My Wedding Look

This morning, I rode my trusty bike to Cutler and Make Up Forever for my wedding hair and makeup trials. I was a little nervous, but I ended up having such a great time and was totally thrilled with how it turned out (especially the sweet little braid). Now I want to get married immediately.

More photos on…I really hope you like it :) xoxo

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  2. I think that it looks smashing. i love the braid!

  3. b. says...

    i looooove it!!!!!

  4. You look beautiful!!!! I love your hair like that! I keep trying to give myself that doo but it never works. You look so fresh and lovely!

  5. Oh, I love it! The braid is the perfect touch. You look beautiful, and you will look stunning on your wedding day!

  6. You look beautiful

  7. You look absolutely stunning! wow! I love that hairstyle, so so pretty.

  8. magally, i brought in photos from blogs with braids and low buns, and she figured it all out! :) thank you SO much for these really lovely comments. xo

  9. It looks amazing!!!

    I bet it looks even more beautiful when you wear your wedding dress!

    So happy for you!

  10. it looks perfect :)
    you’re so pretty.

  11. you look amazing!! where did you get the flower? i love it!

  12. absolute perfection! I’m forwarding to my sister – who is getting married the same day you are :)

  13. Absolutely beautiful hair! It looks so sweet but completely effortless – perfect for a wedding!

  14. you look absolutely gorgeous!
    love the braid!

  15. I love it! I love it! I love it!

  16. Joe – I wanted to pop in and say a quick hello. It was lovely chatting with you and Alex at the Sunday Supper but gee, I feel down right silly. I hadn’t realized you were engaged. Though it is probably for the best, I can talk weddings 366 days a year. I love ’em. I love talking about them. I go on and on about ’em. I never would have shut up.

    Well, congratulations to you two! You make a wonderful pair. I’m sure your day will be stunning and I wish you all the best. Your hair looks perfect, as does the make-up.


  17. I emailed these photos to my friend who is getting married next month! You look so beautiful and the hairstyle is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more pics!

  18. This I love! I will be copying you, only for everyday wear!

  19. I’m a little late in saying this, but you look amazing!! love the braid and the sweet flower! you are definitely going to be a gorgeous bride!

  20. OK, late to the party, but I was in Iceland so do I get a pass? You look stunning – this is so you.

  21. Joanna, so so love your hair! Beautiful! It’s that perfect special but still natural looking style. Yay wedding hair!

  22. simply lovely. you will make a beautiful bride

  23. 188 comments…I dont think you need me to tell you how beautiful your hair looks! But I do love it and I love the braid. I saw a pic online of Jessica Alba with a braid like this and I loved it wanted it for my bridal do…but now that Ive cut my hair…I think im going to wear it down. I love the flower…you might have posted it before…but where did you find it?

  24. Lurrrve the hair and makeup!! it’s perfection! Did you show them a picture of what you wanted for your hair? Or did they just come up with that? you’re going be stunning!

  25. It’s absolute perfection. I am in love with it. I’m so happy everything is coming together so perfectly for you!!

  26. Perfect. I’ve never seen wedding hair so beautiful. Really!

  27. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Beautiful and so you (not that I “know” you, but from what I’ve read of your blog, it suits you perfectly!)

  28. I love it! You look gorgeous. It makes me wish I had long hair so I could wear it like that!

  29. you look gorgeous!

  30. getting closer and closer! looks great!

  31. Love love love! I love the braid and the side-sweep of your hair in the front. Bellisima!

  32. so perfectly lovely and fitting of you. that little braid is the sweetest thing ever. and with your dress…. *sigh*!


  33. WOW – I’m so late on this, but it looks amazing! So YOU!

  34. OMG, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I want that to be MY wedding hairstyle too!!!! I want to have a beach wedding, I think that would be perfect!

  35. Caroline says...

    I love it! You look absolutely beautiful!

  36. love the little braid and the pretty flower. You are going to be a beautiful bride.

  37. Om my Gosh Joanna, SO perfect and you look so amazingly beautiful. xo
    YAY it is getting close!

  38. Perfect choice! :D

  39. LOVELY! I’m partial because it’s close to mine, but I had tiny flowers tucked here and there in the braids.

  40. Beautiful! Love love LOVE the braid! Everything is gorgeous! Is it silly to say that I can’t wait for you to get married either?! It will be so lovely!

  41. LOVE the hair. Didn’t realize you were engaged too! Love the style. looks so sweet.

  42. soon lee says...

    one more from the other side of the globe. you look really really good. congratulations again. the best part is just about to come!

  43. the hair is perfect. i used to work at cutler. no talent better than the likes of my former fellow stylists there.

  44. whoa
    you are so beautiful!
    makes me want to do another wedding!

  45. Absolutely Stunning! Which dress did you choose?

  46. It’s perfect! I’m sure many girls will be printing out this picture and bringing it to their hairstylists for their special events!

  47. That is so lovely! I want my hair to be like that when I get married.

  48. so very lovely. sweet and simple and elegant. love!

  49. You look lovely! I like the simple elegance of the hair and make-up. What a beautiful bride you will be.

  50. You look fantastic, the hair is just perfect…Alex is one lucky fellow!

  51. Perfect! Exactly what I would like for a wedding…should that happen. Gorgeous.

  52. Joanna, you look beautiful. Alex will flip. :)

  53. Anonymous says...

    Oh, Joanna, that’s so beautiful! The hair is just perfect! Perfect.
    I actually saved your photos as an option for me on my wedding day (maybe?). And that’s the best compliment from a girl, you know :)

    You are going to be a lovely bride!


  54. Just like everyone else said: Beautiful and stunning! Love the hair, the dress too…everything. :D