1. Very beautiful makeup! The couple looks so good together. It is necessary to find the best partner for yourself with whom you are going to spend your entire life.
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  2. Beautiful red lips lady. You know what next week i am also going for trial make up at Forever Flawless and i am exited for it. Hope they will provide best service.

  3. Anonymous says...

    Mauve with the headdress! Great for the actual wedding ceremony, then go for the red lips as your 2nd look for the reception!

  4. MAUVE! naturelle is soo pretty. i think red could look gaudy in photos

  5. the huge flower headband is love!

  6. Anonymous says...

    I thought for sure I’d cry at my Wedding. i cry at everyone else’s wedding, even cheesy weddings on TV. But no tears for me on the big day, just a happy awkward grin on my face all day!

  7. The top girl looks so young and fresh and michelle williams looks so glamorous and happy! Gorgeous! And yes, if I’m really in love with the person I would definitely cry….in fact if i was not really in love with the person i would probably cry a hell of a lot more!!

  8. I like the red! I didn’t cry at my wedding, but I always cry at other weddings? I think I was prepared for my own wedding and ready for all of the emotions.

  9. P.S. I’ve cried, or nearly cried, at every single wedding I’ve attended or worked so I’m pretty sure I will be crying at my own!

  10. I love the mauve on the model but I’m thinking that the pale skin will look really beautiful on you. Hope we get to see some teaser photos!