Author: Caroline Donofrio

Love in the Time of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona

How have you been staying connected?

How to Stand Still

How to Stand Still

The surprising thing I learned in yoga class.

An At-Home Lipstick Challenge

“Does This Make Me Look Functional?” An At-Home Lipstick Challenge

Because sometimes a lipstick is all you need.

Running Tips

How to Run (It Feels Good, I Swear)

7 tips for creating a running practice.

Best Petite Clothing

Real Talk: Vertically Challenged Fashion

Caroline's go-to places for petite clothing.

What Makes You Secretly Swoon

What Makes You Secretly Swoon?

The unexpected things that make us weak in the knees.

Random Acts of Kindness

What’s One Nice Thing Someone Has Done For You Recently?

Let's talk about random acts of kindness.

When Everyone Else Has Kids

Hi From Your Childless Friend

On maintaining friendships when all your friends start having kids.

The Best Shampoo Bars

“Does My Hair Look Flat?” A Shampoo Bar Challenge

Caroline tried five different bars in search of a winner.

The Best Workout Playlist

What’s on Your Workout Playlist?

We really want to know.