obamas 3d movie

obamas 3d movie

What are you up to this weekend? My mom is visiting and we are going to a new pasta restaurant and seeing Cyrano de Bergerac, which I’m really excited about. I haven’t been to a play in years! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Is the Dirty Shirley the drink of the summer? (NYTimes)

Jeopardy champ Mattea Roach, 23, brainstorms out loud during the show and moves her wrist back and forth, which some people find overly casual. “I remember saying to a friend, ‘I’m not going to court. I’m not going to a job interview. I’m going to a game show,” she said. “I respected the institution by playing the game really well.” (NYMag)

English flowers, if you’d like to take a deep breath.

Found! The perfect summer pants. (Get 20% off your first order site-wide with code COJ20, good until May 31st.)

Smart advice.

Parenting math problems. “If your purse contains five M&Ms, two cough drops, and one sleeve of Ritz cracker crumbs, how much Cheerios dust is in your bra?”

Netflix’s ‘Old Enough’ as viewed by a mother in Japan. “Children in Japan are taught from a young age that after looking both ways before crossing the street, they are to raise their hand high in the air to make themselves more visible to cars. Once the children cross, they turn and respectfully bow in thanks to the drivers who waited for them.”

Simplest mushroom pasta.

Also, Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook!!!!!

Do these sunglasses make everyone look sexier?

The fears AAPI women are living with in the U.S. “I have become hyper-alert in public in a way that I haven’t in decades — maybe not even ever. Little luxuries like being able to read on the subway, check your email — I don’t do any of that because I have to have my head up, eyes peeled. I have to surveil. That takes a mental toll.”

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Ameika on four fun things: “Why has no one mentioned a dill pickle on the side of the grilled cheese? My kids complain bitterly if we are out of my homemade pickles because the grilled cheese is not right! Needed to cut the richness.”

Says Jen on what if trying for a baby isn’t working: “Years into IVF, after many losses, I was so demoralized and lonely and stumbled across the infertility subreddit on Reddit. That subreddit was a lifeline to connect and learn without having to leave home, which was pretty helpful when you’re feeling like crap. The community is science minded, thoughtfully managed, and endlessly kind. Please read the rules because it is closely managed to allow people going through infertility to avoid hard topics – such as success or loss – unless they want to read them.”

(Photo by Pete Souza.)