Playing games

Have you guys ever played Jenga? Last night, we busted it out before dinner…
Each person pulls out one wooden plank at a time, while trying to keep the tower from falling.
Things got intense! Holla!
It was down to a skeleton structure…until I made a shaky move…
….and Alex won. :) Hope you guys had a nice night, too. xoxo P.S. These photos somehow hide my giant belly, but I swear, it’s there! :)

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  2. I totally agree with Deanna, above. My husband and I borrowed Bananagrams from a friend, and when we had to return her game, we went out to get our own!

    We played last night, tucked into bed, with books on our laps as tables, and played games until far too late! I love nights like that…


  3. I love to playing games, but my boyfriend don’t like it sooo much. But he thinks Jenga is okay. The danish name is “Klodsmajor” and I can’t translate it correct to english. But it means like “fumble fingers”.

  4. We love playing Jenga with our two boys, who are now teenagers, but a few years ago we played in the deepest darkest wilds of Africa with Samburu warriors beneath a colourful tent with rain pouring down outside and it was a lifetime experience we’ll never forget.
    This christmas I tried to fashion a Jenga game of sorts out of the hundreds of catalogues we received through the season, but the pile just got to high, and then I’d pull one out and end up shopping instead of concentrating on the task at hand!

  5. Super-cool! Really enjoyed it on the warm nights in the summer house last year… :)

  6. Commenting for the first time. I’ve been following this blog and also your blog on Glamour for quite some time.

    Just wanted to say how adorable the two of you are and also how much I like your stemless wine glasses (well Alex’s stemless glass):)

    It’s been fun to follow you and I look forward to seeing what will be beautiful baby.

  7. oh we play this often! my boys, 7 and 5yrs of age love trying to beat mum or dad!! its such a simple but fun game!

  8. You are both an insanely cute couple, it kills me!

    I’m now very tempted to get Jenga. I adore board games etc, and have been enjoying Hungry Hippos and Operation with Lucy. Though I so could ‘bust’ them out with the adults too, with that compulsory bottle of wine….

  9. jenga was a game night staple in our home for years … in fact, i’m thinkin’ it’s high time to get out once again … hmm …

  10. Joanna, you must be the cutest ever. Deffinitly one of my favorit blogs.

  11. That looks like so much fun! We don’t have TV. so we like to pass our time with games and such. I think Jenga definitely needs to make its way onto our list. Your baby is going to be one lucky kid with such awsome-jenga-lovin’ parents!

  12. I was just about to comment “you are so tiny!” I don’t even believe that you’re pregnant, Joanna. :)

  13. oh no, colleen, the one glass of red wine was alex’s. xoxo

  14. I was just thinking how tiny you look in these pictures! Game night is so fun. My husband and I go through phases in which we go game-crazy (like 15 scrabble games in a month, working puzzles for 2 weeks straight, or playing fast paced card games for 5 hours). I think it’s time for another game night with my sweetie!

  15. We play an awful lot of ‘dishes jenga’ in our household rather than real jenga – it’s all in the stacking of as many dishes as possible on the draining rack without drying any and then removing that bowl you need for breakfast the next morning from the bottom of the pile. Not quite as much fun though!

  16. Looks fun,
    And my my it is odd how hidden your belly is in that photo!

  17. haha Jo, that’s so funny, I was going to say ‘where’s the belly?!’ I’ve never played Jenga, it looks intense though :D

  18. The lighting in your photos is so pretty! You’re glowing. :) And good call on the wine with Jenga – so you decided to have wine during pregnancy? I hear so many different opinions I don’t know what’s what anymore!

    I used to play it all the time in elementary school

  20. Joanna, my husband and I had this exact same evening last night! I won both rounds. : )

  21. So adorable! I love going to the poconos and playing games on end! I’m the Jenga champion and all the boys in the family hate it!

  22. haha, i was JUST thinkin your belly was hid very well!

  23. being that I can sew with linen, I didn’t want to comment on the previous post…..but how much fun your blog is for me……..


  24. Oh, I love the wine glasses!! So classy!!

  25. I love Jenga, although I was much better at it when I was a kid. Must have been those tiny hands.

  26. I absolutely love Jenga! There is also UNO Jenga that combines the two games and is a ton of good times.

  27. You are so TINY! Jenga is so fun! Have you ever played the crazy jenga where the blocks are all zigzag? Well, if not, that’s a tough one! And way fun with laughs!

  28. My husband and I play Jenga, I’m glad we’re not the only nerds. We also really love Scrabble, Scattergories, Pictionary, and Life. We’re about 85 years old, sitting at home on the weekends and playing board games!

  29. Very cute. I say the word “holla!” everytime something awesome happens and I always wonder if it will translate well onto my blog so I enjoyed seeing you use it!

  30. You two are adorable!

  31. So super cute! Nothing sounds better to me right now than wine & Jenga. Thanks for the great suggestion :)

  32. lol wow i have not played in ages! great post :)

  33. I love seeing little peeks into your apartment. You should do a full tour!

  34. The best thing is to write truths and dares on the blocks, so when you pull one out you have to do something!


  35. If you like Jenga, you need to play JUMBO Jenga. It’s a huge version of Jenga where the blocks are stacked on the floor. It’s our summer-evening-on-the-patio-with-friends go-to game.

  36. Jenga is a ridiculously fun game. We played that on our honeymoon – I think there were also some tequila shots involved. Even without that, it’s the best. Cute photos : )

  37. maddy says...

    they have a new version called bones. it is the same game, just instead of blocks, the pieces look like bones. just as fun plus all the jokes, its on amazon.

  38. the bf and i play jenga all the time, in fact we have the exact same orange tube! with wine, the merrier! :) u guys are so cute!

  39. The BF and I LOVE a good game of Yatzee. The best is “trash talking” because you love eachother too much to really say anything mean so it just comes out silly!

  40. n says...

    aw, super cute! Steven and I played battleship over the phone while we were long distance

  41. I love that game! I think I’m now inspired to go play it!

  42. J. says...

    We completely turned Jenga into a drinking game back in my college (ok, high school) days. We would write things on the blocks (drink demands, dares, etc) and you had to do whatever your block once you pulled it free. And if you caused the stack to fall over, your liver was in serious trouble!!
    Oh, the memories!

  43. oh my god. i can’t remember the last time i played jenga!! I need to dig is back up from under my bed!

  44. I love playing games. One of my new favorites in bananagrams. It is similar to scrabble.

  45. when I lived in London the pub on the corner had life sized jenga…when those pieces fell (and they did) you had to move out of the way quickly!

  46. There’s a bar we go to a lot called Barcadia that in addition to rad games like Pac-Man and my skee ball, has tables out on the patio to play Giant Jenga! It’s so fun. Love your cozy game night!

  47. i don’t have jenga, but i have a fantastic handmade wooden chinese checkers set (i think the company is melissa & doug).. i just leave it out on the coffee table to play anytime.. so fun!

  48. love jenga! in fact, that was my sister’s nickname for me!

  49. i love jenga! last time i played it my 6 yr old nephew beat me big time! another game that’s similar to this in terms of de-construction/tensity is kerplunk. ;)

  50. So cute! I love this game.

    I’m glad you mentioned the belly, I was thinking the same thing! haha

  51. I love this game! I play it with my friend’s son and we do the thing where you take a piece out and put it on the top. When it all topples over we yell “JENGA!”

  52. i love the warm lighting of your photos. :)

  53. jenga is very fun. I also love playing catch phrase. one of my faves!

  54. My husband and I play Bananagrams almost every night after the kiddos go to bed. Definitely a must-have game for any Scrabble/Crossword lovers out there!

  55. Oh yeah! You take a block from the bottom and you put it on top,
    You take a block from the middle and you put it on top…

    Love that game.

    PS: You look adorable.

  56. Love this kind of games…so funny and exciting at same.
    kisses from Spain.

  57. i love jenga! it’s a child-hood favorite. I had forgotten about it!

  58. Anonymous says...

    Finally, I saw via the comments that someone else plays Jenga the way we do, where remove a piece and then stack it back on top to make it more challenging – and more unpredictable!

    Another game my hubby/I love to play is Pass the Pigs. Those little pigs rolling/bouncing all over is hilarious!

    Thanks for sharing your evening with us.

  59. I love Jenga! So much fun!! Lovely photos! :)

  60. oh this makes me so happy! i can’t believe my eyes – we played at my family’s house over the holidays and my husband and i went out and bought a set when we got home! we are obsessed! have fun :)

  61. i love jenga! i forgot we even had it, it’s hiding away in the closet. thanks for the reminder. ;P

  62. Jenga is awesome! It always leads to lots of laughter and sometimes screaming =)

  63. Hehe its good fung, I haven’t it for a long tine.
    All the best from Germany, I love your blog,
    Take care

  64. Love Jenga!!! This reminds me we need to pick one up at Target next time. It is probably the only game that doesn’t make me crazy if I lose. Well okay, doesn’t make me nearly as crazy as other games, which is a huge improvement!

  65. I haven’t played Jenga in the longest time! It’s such fun… always a lot of screaming to accompany it hehe And I was wondering where your baby belly went lol

  66. If you hadn’t brought it up (about your belly)I would have totally forgotten you were pregnant! You look healthy.

    My nephew loves playing Jenga,,(maybe because he always wins!)

    A Mexican mommy living in Europe

  67. when my brother and i were kids, we played jenga :) but instead of taking each piece out of the game, we put it on top again..makes it more difficult.. :)
    love your blog and greets from germany


  68. i was wondering where it went. haha.
    i love jenga!

  69. Haha, looks like a lot of fun! My guy and I used to play a lot of board games. I think it’s time to break them out again :)

  70. I love just one glace of wine…

  71. You look beautiful! BTW, do you bite your nails? they’re sooo short!

  72. kayla, our coffee table is from a vintage shop in san francisco. (i wrapped it up and carried it home on the plane, crazily enough:) we’ll do a home tour soon! xo

  73. Anonymous says...

    yes bags of fur is right! thank you! have a great day! enjoy your belly. i missed mine after i had my baby boy. i nursed for 2 yrs….its the best.

  74. Your hubby is so cute, as are you, I might add. Looks like a cozy night in (which is one of my favorite past times ever).

    P.S. I have those wine glasses!

  75. JENGA!! love it! in college we wrote on all the pieces to make it into Drinking Jenga! haha! so fun!

  76. agreed, i want to know more about your living room! so cozy and cute! love that cabinet bookshelf storage thing..

  77. ah you guys are so cute, I can’t handle it. Your living room is also super adorable and cozy looking. Where is your coffee table from? I love it!

  78. maggie says...

    cute cute cute!

  79. where is your baby belly!? you don’t even look ‘with child’ in these pics. cutest preggers lady ev!

  80. oooh, jenga always get me so tense!

    Another one that gets me on the edge of my seat is perfection. Have you played that in awhile?

  81. Anonymous says...

    My husband and I play scrabble and he always wins. And I love Catch Phrase! You guys look so cute.

  82. Whoooo Alex is such a dreamboat! My man has a beard hot. I love playing games with your innocent and romantic.

  83. I love Jenga. My friend has a truth or dare version of Jenga and there are little dares and questions on each piece. It’s so cheesy but still fun.

  84. yes, definitely, a belly shot coming up :)

  85. You guys are too cute! I can see why you fell in love with Alex, he has the sweetest face. It’s crazy how un-pregnant you look here. Can we get another belly shot?!

  86. I love Jenga!! My and ex and I used to play Monopoly together! It was fun!! Adorable pictures!!!

  87. My husband and I just went on a game-buying trip and we definitely got jenga! We haven’t busted it out just yet but I think we’re going to have to do it soon now! Love it!

  88. yes, have played it and seriously it gets so nerve-racking!!!! and its only a game. ha. too funny.

    and i agree with everyone. you look so tiny!! at least you look healthy :)

  89. The last time I played Jenga was at a bar in NYC called 675. It was awesome! Beer isn’t conducive to a winning performance, but it made it that much more fun :)

  90. That looks fun but for me probably best as a spectator sport. I tend to have anxiety over things like that…!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  91. valeria, i know, it’s SO furry!!! we always vacuum like five times in a row and just keep clearing out the bags of fluff from the vacuum cleaner.

  92. i know! these photos weirdly don’t show my belly, i guess because i was hunched over. i’ll post a belly shot soon — i swear, it’s GIANT! :)

  93. Oh yes, one of the best games out there along with Memory, Carcassonne and Risk!

  94. Re: Not looking pregnant.
    I agree – I had to check and make sure I was at a recent post because I thought something was amiss…

    Either way, you’re looking healthy!


  95. Anonymous says...

    omg i have the same rug! how do you vaccume it? i cant vaccume it because it pulls out too much of the “fur” or whatever it is.. lol how funny. i love your blog. congrats on your new baby boy.


  96. I LOVE Jenga. I played it often with friends, until they figured out that I like to cheat by distracting them and making them glance away. It was fun while it lasted.

  97. Why don’t you look preggers?!

    Jenga is tons of fun! Haven’t played in ages though! Have you every played bananagrams? It’s super fun– especially for writers :)

  98. I used to play that with my kids….fun game!!

  99. Why, you don’t look pregnant at all in these pictures!

    And I agree, Jenga is fun. It use to consist of me trying to get my sister to laugh while it was her turn.

  100. I love that game. Thanks for making me feel like playing!

  101. I get all nostalgic looking at your pictures! I loved to play jenga when I was a child…

    I need to buy this game! Definitely.

  102. haha, so funny, maybe jenga is having a resurgence.

  103. i love Jenga! I’ve even went to a party where there was GIANT JENGA! The tower came up to my chin and the pieces were about a foot long… SO MUCH FUN on a summer day!

  104. i lve jenga! we played scrabble the other night w a bottle of wine

  105. i love jenga!!! we play it all the time. The anticipation of the whole thing to tumbling over still scares me a bit!

  106. jenga is awesome!!!

    We’ve been really into scrabble recently. Oh and we bust out the stemless wine glasses nightly as well ;)

  107. Hahaha, I love Jenga. SO MUCH FUN!

  108. haha, caroline, i didn’t even think of that! haha, and his glasses are from Selima. xoxo

  109. I love your dude’s glasses! They really suit him. You’re brave, playing jenga with a glass of red wine nearby!

  110. I absolutely love this game!
    I have the cheap version in which the pieces aren’t sanded well, so it’s even trickier. :D

  111. Hehe looks like fun! I haven’t played that game in forever.