Author: Joanna Goddard

Have a Great Weekend.

11 links for you!

Four Fun Things

Four Fun Things

Including a tart inspired by French onion soup and our new nightly ritual.

My Beauty Uniform: Alisha Ramos

The 'Girls Night In' founder shares her cozy tips and perfect skin product.

Gift Guide #9: The Hard-to-Shop-For Crowd (You Know Who You Are)

For the teenagers, teachers, in-laws, co-workers, and anyone still left on your list.

What Smells Do You Love?

From nuts to Play-Doh.

Have a Lovely Weekend.

11 fun links, including the best movies to watch right now.

Royal Fashion

Elizabeth Holmes’s 5 Favorite Royal Gowns

How the royal women have used fashion to send messages.

2020 Gift Guide for Dads

10 great gifts for dads, like Obama's memoir and cheese cookies.

‘What It Feels Like to Have Autism’

Scientist Camilla Pang describes what it's like inside her mind.

2020 Gift Guide for Wives

11 gifts for women, including a beautiful bracelet and a game to deepen your relationship.