talented mr Ripley

talented mr Ripley

Have you seen the new trailer for the Netflix TV series of The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Andrew Scott? What do you think? Mark your calendars for April 4th. I just wish it were in color — the original movie was so dazzling!

j.lo robe

Hive mind: Does anyone have a recommendation for a white waffle robe? I wore one in a hotel a few months ago and loved how it felt to wrap myself up in a robe, instead of pulling on clothes while my hair was still dripping. (Photo of J.Lo.)


I’ve been knocked out with a cold and cough for 12 days now — so endless! — and my friend Abbey Nova (of garden fame) did the sweetest thing. She lives in a different state, so she arranged an Instacart delivery of two bags of groceries, filled with delicious things: a fresh baguette, salted Irish butter, chicken soup, clementines, a frozen pizza, peanut butter pretzels, coffee, and chocolate chip cookies. How sweet is that?! Not only was it bolstering to have our fridge suddenly stocked, but I also had the best time seeing what she picked out, since if you send five people into a grocery store, you’ll get five very different selections! The nicest treat. I’m bookmarking it for the next time a friend is sick.

love is blind

Finally, guys: Love Is Blind. Is anyone watching?! I hadn’t seen the show before, but I got sucked into it this weekend, and omg I’m dying to talk about it like how A.D. is so awesome I want to be friends with her and are Chelsea and Jimmy actually going to tie the knot because she is the most bananas especially about the birthday drink thing and why does Jimmy keep saying he’s 100% sure when he cannot actually be and no spoilers but please share your thoughts below omg!!!!!!!!

What have you been up to lately?

P.S. More fun things, and how to get out of a bad mood.

(Grocery photo by J. Anthony/Stocksy.)