Yesterday, I shared Gemma and Andy’s rehearsal dinner, and now here’s their beautiful wedding! They got married in Gemma’s parents’ backyard, under a giant pine tree with one trunk that splits into two as it reaches towards the sky. Isn’t that romantic?

Yellow school buses brought guests to Gemma’s childhood home in Marlboro, Vermont.

Gemma and her bridal party walked down the aisle, as their friend played “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young on his guitar. (Gemma’s dress was by Zac Posen; Sara Glick did her makeup and Ramie Roth did her hair. Starr McCaleb designed the bridesmaid dresses.)

“I was so nervous walking down the aisle,” Gemma remembers. “We came down a dark path in the woods, both parents by my side to give me away. All our friends and family were smiling in the bright sunlight, and Andy was standing under the huge pine tree, waiting for me. He thought something was wrong because I looked so serious, but really I was just concentrating, trying not to burst into tears!”

Their good friend got ordained and married them, and other friends did readings and sang songs.

Tomorrow I’ll post the final part — the reception! xo

(Wedding-kiss photo by Tom Schierlitz. All other photos by Anna Robin. Gemma and Andy will be shooting weddings starting this summer, as well)