Egg nightlight

We just got this Star Egg Nightlight for the nursery. The lamp has tiny pinpricks, so “stars” are scattered all over the walls and ceiling. It makes bedtime feel so magical. I keep daydreaming about rocking the baby in the middle of the night and pointing out fake constellations.

P.S. It’s rad for grown-ups, too. We’re secretly keeping it in our bedroom for now.
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  2. It will not succeed in actual fact, that is what I think.

  3. This is gorgeous! I looks so pretty even if it’s not on and the light it gives is so magical! I want to have it as well.

  4. And… just bought this as a baby present for a client. Thanks for making me look like I have such great taste. :)

  5. omgee this is so awesome! i love love love it :)
    its great because all of his childhood he can have it!

  6. How fun! I love items like this, they can be very peaceful.

  7. Anonymous says...

    It’s beautiful but the price is ridiculous! With all of the things we need for a new baby, this is something for people who have lots of money to spare.

  8. my son keeps asking when we are going on a trip to the moon! Maybe I should just get one of these and pretend we are already on the moon!!!

  9. ooh, i’ve been wanting one of those for leon’s room. maybe for after we move. your nursery is going to be so adorable.

  10. Anonymous says...

    So lovely!

  11. i love this.

  12. lol, I have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. I might be 22, but I agree- the enchantment stars put on us can never go away :)

  13. Have to check them out right away, do they come in other colors? I want one in my bedroom, just love it.

  14. Good to know, as I would love to have one of those for me… (just think my husband wouldn’t be able to sleep…)


  15. This is fantastic and yes I think I want one for myself too!! :)

  16. You two are going to make the COOLEST parents! Love the nightlight.


  17. oooh what a great gift idea for a pregnant friend of mine :) i really want one for myself too…all these years of having a boring old night light just can’t compare to this!

  18. I would get this for my preg friend, but might be tempted to steal it back:)

  19. I love it. So peaceful. Our nightlight of choice is not as peaceful…but very functional…we love the Good Nite Lite. I actually posted about baby must have items today and almost forgot the nightlight until your post reminded me…so thank you!

  20. That looks so fun, and I have to admit that I totally want one. ;)

  21. I have always wanted one of those! You are such a good mom already.

  22. You´re going to use this forever. My daughter is six and we still have the turtle that has tiny starts on it´s shell. Enjoy!!

  23. wow, michelle, SO exciting!!! good luck!!! xoxoxo

  24. Love this. Our nursery is set up minus a light!
    Hope you are well. I’ve got 6 more days left and counting!

  25. very rad indeed!

  26. I am the type of person that can only sleep in pitch-black darkness, but that night-light is too cool. I might just change my sleeping habits…

  27. I have this in white in my bedroom. a gift from my parents a few years ago. One day we may move it into a nursery.

  28. I got my fiance something like this from Spencer’s Gifts last year! I thought it would be stupid (and it was expensive), but we actually have it on a timer in our bedroom so we fall asleep with it on every night, it’s totally relaxing and romantic. It even has a milky way with adjustable brightness!

  29. That is too cool! I really want one for my own bedroom now!! I’m totally going to use you as an excuse if my husband thinks it is silly. Although how could he, who wouldn’t love sleeping “under the stars”?

  30. Is it bad that i never took down my glow-in-the-dark stars?

    Now I want this night light! :)

  31. K says...

    this is neat- but when you are rocking your baby boy in the middle of the night you won’t be in the mood to talk! you’ll probably be sleeping!

  32. Aw this is sooo nice!! How come we didn’t have this when my kids were babies? Your baby will be so spoiled:)

  33. Oh I’ve wanted one of those forever! Your baby is going to be the luckiest.

  34. Maybe your baby will be inspired to become an astronaut! :) I think if my husband had one of these as a child he might be in NASA. It’s a fun thought, and a cool gizmo!

  35. I want it in my bedroom right now!!!!

  36. I’m glad you added that last bit because I now want this for our bedroom! lol!

  37. I have been lookng for something exactly like this!

  38. darling! so sweet for a newborn baby’s room :)

    XO fallon

  39. Ah reminds me of my black light and glow in the dark stars. Wonderful idea!

  40. Mo says...

    Sounds amazing, can I come over and sleep in the nursery before the baby comes?! He he.

  41. My lil’ dude has a turtle shaped one…Yours is a bit more sophisticated. Ah ha ha. You’re gonna LOVE it!

  42. how amazing!! i bet your room is just filled with peace :)

  43. I love this! I can only imagine how peaceful it could make a bedroom :).

  44. yes, haha, totally a grown-up version of glow-in-the-dark stars! :)

  45. a grown up version of the glow in the dark stars of my childhood, without ruining the paintwork!

  46. maggie says...

    love this!

  47. Joannna, this is so full of wonder!! Love it!

    Art by Karena

  48. Oh this is just SO neato!

    Thanks for sharing!


  49. I’ve been trying to bully my boyfriend into letting me get one of the constellation makers but this would be perfect as well! Quite jealous that you have one :)

  50. you always write the cutest things about being a mama. you’re going to be amazing! :) and now i want that egg thing too.

  51. I LOVE IT!! I have a costellation maker in my bedroom. This is just as cool!!!