What Will the Baby Look Like?

Now that I’m almost eight months pregnant, I’ve been thinking so much about what our baby will look like. It’s so crazy to feel him kicking all the time and feel like I already know him, but still have no idea how to envision his little face. So, I’ve been looking through some of my and Alex’s childhood photos, since he’ll probably look like a combination of the two of us, right? (Blond hair with a big head, methinks?) Ahh, I CANNOT WAIT to finally see his teeny face and hold him in my arms!!!

And Alex as a little dude. (Isn’t he funny in that straw hat and red shorts?:)

  1. Just came back to this for fun and Toby is your twin, while Anton is Alex’s. I love it :)

  2. Oh wow, this got every one going – fascinating input mixed with a good read.

  3. the baby will be so beautiful with you as parents!
    How are you? I hope you are doing ok!
    My best friend in one months will have Beatrice her first doughter!

  4. So cute pictures. I’m sure he’s healthy and cute when he comes out.

  5. I love that Alex was so stylish even as a youngster! Super cute photos!

  6. wow, this is the first time that I’ve heard your actual due date – June 2nd is my birthday! It’s a good birthday – summer birthday parties, halfway til christmas (so new toys every 6 months), and being a gemini is fun! The only downside is being younger than most of the other kids in your grade (longer wait to get a driver’s license, legally get into bars, etc). I hope your baby ends up sharing a birthday with me!

    p.s. – a while back, my husband and i put our photos into to see what our possible future genetic spawn might look like (you can make baby and adult versions). It’s fun, but I’ll warn you, you can’t pick gender, so the child always comes out looking like an odd asexual hybrid. here’s ours:

  7. Love your pics! You are almost there, still very excited for you both.

  8. OMG the straw hat and red shorts photo is priceless! And how cute that your parents always put you on the right side in photos.

  9. Since I don’t have kids, I’ll post on my nephews. They both look exactly like their fathers! I keep hoping my sisters’ looks will creep in somewhere! I look like my dad, uncle, and male cousin…and I’m a GIRL! I can’t wait to see pics!

  10. Holding your baby for the first time is the best feeling EVER!

  11. you looked like triples. super-cute. maybe it’ll look like alex?? :)

  12. Cute!!!

    Wow can’t believe how quickly time has passed!

  13. Rose says...

    I’m may be too much pragmatic but it does exist web site where you can charge man and woman photo…and it calculates what your baby will look like :D
    By the way it’s just a game but it can be a lot of fun and you’ll compare quickly anyway (congratulations!!!)
    I only know a french website (if you speak french…) called My
    But it must exist similar english website
    Have fun :D
    (and sorry for my english)

  14. My son looks just like my husband and his father. FREAKED ME OUT. I’m sorry, but breastfeeding an infant who looks like your father-in-law… is WEIRD. Luckily, I don’t see the resemblance as much anymore {although it’s still there; i see my son and his own personality}.

  15. You NEED to get your little one those roller skates! They’re SO cool and cute! (Were they made by FisherPrice? I recall living a Fisher Price life when I was a child) I want a pair!

  16. Glenda says...

    Joanna, love the pictures! I have a son and a daughter. He looks like Dad but has my toes, my lips, my nose and my complexion. She looks like ME but has Dad’s toes, Dad’s thicker legs, and enjoys the foods much more like her Dad. I’m sure your lil boy will be a combination of the both of you. Gorgeous and beautiful!

  17. i remember feeling the same way.
    i’m sure he’ll exceed your expectations :)

  18. you were amazingly cute kids! (all three of you). i think its for sure is that your baby will have fabulous cheeky cheeks.

  19. the baby versions of yourself and alex look like each other! :) i’m so excited for you, joanna. yay!

  20. 8 months? wow! Time flys. He will be cute as a button – afterall, just look at those good genes :)

  21. sooo sweet and adorable to think about! ya’ll will make a precious lil baby, full of squeezable love!

  22. he’ll totally look like alex. im still waiting for one of my kids to pop out and look like me. they don’t.

  23. God, that picture of Alex with the trout is to die for! Thanks for sharing so much with us — not yet being a mom myself, nor having any close friends who’ve had kids yet, it’s great to get to hear about the thoughts and surprises and bemusements of such a cool mom-to-be!

  24. A twin! I didn’t know you had one. What fun!

  25. LOVED every picture!
    The ones with you and your sister and that one of Alex with the hat, TOO CUTE!
    So eight months along already? Boy, does time fly or what…
    I’m sure you’ll positively love the little fella, no matter who he looks like!
    Take care, darling.

  26. All the photos are sweet, but I can’t get over little Alex in the hat photo! Just how he’s posed sideways, doing his own thing while everyone else is facing toward the camera :) He looks like a little old man!

  27. cooool hat!
    yeah, he rocks!
    so do you, joanna.

    wait and see.
    and then wait a little longer and look at those early photos when your little one turns older, it’s funny to see, how things develop, and waht stays…

    big hug

  28. Holy cow! June 2 isn’t really that far away!! Gorgeous photos!! xoxo

  29. ha ha. I’m all Italian. Imagine my surprise when, expecting a dark haired, brown-eyed baby, out popped a light-skinned, blue-eyed baby. Dark haired, but then turned blond!

    You never know what you’ll get! So exciting. :)

  30. Can’t believe that you’re eight months pregnant… geesh, time flies…
    Anyway, I think you’re baby’s going to be a doll! You and your husband both have very nice face features. And such nice smiles. ^.^

  31. Oh the hat! What a perfect picture!!! No matter what, the baby is going to be beautiful.

  32. Your baby is going to be absolutely adorable no doubt about it – and the photos of you and Alex as children are truly precious! xxoo :)

  33. I love the photos! I am so excited for you! I know the suspense has to be eating you alive! LOl.

  34. The pic of Alex in the red shorts and straw hat is just the best!

    My husband wants us to have kids just so he can see what they look like lol I told him all I know is they’ll be Eurasian (I’m Chinese) and they’ll look pretty much nothing like him!

  35. so cute! i love alex’s short shorts tahaa.

    my nephew is a good mix of both mom & dad. but i feel like some babies look completely like one of the parents! do either of your families have really strong genes (i.e everyone in your fam looks alike)? i think that plays a big role :]

    but either way, your baby is bound to be cute. you guys were adorable!

  36. To you family he will look just like you, to Alex’s family just like him (love the hat and red shorts pic, btw), and to you he will look like him, the most perfect little man on the planet. Even if he does have a big head, lol.

  37. OMG…the pic with the skates is crazy cute!!! I can’t take it. Pretty sure your baby will be just as adorable:)

  38. one of the perks of having twins is that we’re getting ample ultrasounds, including some 3D shots every appointment, so even at 5.5 months, i’ve already got a good idea of what one of my little guys looks like (the other one is shy and hides his face every time). it’s so amazing!!!

  39. You’ll be amazed when he is born and you look at him and you will say “Oh, of course it’s you!”

  40. So cute!!! Love these photos. Congratulations, how exciting!

  41. Don’t worry Joanna, your little boy will be the perfect mix of you both. Can I just say your mom looks fantastic after having twins? And what a cute kid Alex was!

  42. Fun family photos! I remember daydreaming about what my son would look like before he was born. Such an exciting time!

  43. If only Lindsay Bluth’s company “Mommy, what will I look like?” from Arrested Development was real! Your baby is sure to be gorgeous!

  44. You were both so cute as babies, I’m sure your little man will be adorable!! Those little yellow footie onesies are killing me by the way, so precious!! I love footies so much my poor future babies probably won’t see their feet for the whole first year.

  45. So cool and exciting to think about!

  46. i’ve no idea if you’re a fan of the office but either way you must watch the delivery episode! it makes me want to have babies stat. yours will be adorable i am certain! the straw hat and red shorts ensemble made me giggle.

  47. Emilie says...

    No matter what your baby is going to be so cute! All of the old pictures are. & Trust me, a big head is way better than a small head! I guess we all have our problems :P

  48. it’s fascinating to see a baby change in appearance from year to year. It’s SO amazing when you see a child of 4 or 5 and the parent’s childhood pictures at that age and there are SOME that look EXACTLY like mom or dad.
    we LOVE Alex in the hat/the profile shot–that’s a classic.

  49. That is one rockin’ straw hat Alex is sporting! I look at our daughter and feel like she got the best of both of us.
    Enjoy your last month of pregnancy – thanks for letting us share in your joy.

  50. haha, elizabeth, i actually was born first — by 2 minutes! :)

  51. elizabeth says...

    I have twin boys and your comment about always being on the right made me want to ask you if you were “baby b” or the second born? I always have mine on the same side in most photos.. just curious?

  52. such awesome pics! just a few months to go…very exciting :D

  53. Will be totally cute (no matter what). You & your big head thing. I’m shopping for a hat & laughed out loud in a store down here in DC because you’ve implanted some sort of big-head-thing in my brain. Is this actionable, I wonder?

  54. We can’t wait to see what your little cutie will look like either! You two were adorable and you’re little guy will be too!

  55. that straw hat picture is absolutely priceless.

  56. I love your childhood pictures! Your mom’s hair is so long! Your rollerskates are so incredibly rad too! Alex’s photos are so amazing! The straw hats are wonderful! Your little boy will be so darling!

  57. those photos are just darling! i think you are going to have one cute baby :)

  58. Maybe some beautiful obscure trait will show up to make him totally himself! One thing for sure, he will inherit the thing that drives you the most crazy from your husband and the thing that drives him the most crazy from you.

  59. Those mustard yellow jumpers are so cute! I love old photographs!


  60. I loved the mystery/wonderment of what our children would look like!! My husband and I have 2 kids, a girl and a boy and they have very similiar coloring, eye color, etc. I always wondered if my hubby and I would just keep popping out the same combination of child! (I guess we’ll never know…) ;)

  61. thanks for these lovely comments! lauren, our official due date is june 2nd. xo

  62. oh this is so sweet. i remember this anticipation well! i’d like to say that this last few weeks will fly, but they really tend to drrrrrag!

    Iris really looked like her sonogram, with a delicate little profile and masses of dark hair. what’s also amazing when you look back, is how babies unfurl like flowers in those first days and weeks.

    you’re heading for the sweetest of times you really are!

    oh baby!

  63. you need to re-enact the straw hat and red shorts with your little man when he gets a bit bigger. adorbable!
    these are such great pictures!

  64. How exciting! I love these photos. :)
    When is your official due date?

  65. You just never know! Hubby and I were bald as cueballs and then had bright blond hair. My tot was born with a head full of black hair. We both have brown eyes and his are blue….Other than that, he looks exactly like my husband. I don’t think most folks can even tell he’s mine! LOL!

  66. omg, jennifer, you’re right! how funny!!

  67. Jo, these photos are absolutely adorable. Alex in the red shorts and hat is just gorgeous! Thanks for these :)

  68. after my daughter was born I found her sonogram photo to be fascinating, because you could see some of her features in the photo after seeing her face in real life!

  69. he will be beautiful! i love hearing about what it’s like to be expecting. it is the sweetest thing. happiness to you!

  70. Awww! So sweet! Your baby will be so beautiful and I am so excited for you.

  71. What an exciting time for you. Enjoy it!

    I especially love the awkward pose in the last photo. Oh to be a kid again!

  72. I remember doing the same thing when I was pregnant, pulling out all the photos of us as children and imagining what our baby would look like.

    Then, she came out looking NOTHING like either of us and still doesn’t! (At six)
    So you just never know… ;)

  73. Oh my God! Alex looks so cute in those shorts! Great pictures, thanks for sharing, Joanna!

  74. your baby is going to be born in roller skates and a straw hat.

    calling it!

  75. you and lucy were so adorable! my family the girls look like dad and my brothers look more like my mom :)

  76. I love looking at all these old photos. You’re both lucky you have so many good ones! And that’s funny that you’re on the right side in all of them. :)

  77. What adorable pictures. I am sure he might look a lot like his daddy at first then gradually it will change?
    They say that often happens so the Dads can bond easier? Hmmmm, anyway that was true with both of my boys. I felt I was producing copies of my man (even though they both are completely different:)
    Good good luck!

  78. That black-and-white of Alex with the toy truck is AMAZING. These photos are all priceless. Your little man is coming out with blonde hair, that’s for certain!

    Eight months already?! Wow.


  79. Joanna dear, you’re almost NINE months pregnant! (I know because our due dates are about 2 days apart :) After 36 weeks…official 9 months. No one tells you that pregnancy is really 10 months. Hehe. So flaunt! Almost there!! Plus you get to hear ppl tell you, OMG you look so great, you’re 9 months already! ;D

  80. Those roller skates are awesome.

  81. Those childhood photos look so beautiful and I bet bring so many memories…Don’t they?
    I get so nostalgic while looking through childhood pics.
    I can imagine how excited you both must be!!!! For sure the baby will be a reflection of both of you :)
    Have a lovely day :)
    I love this post!
    Kisses :)

  82. aww these photos are too precious!! aww I love baby posts. best wishes

  83. haha, oh yes, ruby, that was my mom (on the right) and her friend Anne in 1979! :)

  84. oh, deanna, that is so cool! i can’t wait.

  85. These are sooo special…luv them all!!!

  86. how about you try those websites that put your face and his together to tell you what your baby will look like?
    it would be so funny.

    p.s. i love the long hair of the girls holding babies in the second picture.

  87. Love those photos. Babies change SO much – one day you say “he looks like me,” then ” he looks like you.” A few days later, it’s “he looks like my mom,” then the next day, “wait, he looks like your dad!” I think no matter what you picture him to look like, it’s always a surprise Totally wild and incredibly exciting! You must have the biggest butterflies.

  88. omg omg OMG! The rollerskating picture is TOO CUTE!

  89. Your baby will be darling regardless who he resembles more! Love your baby photos—I always wished I had a twin! xoxo katie

  90. It has been my experience that little boys often times strongly resemble their mamas, so… I’m thinking you’ll have a tiny you on your hands. Either way, I haven’t the slightest doubt that he’ll be fantastically adorable.

  91. Oh this is my favorite post ever. The photo of Alex fishing is AWESOME. I hope you all have that one framed and sitting on a bookshelf!

  92. I love childhood pictures! Isn’t it funny that we all use Diana cameras and Photoshop to make our photos look as old and authentic as the actual childhood pictures? Go figure!

    Going through the exact same thing with my brother’s wife, also 8 months pregnant… the first glimpse will be such a beautiful moment!

  93. Soo exciting! :)

  94. Such GREAT childhood pics!! It’s no wonder that you both ended up being such vibrant, interesting people!! :) Love these photographs!!
    And yes- your baby will DEFINITELY be adorable!!

  95. maggie says...

    he will be very cute!

  96. I love those fishing photos of Alex, they’re too cute.