Beauty Uniforms

My Beauty Uniform: Candace Reels

An activist on a genius lipstick hack and what you can do to help make a difference.

My Beauty Uniform: Nadia Zaidi

An immigration lawyer talks workwear and the product that saved her skin during pregnancy.

Connie Wang Cup of Jo Beauty Uniform

My Beauty Uniform: Connie Wang

A writer talks smudge-proof lipstick and how to cut your bangs like a pro.

My Beauty Uniform: Carmen Maria Machado

A writer on her love of offbeat scents, red lipstick and horror movies.

My Beauty Uniform: Linda Rodin

The 69-year-old beauty guru shares her bath rituals, thoughts on aging and French hair tip.

My Beauty Uniform: Clare Lyons

A politically active labor and delivery nurse studying for her master's in midwifery talks beauty and how she manages it all.

My Beauty Uniform: Julie O’Rourke

A mother in Maine shares her love of DIY haircuts and armpit powder.

My Beauty Uniform: Fatimah Asghar

The writer of 'Brown Girls' talks about discovering herself and the perfect fragrance.

My Beauty Uniform: Jordan Rebello

A model and mom shares her secrets for killer hair and clear skin.

My Beauty Uniform: Clair Farley

A transgender advocate talks about the role makeup has played in her life.