1. Please be careful with the nuts. There are many people with severe nut allergies out there.

  2. love your idea! I’m flying in two weeks and had planned to take a meal with me on both flights (there and returning). This post confirmed it.

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful trip!

  4. wish I had the time or idea of doing this on my 15.5 hour flight to Taiwan a few weeks ago; the airline food was awful and we had to eat it 4 times! (twice going, twice coming)

    this would be especially cute for a couple outing. great find!

  5. that sounds like a perfect, perfect picnic. have an amazing trip. can’t wait to hear all the details!

  6. what a cute idea! especially since they no longer feed you on planes :)

  7. Wow, I’d love to be your seatmate on a plane. I always sit next to the crying babies or the adult nosepickers. Have an awesome time!!

  8. I love the idea of picnics, but I rarely ever do it… should put that on my to-do list for this summer.

  9. what a fantastic idea…your picnic sounds amazing.

  10. never heard of a plane picnic, but that’s a great idea! and your meal sounds yummy. I would love to sit next to you on a plane when you bring cookies to share. how sweet! oh, and the books sounds good too. a love story with recipes! perfect.

  11. plane picnics. never heard of such a thing – but great idea. I’m lucky if I’ve just gotten everything packed and together – like our last flight with our toddler (yowsa). Alright – just go to Paris already! :)

  12. what a good idea! and how sweet of you to think of your seatmates. have a great trip!

  13. i’ve never thought through making a delish meal- but this is sensible! I wonder if tuna wraps would stink up the joint? (something to always consider on a plane)

  14. oh!! i want to be a seatmate!! have fun!

  15. always! it’s a little more work in terms of adding one more thing to pack, but man am i happy when i see the carts coming down the aisle knowing that i can pass on the $5 meals they offer you.
    the only thing is i always feel a smidgen of guilt bringing out my own food…hence Joanna’s tip for sharing a a cookie or two is a very good idea.

  16. have a safe flight joanna!

  17. My mom’s friend taught me an invaluable travel trip. When you are planning for your return flight home, pack a picnic meal. That way, when you are a bit sad to be leaving the winding streets of Florence, Italy, you can still enjoy the tastes of fresh bread, creamy cheese, pesto, salami, etc. It is the perfect thing to cap off your trip. Would work lovely with Paris – croissants, macaroons and ham & cheese sandwiches for the plane ride back?

  18. Anonymous says...

    I can’t wait to fly and plan a great picnic. I usually just make do with the airplane food, but this is a great idea!

  19. plane picnics! what a wonderful idea! the food on planes is never good anyways.

    have a wonderful trip!

  20. remember, back in the day, when airlines actually served food for free?

  21. Bon Voyage! Have a wonderful+ultra romantic time in Paree. Paris in April is my favorite time to visit.

    Have fun!

  22. Have a safe trip and a wonderful plane picnic. Have fun biking around Paris.

  23. Have a wonderful trip and eat lots of crepes, croissants, and creme brulee!


  24. Your plane picnic sounds more divine than what I’m planning on having for dinner. Could you make enough for one more?

    Have a wonderful trip!

  25. you’re so cute! i sat next to a german woman on a flight back from france once and she had the most delicious looking plane picnic i’ve ever seen…such a good idea.

  26. I have never heard of this – but I love it. Such a sweet idea.

  27. ugh im totally never prepared and always stuff a banana in from the airport store and go. inspiring!

  28. What a splendid idea!
    Just remember liquids are only allowed in small amounts.

  29. lucky seatmates!

  30. This is such a great idea! And the meal plan sounds delicious, too ;) Good thing you’re sharing with other passengers, because they will totally want some ;) In Italy, on an overnight train, this father and son shared their dinner with us: homemade wine, salami, bread and mozarella. Woah.

    Have fun on your trip, I’m sure there will be lots of biking involved :)

  31. Have a GRRREAT trip!!!!
    Take pictures!!!!

  32. i love bringing snacks for long plane rides! yours sounds delicious, and its not smelly so it wont bother your neighbors! and how nice to give extra cookies to strangers around you!!

  33. OMG! I love that book and loved that chapter!
    Your picks sound delicious- I recommend also taking an apple or two- I always do and they help with the bloated feeling you get on planes, if you know what I mean!
    Bon voyage!

  34. aww yeah! my family always packs plane picnics because airplane food is yucky! last time my grandma made these amazing turkey patty sandwiches, and she also packed some fruit and even a cookie. :) Sometimes we bring sushi or even just some little pastry if it’s a short flight.

  35. I have totally done this, especially on international flights – the food sits in those warming boxes for a LONG time!!! And you always know what you are going to get when you bring your own stuff!

  36. that is the cutest idea! plane picnics.. never occured to me to bring food on the plane before =) i hope you have a safe flight tonight and have fuuuuun!!