My bike helmet

I used to ride around Manhattan without a helmet (busted), but then Alex bought me this Bern version, and I fell in love with it. The shape is more like a skateboarding or ski helmet than a traditional bike one, and it’s super comfy and doesn’t make your head too hot. (It also looks cute with red lipstick.)

  1. My bike helmet colored is very beautiful. I used many helmets but this is very good and reasonable helmet.

  2. Oh my god, there’s so much helpful info here!

  3. This post popped up at the bottom of your “how to hail a cab” in NYC post.

    I have this helmet too!
    I love how it makes me feel like I’m a character out of a Marios Brothers videogame. Maybe one of the mushroom characters. Anyway, it’s cute. :)

  4. Hi Jo, I just bought the same one today, but chose the brown version of it. Since I saw it on your website I was thinking about this helmet and today it was lying right in front of me.
    The cool thing is that I can wear it together with my mountainbike and as well with my old bike from the 20s.
    Cheers from Germany, Sonja

  5. i have the same helmet and i love it, but i think i look just like the ‘great kazoo’ in it. if i’m wearing it when i see friends, i greet them by saying, “hello dumb-dumb”, just like he used to say to fred.

  6. I like the bike helmets that look more like skate helmets. A couple of brands that I like include bern and triple 8. You can see them at

  7. I have this exact helmet in cherry red. I got it for my birthday to go with my 1977 religh stowaway bicycle. Its fab, I will admit to walking round my flat in it for a good portion of the day.

  8. I have a Bern helmet, too. It’s my winter helmet and came with a winter insert, including ear flaps. Much more stylish than sporty racing helmets.

  9. i’ve been wondering about these helmets ever since i saw a lovely lady zoom by with one on. i was going to say thanks for the brand and then i saw a fellow torontoer who had commented with a shop that carries them here. yay! i love your blog and blogland!!

  10. I’m so glad you got a helmet. I get really mad and start shouting (although no one but Nye can hear me) whenever we pass a cyclist without one.

    (I blame a video we were made to watch in primary school where a kid fell off their bike and their head smashed open. Turned out their ‘head’ was actually a watermelon, but it certainly got the message across!)

  11. busted is right. food for thought: a close family friend of ours was biking to work one day and was struck by a drunk driver, at no fault of his own. at only 19 years old, he’s now severely disabled.

    that helmet is chic, so now you have no excuses :)

  12. oh that’s way better than the dorky helmet i’m using…sending to my husband now… hint hint :)

  13. oh gosh, you’re fabulous. my helmet is so dorky. thanks for this!

  14. so cute! and safe – bonus! if only I could convince my fiance to wear a helmet…

  15. love it!

  16. I used to hate wearing helmets (sweaty helmet hair, ugly colored plastic…) but then my husband got into a bad mountain bike accident and the doctor said he could have died if it wasn’t for that ugly huge piece of plastic. Since then, I’ve become a huge advocate for them :)

    So happy you found a cute one! Mine is no where close to this attractive!

  17. Anonymous says...

    I was wondering about helmet-wearing for the hipster bikers. It seems that in all photos of cute bikers there’s no evidence of a helmet! Glad to see you’re protecting your noggin.

  18. Oh my goodness, Joanna please post more about cute bike gear, since you love la bicicleta! I suspect a lot of us (me) are in the dark about cute bike gear … and growing up in SoCal skate culture, they always used light scare tactics to persuade us to helmet-up so it wasn’t ‘dorky’

  19. dc says...

    i wear a bern helmet and red lipstick!!

  20. Kudos on the stylee head wrap. I use the Fox Transition, it is similar to yours except it has forward facing air vents. The day I got it I went head first into a fence playing bike polo and dented it. But helmets like these are designed to withstand multiple crashes. Thanks for hosting a cool bike blog.

  21. MUST become a good girl and start wearing a bike helmet… Sigh.

  22. “my puppy ate my helmet.” i love it :)

  23. oooo! this is so my next rei purchase!!

    (my puppy recently ate my big dorky helmet… but that is no excuse to be riding my not-bike-friendly streets unprotected!)

  24. I rock a Bern, too, and sometimes even w/ red lipstick.

    Sexy — er, make that SAFETY — first!

  25. Really would like to see you wearing the helmet and the lipstick! Please?

  26. c says...

    Do you think you can wear this for skiing? I need one and this is so cute…

  27. A bit too militant for me.

  28. Juliana says...

    I recently bought Bern’s Muse helmet in cranberry and feel more chic wearing it while riding my Pashley than my racing bike helmet.

  29. ah nice. It’s so hard to find a cool bike helmet and this one’s great! thanks!

  30. Cute, do they make a whole body helmet? That is what I would need to ride in a city, I am so clumsy.

  31. Bern helmets are the best! My boyfriend has one that with a wool plaid/fleece liner for the winter. Thanks for posting this.

  32. i have this in shiny red! love it!

  33. Alright, you’ve inspired me. I bike everywhere, helmetless. I’m buying these for my husband and I.

  34. I’m glad you’re wearing a helmet!! I’m a big advocate, plus I grew up in Australia where you get stopped by police for not wearing one hehe

  35. what a cute little helmet!!! i don’t have a bike because i’m too far from the city. maybe I can just wear it around the house? :)

  36. That’s sweet. And you’re right it is cute.

  37. yup, this is nice. I hate that most bike helmets are ugly. But it’s against the law here to not wear a helmet. Isn’t it in the States? it makes me cringe when I see people cycling without one because you really do take your life in your hands when cycling. It can be a dangerous pursuit!

  38. I have just bought a helmet from amazon, it is like a skater helmet but it is in pink! So cute! xx

  39. love the design!

    cristin @ simplified bee

  40. I love the shape – so unique! and the YSL Parisienne site is beautiful. I love how each person is so real and the cute quotes along with their picture! looking forward to more!

  41. pamela, so funny! alex used to be like, “are you wearing your lid? where’s your lid?” :)

  42. how are the hair flattening issues? I hate my helmet but obv is essential. (especially in London!) it messes up my hair, tho. It’s just the old fashioned alien head kind.

  43. bern must make snowboard helmets too, cause we were just looking at them this weekend at a snowboard shop and they had one that looked exactly the same as yours. what a cute bike helmet it makes!

  44. That’s super cute! And, BRAVO to you for wearing a helmet, super important. One of my good friends just crashed here in San Francisco and her helmet probably saved her life!

  45. This is cute. I hate my bike helmet. I always attempt to sneak away without it, but my husband always catches me!! But honestly, it makes me look like some odd, green, lilliputian warrior.

  46. i’m so glad to hear you are wearing one! and it is very cool looking!

  47. Cute helmet and I was going to ask what was up with the previous post and the lack of head safety! :)

  48. no way, anabela! so funny. we could be bike twins.

  49. When I last bought a new helmet, I considered this one, but figured it WOULD make my head hot because it lacked ventilation … next time I’ll spring for one!

  50. I have this exact helmet in white! I get stopped on the street by people asking where I bought it (Sweet Pete’s, Toronto!) — definitely an attention-grabber. So nice to have a non-hideous bike helmet.

  51. maggie says...

    i have one of the danish bike helmets and it’s pretty cute.