What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be sleeping lots after a crazy busy week, going to dinner, watching this documentary and praying for sunshine. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web this week…

Oh-so-glamorous pups.

Awesome stitched business card.

Remember those rad parachute things from childhood? Whatever happened to those?

Rolling clouds.

Wine cork place-card holders.

What the what?! These bacon chocolate pancakes look amazing!

Bored to Death.

Trampoline sells beautiful things.

Shadow fun.

This gorgeous locket reminds me of these tree tracings.

A 1920s/1930s hair tutorial!

True. Also, true.

Great Father’s Day cards.

Wishing my feet weren’t a whopping size ten. And these would look cute with jeans.

I keep wanting to do little-kid things lately, like going on swings, holding an egg-spoon race, and bouncing bouncy balls.

Cute tie for brothers and dads.

Gorgeous blue-and-white wedding dress.

Pretty tins here and here.

I just stumbled on this rad photo of my friend Kenan dressed up as Daniel Plainview. Genius. Uncanny.

Potato salad, reimagined. (via Automatism)

Three Billy Elliots.

Alex, I really, really love you. xoxo

(Photo via Abby)