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  19. So obsessed with these photos. My husband just completed our roof deck this weekend and now comes the fun part – DECORATING!!

  20. *sigh* i wish I had a backyard. I love the use of squared in this very lovely

  21. AM says...

    LOVE IT! If only spring would arrive!!

  22. Love the first pic… The second one is my own personal nightmare!

    Ok, not entirely true, the lush background is great, it’s just the overly-formal foreground that really kinda makes me anxious! I feel it’s too overworked, whereas the first picture is more relaxed.

    Red chairs are a cool though…

  23. i love this back yard! i have had it saved in my “someday redo the backyard” folder.

  24. I lived at home for a couple of months this fall, and one of the best parts was having access to a lovely garden. I DID have my friends over for soup and salad and a glass of wine. It was perfect.

  25. Ahhh, a back garden. A girl can dream. I’d settle for my own ROOM. Yes, I’m 29 and STILL share a room with my sister. Why did I move to NYC again? Ohh right…dreams, ambition, yada yada yada…


  26. dear me, these are beautiful. i love everything about them! i too dream of having my own garden and a backyard. some day. . .

  27. these are so beautiful! at the moment i have a huge garden, but id love to move into a tiny cramped apartment with a tiny garden to challenge myself :)

  28. Gorgeous urban gardens! I love my semi-large lot, but it seems like all of my favorite landscaping plans (both others’ plans and the ones I create) are of small fenced spaces and courtyards.

  29. Absolutely inspiring! We are in the middle of construction so all the debris is covering up our garden. This zen feeling is really being missed!

  30. These are lovely!! I wish I could have that- but at least, even though I am an apartment dweller, I am in Switzerland with mountains everywhere I turn (and a beautiful lake downtown!)

  31. When my husband and I got married almost 4 years ago, the very first thing I dreamed about was buying a house so we could work in the yard, garden, and sit on the back patio with friends. I got the house and yard, but I’m still dreaming about my hammock. He says this is the year he builds me one, but we’ll see :) I hope you get your hammock soon!

  32. lovely use of small space. We finally have our first garden, a few days of warm weather, and I’m going gardening crazy and I love it! We’re in germany, it’s quite small for US-sized gardens, but fairly huge for city living in Europe. We have a small patio, grass, and flower and veggie space that’s in the works….
    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  33. does anyone know where the red chairs in the first image come from. i LOVE them!

  34. Yes, I’m very envious of my friends in Brooklyn who have backyard space or even rooftops with gardens. How perfect would a day like today be with one?!

  35. I love the 2nd one best, very restful, although I know there is a bit of work involved in it. I forget that living in a city means you probably don’t have a yard. I can’t imagine not having a bit of privacy in the sunshine among greenery and birds. But then I have rednecks and I don’t have the arts or decent restaurants. Come visit me and I will come visit you.

  36. This is all I ever need in a garden.

  37. Oh, I’m so with you on this one. No garden for me in my apartment right now, but one day I sure home to have one, even tiny, but mine.

  38. I love these! I’m going to use these as inspiration for our new porch. (It’s just a porch, but I can try, right? ; ))


  39. so drool-worthy! totally going to copy this if I ever get a garden here in Brooklyn.

  40. Long for spring…

  41. second that. If I ever score some outdoor space in the city, you’re welcome to come over for a garden party!

  42. I think I would like to paint your little garden. Very quaint. I love it.

  43. I love this, but I think it would be even better if a couple of the squares were a summer vegetable bed.

  44. i saw these photos yesterday on remodelista and was so inspired! we’re moving to chicago soon (hopefully) and these make backyards are full of wonderful ideas for small city spaces. thanks for sharing.

  45. I really love all these photos. We’re going to have a yard just in time for summer and I can’t wait to get out there and make it how we want it.

  46. I’m loving the geometric lines.

  47. Absouletly lovely! I too dream of a little garden in the back or even a terrance. Some where to at least have a BBQ or a little grill.

  48. This makes me feel bad because we DO have a backyard, and it looks like absolute crap compared to this one. Maybe one day when I only work ONE job we’ll get around to doing something this awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. I love the second one, it’s a garden as a box of assorted premium chocolates packaged in a beautiful decorative box. Totally delicious to the eyes!

  50. now that is my kind of back yard!
    no lawn to mow plus a place to relax and enjoy lots of pretty greenery :)

  51. Gorgeous gardens! I think the first one is my favorite. We just have a deck at the moment and I’m always trying to make it into a little garden while still letting us have enough space to sit out there. It is a challenge. Someday I want a space big enough for a hammock. I’m pretty sure on any day when it isn’t raining, snowing, or below 50 degrees I would be found on said hammock with a book.

  52. Wow, what a great garden!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  53. oh, isabella, i WISH this were our garden! how amazing would that be? nope, we live on the third floor and just have a fire escape :)

  54. plants and cheese? yes, please!

  55. joanna…
    these photos are great! i love the idea of creating a beautiful garden within a small enclosed area.

    the mix of structure with the freeform plantings and texture is so appealing.

    we are redoing our small space this summer
    and welcome this inspiration.

    thanks for sharing.

  56. I love my garden. In fact, I’ve started a little veggie patch which I’m blogging about.

  57. Some people are so creative and good at making the most out of nothing. Beautifully done!

  58. That is amazingly lovely..there’s just something magical about gardens that’s simply timeless, great post!

  59. Your very own mini garden, how royal it looks, too!

  60. These pictures are so pretty! I’ll be doing some gardening when I get home from work today, and I’m going to keep these in mind for inspiration. :-)

  61. this is perfect – i have a post scheduled for tomorrow about needing ideas for our small backyard. i want a garden.


  62. Oh, how I wish I was there right about now :)

  63. oh, sigh. somehow sitting at the kitchen table with the window open doesn’t quite cut it, huh? the top one is my favorite – a true oasis.

  64. Did you ever watch The City Gardener on HGTV? It’s a program originally from the UK and set in London. The host (Matt James) would go to different flats in the London area and design a garden to suit the needs of the homeowners. And he was always sure to incorporate texture, color and smell.
    Don’t you think a program (tv or otherwise) like that would be great in NYC?!

  65. Add a glass of rosé from Provence or a crisp Italian white and the bar surely can’t get any higher:)

  66. that looks lovely :)

  67. They are SO lovely! Thank you for sharing with us.

  68. Wow these photos are beautiful. It’s not a huge amount of space, but it’s perfect. And you can’t go wrong with cauliflower soup and Gruyere!

  69. How great!

    That is the one downfall to living in an apartment. I miss having a yard so much…

  70. I was just thinking about how lovely it would be to have a garden… I dream of a large sprawling one to have picnics with my girlfriends in the summer… ahhhh

  71. Oh my goodness. That is heavenly. xo

  72. I love the landscaping!! We have a big backyard but it’s not too landscaped… perhaps this year we’ll attempt to do something with it hehe

  73. my brother-in-law lives in the village and scored a little backyard. we still can’t believe his luck.

  74. oh these make me wish spring was here so desperately!

  75. love the second photo, the green is beautiful!

  76. Oh this is GORGEOUS!! For any standard, but for Manhattan especially, this is like Eden!


  77. at first i thought it WAS yours! i was stunned by ‘your’ absolutely flawless shrubs. haha. but yes, it is lovely.

  78. So Pretty! Love it xo

  79. I love gardens. They are so relaxing and invite so much peach in your life. I also love cheese so you basically described heaven for me.

  80. Joanna, you have made it into a special haven.

    Art by Karena

  81. I’m growing Japanese boxwood
    & turning/pruning them into topiaries this season!

  82. You can do it, Joanna!! Your baby will crawl and play in it too. Lovely idea!


  83. Just gorgeous–takes you to such a relaxed state that you forget you are in the middle of a major metropolis.


  84. I love the city but not having a backyard would be tough… although there is nothing quite like Central Park!

  85. I have been buying flowers and topiary’s lately to bring spring indoors, but a garden would be divine!

  86. Talk about making the best of a space! How lovely…

  87. It’s absolutely lovely, indeed! I dream of having a backyard like that someday :)
    XO fallon

  88. Ohhhh I want to move it! I would love to sip lemonade there and bask in the sunshine!
    XOXO katie

  89. They are pretty. I’m lucky enough to have a little city garden and really should give it more love. :(

    Love the red chairs!