!

  63. Anonymous says...

    Supposedly she has had the baby. Congrats Joanna and Alex if the rumors on your facebook are true!

  64. anytime there is a lapse in blog posts i think joanna is having the baby! :)

  65. Anonymous says...

    Happy day of birth baby! Congrats! xx

  66. So exciting that you’re not posting! Hope all is well in newborn baby land; I can’t imagine any other explanation. Love to you and your new little family!

  67. Jo – Thank you so much for posting this! What they’re doing at Sunday Suppers is my dream one day. I am absolutely in love with every single detail about this, and I’m loving the bottles of olive oil as gifts. I can’t wait to do this someday. xxSAS

  68. I think I might be a little behind the times but I have just stumbled across your blog and really like it – great writing, content and photos….do you take the photos yourself?

  69. When it’s really hot but you still want a cup of coffe, affogato is the best thing. I totally live on it during summer. Coffe and vanilla ice cream, mhhmmhhh…

  70. Hmm…are you ok? I bet your little one is on the way….:)
    Kisses and be safe!

  71. Loved the article! Are you in labor? Post soon.

  72. Hmm, no posts today Joanna? :) Sending lovely thoughts your way in case you’re welcoming your new little man into the world! xoxo

  73. Oh yum! That looks like a tasty delight of a day from start to finish.

  74. it looks fantastic!! what a great class and what a perfect way to finish off – eating all that yummy food!!
    you look gorgeous too Joanna! not long now huh? im excited for you guys…..

  75. No posts makes me think you’re having the baby today :) If so congrats!

  76. How amazing to be including in such an amazing cooking class with all these great people plus be featured in Martha Stewarts magazine! The penne and the meatballs look so tasty!! I love Italian food! Congrats! Going to check out the Martha link! PS how cute are you and your belly! :)

  77. what a delicious way to spend a Sunday…. totally jealous!

    though happy you got some coupletime before baby comes

  78. I have been following your blog everysince it started. I finally caved in and do a blog about my soon to be military life. Life in general and fashion. I want to say your a inspiration to me and i love everysingle blog post you created. Good luck with the baby and starting a “new” family life.
    Alison Shaye

  79. VIET says...

    going to try out that penne frittata tonight. unrelated but i have a feeling you are in labor right now :)

  80. A day without a blog from you makes me think you are having a baby right now????
    In case, good good luck!!!!

  81. gemini-baby?! are you here!??!!?!?

  82. What an amazing experience! I love the flower arrangement by Saipua.

  83. I love this! This makes me want to have a dinner making party every sunday with friends and family–how fun!

  84. You know when you don’t post we all think you’re in labor! :) If that’s the case, good luck Joanna!!!! As my friend said to me, “Be ready for that little dude to rock your world!”

  85. Hi Joanna! That looks like such fun and so yummy! i wish I could do something like that! Jennifer:)

  86. No posts today. Did the baby come early??

  87. I was wondering when you were going to write about this! I was so excited when I read the article and recognized someone in it!

  88. Such a cool idea! It all looks amazing!

  89. That is so so so exciting! Congrats!

    These recipes look so delicious – I can’t wait to try some.

  90. Um, how adorable are YOU with that apron stretched over your belly?! Awwww.

    Oh, and the food looks good too :)

  91. holy bananas! – i can’t believe i never knew about this place! — i knew about a place in Brooklyn that teaches u how to make pizza – but not a guest chef .. i’m ALL over this now – thank love!

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  92. Looks like an amazing time and experience! And the food looks divine. How lucky to be part of this cooking event.
    Dana @ The Beso Team

  93. I saw this in MSL this month and was so jealous! If I was still living in NYC I’d be all over it! Can someone start an LA chapter???

  94. Looks amazing! Missing your posts today…One of the things in the day I look most forward to….

  95. M. says...

    I usually read a few blogs in the morning before I start my day. Yours isn’t up yet, so of course the first thing I think is that you’re in labor!

    I am so silly, but this is what I will be constantly thinking until you pop…

    I’m excited for you!

  96. I’m running out to get my copy right now! I have such a huge crush on Sunday Suppers and hope that I’ll get to take a class there at some point. Thinking of you as your due date nears!

  97. this is so amazing… i would love to attend. gorgeous photos and styling. i’m hungry now.

  98. Wow, what an amazing experience!! Everything looks just beautiful.

  99. Kristin says...

    are you in labor joanna? you haven’t posted anything today!

  100. That looks awesome

    You look beautiful that maternity dress!

  101. I want to go to there!

  102. oh my gosh, AMAZING. What a fantastic evening!!

    And the Affogato!! drooool. Thanks for sharing! You look so cute with your little aproned belly :)

  103. you look gorgeous and your blog is fantastic!!!
    p.s.: love this Sunday menù!

  104. how totally fantastic!
    i bet it was a blast…you look lovely ;-)

  105. What a fun thing to do as a couple! Thanks for sharing!