Author: Caroline Donofrio

A Week of Outfits: Elaina Bellis

A Week of Outfits: Elaina Bellis

This LA mother shares her five looks and the secret to a great haircut.

When Harry Met Sally

What IS Romance, Really?

No, but for real.

What Color Paint Should I Choose?

Help! Which Color Should I Paint My Cave?

Which of these three colors would you choose?

A Cup of Jo: How to Style Jeans

The Jeans I Wear Every Day

Five tips for how to wear the #1 wardrobe staple.

Paco de Leon

Ask Paco: “I’m Drowning in Student Loans.”

Five tips for figuring out your student loans without slowly dying inside.

Caroline Donofrio

This Is Just My Face

"My face is made of stone, but my soul is filled with glee."

6 Fall Books

Are You There, Fall? It’s Me, Books

Six new books to read right now...

Rebecca Atwood Sofa

This Apartment Was Decorated Like the Ocean

Designer Rebecca Atwood gives us a peek into her cozy Brooklyn home.

An Open Letter to Dogs

"Thank you for reminding me to be tender."

My Beauty Uniform: Lydia Sohn

My Beauty Uniform: Lydia Sohn

A minister shares her daily rituals, including a decision making trick that works every time...