Have a wonderful fall weekend, my darlings. What are you up to? Alex and I are just going to relax and have some cozy time together. Meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web this week….

Want to hold hands with a rainbow?

I’d like a puppy for Christmas, please.

Yet another lovely Swede. This time, in a hat!

Cutest. Haircut. Ever.

Hollister Hovey drinks booze at picnics and writes a mean gift guide.

Ikea’s new pendant lamp.

What the campaign looked like through Obama’s eyes.

Awesome Ira Glass finger puppet, via Miss Jane.

Kate has an amazing voice. Who knew?

What a pretty girl.

Loving this blog.


Have a fabulous weekend, my lovelies. Big kiss to you all. xoxo

P.S. Nice shades. P.S.S Kissing babies.

(Photo by Jen Gotch, via La La Lovely)