What are you up to this weekend? We might go to Coney Island (the rides are open!), and I’m going to a dinner party tomorrow night. Also, did New York-area readers feel the earthquake today?! What a trip, our whole house was rattling. Hope you have a good one — take gentle care — and here are a few links from around the web…

New York Magazine asked me to share what I ate around Brooklyn for five days, and it was really fun to write (and eat!).

Were you fooled by this April Fool’s decor prank? So funny.

What a great spring jacket, especially in blue.

Every time I hang out with girlfriends, I think of this dead-on Onion article.

Farm animal family photos, squeeee.

Emails from my dentist that would actually make me schedule an appointment. “YOU’RE OVERDUE FOR A CLEANING! Jennifer at reception started having an affair with one of the dentists, and her husband will be storming into the office to confront them about it during your appointment.”

Larry David has a great laugh.

The best haircut inspiration. “I was too embarrassed to show it to her.”

Love this cute, easy dress.

Gen Z shares their thoughts about Sex & the City. “What’s the brown-haired woman’s name? Charlotte? When the man keeps pushing her head down to give him a blowjob, that was sort of shocking to me. I wrote down, ‘The blowjob thing is so wack.’ She isn’t mad that he’s pushing her head down; she’s just like, ‘I don’t like giving blowjobs.’ I can’t believe she wasn’t like, ‘Stop f*cking pushing my head down!’ I was so bothered. I was like, He’s f*cking forcing you! This seems like a crime. Also I wrote down: ‘I can’t decide if Big is hot or not.'”

I’m kind of into the idea of a PowerPoint night with friends.

Guys realizing that women can play basketball, haha.

In our Big Salad newsletter this week, we interviewed chef Mehreen Karim about her 14 favorite things, including very bright shoes and the perfect fish sandwich. Thank you, Reenie! (paywalled)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Nicola on great quote for new parents: “I am quite a rigid person. As a parent, I’ve felt very conscious of it, since the ‘earth mother, easy breezy parent’ seems to be the media standard. But my maternal child health nurse told me, ‘The only parent your son knows is you,’ which changed the game for me. He’s not out there comparing me to other parents. We do so many special things together — we go to the library and visit the museum, and I listen closely to his thoughts and ideas. We have our own mother/son thing going, and that works for us.”

Says Alex on dating uniform and other reader questions: “My #1 London rec at the moment: go to Boots. I realize this is like suggesting you fly thousands of miles and be sure not to miss CVS, but I always enjoy observing how something familiar is even just a little bit different in another place. Boots is the reason I started wearing blue mascara and also where I discovered my favorite non-applicator tampons (they’re more common in Europe AND they’re cheaper!)”

(Photo by Marta Mauri/Stocksy.)

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