My Sister’s Home Makeover

My Sister's Home Makeover

Last fall, my sister Lucy came to visit us in Brooklyn. She was grieving the loss of her husband, Paul, and she felt very lonely. “I want to burst into tears whenever I think about returning to an empty house,” she told me. It still felt like the house she had shared with Paul, but she wanted it to feel like a home of her own, where she could have a fresh start with her daughter. So, we brainstormed: What could we do to cheer up her place? I reached out to my super talented interior-designer friend Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook and Juniper Studio, and she was kind enough to agree to help. What she did was more than we had ever hoped for. Here are the before-and-after photos…


Lucy's Home Before

Lucy's Home Before


Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on brightening up a room: Lucy’s windows get indirect sunlight, which is beautiful and soft, but doesn’t give a lot of fresh brightness. So we instantly knew the walls needed to go white. I love to use pure white paint, but since Lucy’s apartment is shadowy from all those lovely trees outside her windows, we went with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, which has a nice warmth from the tiniest bit of yellow pigment. It’s like instant sunshine!

Jenny on choosing family-friendly furniture: Before, there was a giant black sectional. I love black, but it’s hard to have a dark piece in a room that’s a little dark itself. So we lightened up the furniture. I LOVE using leather furniture in homes with kids or pets. It holds up well against everyday wear and tear, and then it becomes practically new again with a good leather conditioner. (This one is my favorite.) We selected the Sven sofa from Bryght. The buttery camel leather is fabulous, especially for the price point of the sofa! Since Lucy wanted to keep the carpeting, we layered rugs on top to make it feel fresh.

LUCY’S TAKE: When Jenny asked what I hoped the house would feel like, I said bright and colorful and nature-y. And that’s exactly what she did. She even decorated the bookcase with a brass grasshopper and a geode. There’s so much love and care in everything.

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on building the custom bookshelf: Lucy loves books, so we knew we wanted to build a giant bookshelf. The shelves are DIY — we bought plywood from the hardware store and painted it white. The molded brackets are from Amazon. We needed to work around the big mirror, which was permanently installed by the builder and dry-walled into the wall. That’s great for earthquakes, but not for décor! I was happy to keep it, though, because mirrors reflect light, so it’s almost like adding another window.

Jenny’s tips for styling bookshelves: I’m a big believer that bookshelves are for books. I love stuff on shelves, too, but if you start with books, you’re taking care of the important thing, and then you can style around them. And I like to keep similar books together. You can either organize by subject or loosely group them by color, so it doesn’t feel like too much of a hodgepodge. If you place the books in groups, your eye has a place to land, and then move on. Once the books are in, you can stack some horizontally, so they act like bookends. Finally, layer some other pieces in, but be careful not to overstuff shelves. You want it to feel curated and less like storage.

LUCY’S TAKE: Mom and I literally did KonMari before Jenny came. I got rid of a lot of books because Paul never got rid of a book in his life, literally, really truly. But I kept the books that were especially important to him: all his favorite novels, and the tattered neurosurgery book he carried around during his residency, and books about religion that he read when he was dying. Before, we each had our own bookshelf, but Jenny mixed all the books together — now they feel way lighter. They feel like Paul is in the air. I love knowing they’re in there, that’s our little secret. He’s in the mix.

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on choosing art: It’s important not to overcrowd your walls. It’s always better to hang fewer pieces, and make them bigger, so you can enjoy what’s happening. We had planned on hanging lots of art over the sofa, but in the end it felt right to hang just three pieces. They play nicely together. If a gallery wall is the only thing you have in a room, it can be a great focal point. But here, the bookshelf is providing a lot of interest, so we kept the art softer.

Paint color: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore in eggshell for walls and semigloss for trim. Leather sofa: Bryght. Buffalo check throw: Schoolhouse Electric. Pillows: Juniper Studio. Striped lamp: Schoolhouse Electric. Aqua sofa: Bryght. Brass and marble lamp: Anthropologie. White scallop side table: Juniper Studio. Arthur’s seat: Laura Bell, from 20×200. Love print: Max Wanger. We Are So Good Together Print: Dylan Fareed, from 20×200. Custom frames: Simply Framed. Coffee table: West Elm. Wallpaper: Hygge & West. Area Rug: West Elm. Armchair: Modernica. Black planter: Modernica. Back porch rug: West Elm. Bookshelf brackets: Welland. Letter K: Anthropologie. Planetarium terrarium: Anthropologie. Pottery: Juniper Studio. Abstract art: Brenna Giessen. Striped baskets: The Land of Nod. Bookshelf paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore.


Lucy's Home Makeover


Lucy's Home Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Jenny on going for a chandelier: Changing overhead lighting always makes a big statement. In the dining room, we bought an IKEA chandelier and spray painted it white. It was very inexpensive but made a huge difference.

Jenny on creating multiple light sources: In design school, they teach you to have eight sources of lighting for a single room! That’s probably too much for an apartment-size house, but having multiple sources creates a nice ambiance. I say, have tons of table lamps. Then choose the right bulbs. You can get soft white or natural sunlight bulbs, or even those light pink bulbs for a room where you want a very pretty, soft glow.

Jenny on the magic of oversized prints: If you’re struggling with choosing art, or how to fill your walls, the best thing you can do is buy one hugely oversized print. It feels dramatic and expensive, like a piece of art. I’d choose one giant piece over a gallery wall any day. Just remember that it’s important to pick something with colors that work for the room. It’s like committing to wallpaper.

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on creating an accent wall: We wanted to incorporate some pattern on the floating wall between Lucy’s kitchen and living room. The (fully removable and reusable!) wallpaper tiles from Hygge & West were the perfect solution. Lucy loves imagery with a nature theme, and I liked that the pattern was smaller and tone-on-tone. There is already a lot going on with the bookshelf wall, and seeing a crazy color and pattern reflected in the big mirror would have taken things too far.

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Jenny on making room transitions feel seamless: All the art — in the entrance, the living room and the dining room — is hanging at around the same height. That helps unify the rooms and makes them feel more considered.

Jenny on putting rugs in every room: Rugs help define a space in an open floor plan. Here, the dining room feels like a very separate space. Rugs also make a room feel much more designed. I always think rugs should be as big as possible, though — dinky rugs are such a bummer.

Wall color: Chantilly Lace in eggshell by Benjamin Moore. Pink wall print: Madelon Verdoorn, from Eventide. Grass print by Brooke Schwab, from Eventide. Custom frames: Simply Framed. Gem stand: Juniper Studio. Table, chairs and secretary: vintage, sourced by Juniper Studio. Grid rug: Dash & Albert. Blush tray: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Custom floating TV credenza: Juniper Studio. Paint color on credenza: Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. Paint color on vintage table top: Simply White by Benjamin Moore.


Lucy's Home Before


Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on tackling small spaces: The entryway was smaller than we had anticipated, so we made the portraits smaller, too. We also kept the color in the room limited to the accessories. We had thought about doing a more colorful rug and color portraits in bigger frames, but when we saw the ceiling was lower in the entry, we knew we wanted to keep all the permanent decor light and airy. That’s another design tip: In a smaller space, it’s good to go neutral, and then carefully, carefully add in pops of color, so it won’t feel too busy.

LUCY’S TAKE: I really like the hooks. Cady’s tiny coats look ridiculously cute hanging up there. The photos are of Cady’s aunts and uncles and godparents. It reminds me that I’m part of a really tight, fun group of siblings in my generation. You have a long day, and you walk into your house, and you’re like, THIS is who I am.

Paint color: Chantilly Lace in eggshell by Benjamin Moore. Door paint: Champion Cobalt in semi-gloss by Benjamin Moore. Custom wall shelf by Juniper Studio, paint color is Simply White in the advance line by Benjamin Moore. Rugs: IKEA (three sewn together!). Camel cashmere throw: Parachute Home. Wall hook: Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co. Orange bag: Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co.


Lucy's Bedroom Before

Lucy's Bedroom Before


Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on choosing paint colors: In the bedroom, we decided to go with a blush color, because it felt important for her bedroom to feel different from before. It’s a feminine moment without feeling overly girly. It’s also a warm pink, not a Pepto Bismol pink.

Jenny on testing colors first: We actually chose several paint colors, but didn’t make the final decision until we were on-sight. I cannot stress how important it is to try swatches on the wall. It’s a great idea to look at the samples at different times of the day; and it might seem like overkill, but it is also helpful to paint samples on all four walls of a room.

Lucy's Home Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on making a bedroom feel serene: I like to go soft and light on bedding, almost always. Here, we chose a white duvet. It’s like having white towels — there’s something nice about knowing something you’re putting directly against your body is very clean. When something occupies such a big place in a small space, it should be really light in color, and then you can layer more color and texture over it.

LUCY’S TAKE: I sleep so much better now. We used to have foam pillows, but these are big down pillows, like you’d have in a hotel. Now I’m sleeping in a little oasis in my house, and it feels comforting.

Lucy's Home Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on hanging curtains: I always love having a lot of textiles in a bedroom. In this case, Lucy didn’t really need curtains, because she has shutters in the bedroom. But as soon as we hung the curtains, it felt really soft and cozy. It helped everything come together in such a happy, happy way.

LUCY’S TAKE: When I first saw the bedroom, I said, “The curtains are so pretty, where are they from?” Jenny said, “They’re from IKEA, but I stamped them with leaves.” I burst into tears. I was like, you stamped them? All these things are like gifts. She put her hands on my house, I think of her every morning.

Wall color: Love and Happiness in eggshell by Benjamin Moore. Bed: BluDot in Edwards in Poppy color. Floral pillow: Etsy. Sail print: Kati Dimoff, from Eventide. Sconces: West Elm. White shams: Parachute Home. Duvet and shams: Parachute Home. Blue chair: vintage Milo Baughman via Modern on Melrose. Jewelry stand: Anthropologie. Gosling Lake print: Kurt Tong, from 20×200. Brass rod: West Elm. Custom frames: Simply Framed. Dish: Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co.


Lucy's Home Makeover

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Lucy's Home Makeover

Jenny on the finished product: We wanted it to feel sophisticated but happy. Lucy’s a professional woman, so we wanted it to be cool and feminine, but definitely a grown-up’s house. “Fresh” was the word we kept using, and I think the finished look reflects that.

Jenny on watching Lucy’s reaction: It was the most emotional week for all of us. It was amazing and heavy and wonderful and hard — oh my gosh, it was hard in a lot of ways. But we were thrilled with how it came together. Just as we finished, we were so tired, and Lucy texted us that she was there (she was returning from a week away). We had talked on the phone before, but we hadn’t met. She walked in, and it was seriously the sweetest thing. She was so genuinely happy and excited. You could tell she wasn’t just trying to be nice. She just kept saying, “This is so good, this is so good.” She said what we had all been feeling all week, that this is what Paul would have wanted. It was one of the most rewarding moments I’ve ever had.

LUCY’S TAKE: I walked in and could see all my important stuff around, but it was so colorful and beautiful. They had everything set up, even the TV — Jenny said they wanted it move-in ready. Before, I’d be sitting at home watching TV and it felt so lonely. But now it’s really easy for me to sit on the couch and feel like I can drink a glass of wine and watch a show! I’m excited to come home now, I’m excited to have people over, I’m not itching to get out like I was before. I feel like a fresh, cool lady in my house. So much love and care went into it. The kindness of strangers is in my house.

Lucy's Apartment Makeover

Thank you so, so much, Jenny!

P.S. More house tours, and where to find affordable art.

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot. Home design by the incredible Jenny Komenda of Juniper Studio. Thank you so much to everyone, including the brands featured here, many of which generously provided products or furnishings.)

  1. Laura says...

    I’ve never posted a comment on a blog before, but this made me teary. Sad and happy too. It must have been a very poignant moment for Lucy to see her gorgeously ‘new’ apartment. I hope she is doing OK after losing someone so dear to her. It’s happened to me, and I know how hard it is, even a long time afterwards. Well done to her sister for such a perfect present and VERY well done to the decorator… If I lived in the US, I’d call you up right now to redo my house!

  2. Patricia Finelli says...

    I don’t know where to begin. Recently I was searching for a spiritual CD at B&N for a dear friend who has seen me through a very dark year in my life (2015) when I spotted Paul’s book and it called out to me. I suddenly recalled a TV interview with Lucy and Charlie Rose and quickly grabbed the book for my friend, forgetting about the CD. Needless to say I read the book that night from cover to cover, and cried like a baby. When Breath Becomes Air. As I kept reading, I found myself actually talking to Paul, saying “yes, yes Paul” whenever he described his revelations about Life, Death, and especially his path back to his religion and his spiritual being.
    My husband died January 5, 2016 of a very rare neurological disease (CJD) also known as the Prion Disease, a fast mutation of protein matter in the brain. I, in turn, was reeling from a very aggressive form of chemotherapy for a rare form of fallopian tube cancer, barely recovering from major surgery in March, 2015. My spring and summer of that year involved intense infusion treatment all the while watching my husband fade deeper and deeper into dementia, and finally death. I pulled through, and am finally healing, but the loss of my partner of nearly 48 years, makes my cancer ordeal feel like a piece of cake, so to speak. I wish to thank Paul and Lucy for an incredible book that has enriched my life and helped me to come to grips with death, dying, and especially made me realize that my life is worth living, and that I have so much to be thankful for. May God bless Lucy and Cady, and their wonderful family. Mainly, may Paul Kalanithi, not only a fine neurosurgeon, but also a magnificent writer
    continue to dance among the stars, as he truly left a brilliant legacy of knowledge, love and spirituality, which will live on through his beautiful wife and daughter forever. Thank you for this treasured book!
    Sincerely, Patricia Finelli

  3. kat says...

    i love this. just read Paul’s book. it took my breath away. all the best to lucy and cady!

  4. I’ve read this post so many times and I cry every time. Jenny is a wizard and I hope Lucy and Cady are well.

  5. Oh! What a touching makeover! I teared up with the reveal pics! So beautiful.

  6. Loved this. I just finished Paul’s book and found it very moving and poignant. Thank you to Paul and Lucy for sharing their story with us and inspiring us all to reflect on our lives and what it means to live a full one. (The last paragraph of Paul’s writing — to his daughter — was simply gorgeous and will stay with me forever.)

  7. Wow! I love it all!
    The best restart to your sister! And such a great job!!


  8. Kate says...

    So very, very sweet. A fresh new home for a fresh start! I wish Lucy all the best. And I seriously love the dining room – can you share where the large grass print is from?

  9. This is one of the most emotional blog posts that I have ever read. Not only was it exciting to watch her home be transformed, but to live through her emotions when seeing the new space was so touching! The transformation is truly amazing and you have all created an amazing space for her to continue her life in.


  10. It’s not often I run across a post that stops me in my tracks, but this one did. Not only is it a stunning transformation, but what an amazing, heartfelt, hopeful gift. On the practical side, this makes me want to run out and buy paint and start brightening our home right this minute. Beautiful, and very inspiring.

  11. Kathy H. says...

    Blessings are such wonderful things to receive AND to give. You and your Sister are doubly blessed. The home transformation was beautiful. I especially like the style and gorgeous color of the blue couch. My own couch is almost a perfect match style wise, but is the UGLIEST brownish-orange you’ve ever seen. You have inspired me!

  12. I got redirected to you via The Nester — and since I just finished Paul’s book last week, so was so happy to see this happening. Oh how you brought much joy to his wife. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing and I’ll look forward to following your work.

  13. Wait… wh-wh-what?! That is the most incredible make-over I have ever seen. Woaahw!!

  14. Joanne Michael says...

    I love this story and the design that helped transform a new future. This might be one of the best you’ve done. I cried.
    Excellent design gathers all the right elements for the people who are going to live with it every day. Mission accomplished.

  15. J hammond says...

    Beautiful story beautiful renovation

    May I ask as a designer what is your opinion on artificial flowers and greenery

  16. J hammond says...

    Are all plants live or do you ever use artificial plants. The transformation is lovely

  17. Jennette says...

    Thank you so much for sharing this. So beautiful. So open and honest and amazing. I am just crying over here. Thank you.

  18. Tida says...

    Hello! I’ve been a fan of your site for years and just recently finished Paul’s book, When Breath Becomes Air. It felt so surreal. I have kept up with your blog (since your pregnancy with Toby!) all while reading medical books on the side. ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ caught my eye because the author who wrote the foreword is my favorite physician-author. I was overcome with so much emotion when it hit me that this Paul, is Lucy’s Paul. I wish both of your families the best, and will remember Paul and Lucy as I go into the medical field for myself. Thank you, Joanna (and the rest of the team!), for keeping up such a wonderful blog that helps me to destress when school gets hard!

  19. sugarcactus says...

    a bright and happy home will help her remember the good times. i smiled just looking at the after pictures. i also like how tastefully done the nods to paul were–not a suffocating presence, but a gentle presence. it’s a beautiful thing for a sister to do, and it’s a place that’s ready to be filled with new memories, too!

  20. Silvia says...

    Hi Joanna!
    Don you think that Lucy would be ok sharing Paul’s favorite books with us? The ones she kept. I would love to read them all. I love books :).

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thanks for your sweet note, silva! i just asked her and she wrote back: “i recommend ‘singing school,’ a little poetry anthology put together by robert pinsky. he carried it around while ill and loved it.” xoxo

  21. Lauren says...

    Amazing home makeover!

    Where is the pom-pom throw blanket from in the bedroom pictures? Love!

    • Hi Lauren,

      The pom pom blanket is Moroccan and I bought it from an Etsy seller. There is a direct link on my blog today! Hope that helps! :)

  22. Jo, you called the right friend. This post epitomizes why we all love Jenny Komenda. May God bless your precious sister, Lucy. <3

  23. Morgan says...

    This is so beautiful and gosh darn it she is SO deserving of it!

  24. Brenda says...

    Wow. Jenny and her team did an amazing job! The home now feels fresh & light, and interesting! So well thought-out and executed. Wishing Lucy & her daughter all the best! Well done, Joanna! :)

  25. Beautiful! What a wonderful fresh start for your sister. Best thing I’ve read today! :)

  26. Simply WOW!! The space looks phenomenal and Lucy’s reaction made me teary and so happy for her at the same time. Well done Jenny on a top notch job, truly inspirational and insightful. And such a lovely gesture from you Jo!! Xx

  27. Mea says...

    Just beautiful! I love the space! Thank you for sharing.
    Can you tell me where those great pillows for the bedroom are from? The ones that are like in hotels to sleep so good?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mea,

      We bought the down pillows at Target and they are one of those elusive products that is really affordable AND really wonderful! 100% down and only $10 each from their Threshold line.

      Good luck!

  28. Wow! I literally wanted to tear up! The change was so much but good change, and I’m sure your sister loves it!

  29. I just finished Paul’s book. I didn’t even know him, but I miss him. What a beautiful soul and his wife is phenomenal too. I am so happy you could do this for her…what an amazing gift! I am been following Jenny for years too, so it was so fun to see this all come together. Hooray for sisters.

  30. This is great! Your sister is so lucky to have you. Such a beautiful post!

  31. deslandes says...

    This is an amazing change
    Your sister deserve it
    What a lovely, sweet way to show her your love

  32. Marlene says...

    That looks amazing! Very impressed. You did an amazing job!

  33. This is such a wonderful idea, and what a brilliant job Jenny did. Thanks for sharing with us and best wishes to your sister x

  34. Helena says...

    I love what you did to your sisters flat, that is such an amazingly caring thing to do. Cried a little when I saw the picture of her crying. The colours of the walls combined with the furniture is fantastic and so personal.
    I love the rug in the bedroom but couldn’t seem to find a reference for it, any idea where it came from?
    Well done to all involved!

    • Hi Helena!

      Jenny here. The rug in the bedroom is from World Market! I posted a direct link on my blog earlier today! Hope that helps!

  35. Everything about this is so beautiful! You’re such a good sister!

  36. Marcy C. says...

    Wow! What a beautiful, meaningful transformation. I cannot believe the different in the quality of light in the before and afters. I are you sure you didn’t pop a skylight or new window in? xo

  37. this made me tear up at work. this home is beautiful and your sister is so deserving of this. i hope she and Cady love this home and know that there are so many people supporting her!
    also, i’ve been looking for sofas and have seen the sven sofa from bryght and was unsure about it but i’m so happy to see it in these pictures and know that they’re great!

  38. I can’t get over how much brighter everything looks! Amazing, wishing her all the best with her little girl for the future.

    The Little Things | Louise x

  39. Jennifer says...

    Oh my – this is making me cry. I write about interior design and with so many heavy and heartbreaking things happening the world it is easy to feel like my work is trivial and unimportant. This is a great reminder of what interior design can do for a person – create a home and a haven. And of how thoughtful the process can be for a designer. Thank you for sharing, Joanna, Lucy, and Jenny (and teams).

  40. What an incredibly beautiful space Jenny has created! Simply stunning.

  41. Gosh. This is beautiful. All of it. I shed a little tear of happiness.

  42. Linda says...

    What a bright, beautiful, happy space! I hope it makes Lucy smile every time she comes home!!

  43. Anna says...

    Gorgeous makeover and such an incredible gesture, tearful and grateful for others generosity

  44. Andrea says...

    this is fabulous.

  45. Hands down, this is the most moving, sweetest and impressive post I’ve see on your blog in the 2 years I’ve been following it. Hats off to all of you for a truly amazing job. Seriously, you should all be so proud of what you’ve done. My heart goes out to Lucy for all that she has been through, and I’m so happy for her for the much-needed joy that this apartment makeover has brought her. I know that it is a only a small step in the direction of healing, but it is, nonetheless, a step in that direction. For that, I’m sure she is grateful.

  46. Amy says...

    Wow – what a beautiful makeover! Your sister is lucky to have created a community of family and friends who are supporting her through this difficult time. Best wishes to her, as she bravely opens this new chapter in her life!

  47. This was very touching and very inspiring. You really get a sense of the type of person your sister is from her reactions (a real, authentic sweetheart of a person). Also, this feels like one of the most dramatic makeovers I’ve ever seen! Maybe because the before pics were so dark (taken at a different time of day?), but it felt incredibly transformative. I really enjoyed reading/seeing this. : )

  48. Megan Pugmire says...

    I read Paul’s book yesterday and cried all day. Then I read this post and cried some more. I’m crying as I write this. Much love to your sister from all the strangers affected by their story. They live in our hearts now, too.

  49. maria says...

    This was such a beautiful gesture. I cant imagine what your sister went through with her lost. I bet she feels renovated, rejuvenated and up for a fresh start. You are a great sister and friend to her. This brought me to tears!

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    Wow! Amazing home make over. Such a touching post, I’m welling up!

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  52. Lucy says...

    well this made me cry! This is lovely. The way the house has changed is fantastic, I’m glad she is so happy with it.
    Lucy xoxo

  53. Luiza says...

    Cheers to fresh starts, fresh appartements and to your sister! They made an amazing job and I’m definitely picking some tips for my own apartment! xx

  54. Kenz says...

    Wow ! All this light … All those colors! That’s really great and you had a Wonderful idea to cheer up your sister ! Really great for a fresh start! The living room is just Amazing !

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    Oh god I saw Lucy’s face and started crying. The makeover was phenomenal. I want to recreate all of it. What a lovely, kind way to touch someone’s life.

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  59. Heather says...


    Love this story – design at its best!

  60. jennifer says...

    Layers of beauty in this post. Thank you for sharing.

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  62. Kristi says...

    I’m tearing up, too. Much love to Lucy, from this stranger.

    • Jennette says...

      yes, i mean, even the bedroom paint color name made me cry, “Love and Happiness.”

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    Best story on your blog ever. Thanks for sharing Joanna.

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    Wow. This is an amazing change for an amazing person. Well done!