Gift Guide Part #4: Your Younger Brother Who Can Ride a Unicycle and Fake a Perfect New Zealand Accent.

Grey sea-salt from France, since sea salt makes everything delicious, $9.

Dishtowel necktie, $44.55.

Whiskey cologne made in Maine, $68. “It is not a scent for every man,” the shop warns. “This is a powerfully masculine scent.” Noted.

F U, Penguin, a book based on the hilarious blog that puts cute animals in their place, $10.20.

Blow-Up movie poster for his apartment, $16.

Shark fin salt-and-pepper shakers, $38.

Cheeky coasters to give your mom a heart attack, $9.99.

The Icelandic bearded cap from last year, since it’s becoming a tradition. $104.

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  4. These things are so my brother!

  5. hey – new zealanders dont have accents! haha :)

  6. I absolutely love gift guides (I got to do my first one on my blog this year!) – and yours have been awesome….lots and lots of ideas (too many good ones to choose from)

    I know I’m definitely getting my husband the bacon chocolate chip pancake mix (thanks for that!). He thinks bacon should be with everything :)

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  8. melliebay says...

    I am loving your gift guides! So many great ideas!

  9. Did you interview my brother for this list? Because I’m pretty sure every single thing was made just for him. I think you may have just done my shopping for me :) enjoy your wednesday!

  10. I need to have that pancake mix in my life, yum!

  11. kiwi wants to put bacon on literally everything… these pancakes would be right up his alley!

    and he would totally be willing to verify how accurate your brother’s new zealand accent is :)

    p.s. we just booked our honeymoon and we’re staying at a haven in paris property! we’ll let you know how it goes!

  12. Anonymous says...


  13. Hahahahahaha, love these gift guides! So quirky but so RIGHT.

  14. oh, charlotte, it’s so good to know that the umbrellas really work!!!

  15. Those coasters would definitely give my parents a heart attack… haha love it!

  16. Anonymous says...

    Your brother must be fun!

  17. I had been looking forward to your gift guide posts… Love those fun coasters.

    BTW, you might want to check out my luxurious cosmetics giveaway…

  18. I love your “noted” after the cologne. I’m pretty sure my husband would love all of these gifts.

  19. Love this lists of creative gifts. I am tired of boring lists!
    B* a la Moda

  20. Whiskey cologne, that does sound interesting, and incredibly masculine. I’m curious what it smells like.

  21. Charlotte K says...

    those umbrellas are the GREATEST. A Dutch friend lent me his when I was in very rainy Holland last spring and they really work. I don’t understand why they haven’t been ripped off my the street vendors yet!

  22. My boyfriend would love so much the blow up poster!

  23. great gift ideas

  24. Ju says...

    Believe me a goooood kiwi accent is hard to find. I have been working on mine for 28 years!! Get your bro to contact me if he wants any secret native techniques :)

  25. Anonymous says...

    Your gift suggestions are the ABSOLUTE BEST !!! I am enjoying and purchasing like crazy! Thank you, Thank you!

  26. That dishtowel tie is so adorable and simple. I can’t wait until my boyfriend wears ties e_e

  27. Hey !!
    I’m so happy you talked about French Salt !
    It’s produced in my native town (Guerande), it’s a medieval town spirit, i love it !
    Thanks a lot !

  28. the dishtowel tie is one of the coolest things i have everrrr seen…

  29. Anonymous says...


  30. I love the bacon pancake mix!

    ps. I just saw your wedding on Once Wed and it was beautiful!!

  31. Now just what does a fake New Zealand accent sound like! Hee hee!
    Great gift ideas – could work for my bro and his real NZ accent!

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  33. excited to see the bearded cap! i got one for my boyfriend this year. but sad to see i overpaid when i saw that another site is charging less =(. all in all good gift guide though.

  34. the boyfriend would love all of these as well! after all, he can ride a unicyle + has perfected a new zealand accent. :)

  35. Brilliant picks all the way around! ;P

  36. Ohhh, I focused the Bacon Pancakes yesterday on a gift guide for Bacon Lovers. Yum yum yum!!!!

  37. I love the umbrella, the dish tie, and the coasters! Great finds!

  38. Great selection, your title made me laugh as I’m in New Zealand!

    XX Rosina Lee

  39. I love this list. I’m most in love with the bearded cap…

  40. What great gifts.. my fav is the beardcap.. I kinda want one for myself.. ha ha. :)

    Love & Aloha.

  41. I love the titles for your gift guides, they’re just as imaginative as the items you chose.

  42. Absolutely, positively love this! It have something for every male on my shopping list! Done, done and done!
    XXX Kate

  43. You nailed it with the pancake mix – that’s my brother all over! Thanks Joanna!

  44. Getting the pancake mix for the hubs’ stocking :)

  45. I love the grey sea salt gift idea… thanks!!

    xoxo Laura

  46. My husband loves the mustache hat- though the website says $77 rather than $135, bringing it nicely under the 100 mark!

  47. Thank you!! The whiskey cologne is perfect for my husband and is something he’ll never see coming.

  48. heather, i thought the same thing at first! :)

  49. joanna, those shark and fit s & p shakers are my favorite! i found them at a cool garden shop here in chicago and have been wanting to go back to buy them for my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in miami and have such a fascination with Shark Week it’s ridiculous.

  50. A bearded cap! Get outta town, that’s brilliant! Forget the boys, they can grow their own. I need one!

  51. Ah, and I thought the umbrella was a romantic ‘sharing’ one…

  52. These are great ideas!

  53. maggie says...

    this is a fun list! i have two brothers and i think they are impossible to shop for.

  54. My boyfriend already has a request in for the bacon pancakes ;)

    This just might be my favorite list thus far. I’m pretty sure I say that every time though… but regardless! My favorite!