Take a mini-moon. Frequently. Mini-moons originated with my parents who were married between the fall and winter break in college, and so didn’t have time for a proper honeymoon. To make up for it, they took little vacations they called “mini-moons,” where they would leave their six kids in the hands of a capable babysitter and spend a weekend away.

Following in my parents’ footsteps, my husband John and I have recently begun taking mini-moons of our own. We actually have to force ourselves to plan a few days where we can ditch work, leave the kids and spend the weekend however we’d like.

Visit a city you’ve never been to before, check out that B&B you saw online, drive to the next town up the road and pretend you’re far from home. It needn’t be expensive or elaborate, just a few days to refocus and reconnect.

— Brooke Reynolds, Inchmark