smitten kitchen salad

smitten kitchen salad

Pickled onions brighten up every dish, so I’m excited to try Smitten Kitchen’s baby wedge salad with avocado and pickled onions, which she describes as “crunchy, creamy and inhalable.” (Any other salads you’re into these days?)

Last week, Toby went to the Nets game and got quizzed on former and current players. He CRUSHED! “I was nervous but felt ready,” Toby told me afterward. “I worried he might think I was too young — I’m 12 1/2 — but when I saw him, I was less nervous. At the end, I still had four other Nets in my mind: Kevin Garnett, Taurean Prince, Jason Kidd, and Dražen Petrović.” Would you want to do it again? “I surely would.”

amo tee

In the summer, I love the cool vibe of T-shirts with denim, but the catch is that the combo can look casual for dinners out and grown-up hangs. A slightly longer sleeve makes everything look more styled and intentional. Here are four pretty versions: linen, striped, organic and boxy.

gilder center

Wow! The American Museum of Natural History will open their new Gilder Center for Science on May 4th. Designed to look like a canyon, the space will feature free-flying butterflies, insect installations, a library shaped like a mushroom, and a hockey-rink-sized theater with mirrored ceilings. The New York Times calls it “an instant heartthrob” and, in a word, “awesome.” (gift link)

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(Museum photo by Peter Fisher/The New York Times.)

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