What are you up to this weekend? Two little boys have convinced me to take them to Six Flags, which should be an adventure. (I anticipate lying horizontally on the sofa afterward.) Hope you have a good one — Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim readers! — and here are a few links from around the web…

30 recipes to make with a can of chickpeas.

If your favorite celebrities had an airline, haha.

Love this everyday shirt.

Great interview with Rose Matafeo from HBO’s Starstruck. She talked about when her friend described her Hinge dating profile as “kooky”: “She looked at it, and she was like, ‘You cannot put this out there.’ There were videos of me eating a nectarine. I often tried to lure men from there to the Boggle app to then play me on Boggle… You truly do not hear men described as quirky or kooky. It’s done with such a tinge of condescension or derision with women. Often people who are described as quirky or kooky, when you actually look at them, they’re just interesting women who are into something that’s perhaps unexpected.” (Elle)

A fun peek at fancy airplane seats.

Banana joy.

How pretty is Kate Baer’s new book cover?

Hannah Gadsby on her autism diagnosis. “My meltdowns had always been a mystery to me, so when I was finally diagnosed, I was able to reframe the way I thought about my strange little outbursts. For a start, I became far more compassionate toward myself, which probably halved the distress of the occasions.”

A wild city garden.

Cute Easter chocolates.

Andy Samberg pretended to be different tennis players. Nailed it!

Planning to make snickerdoodle shortbread this weekend.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Grace on a flower tip: My friend Ani introduced me to the joy of watching a vase of tulips evolve without fully dumping the water, just topping it off. You get to see how each individual flower slowly dances. Here’s this winter’s bunch from me over six days.”

Says Betsy on a foolproof trick for museums with kids: “Art Museum Docent weighing in here! When I’m giving tours to squirrelly kids, I always bring a deck of Apples to Apples adjective cards. They are great for giving an assignment in a gallery (find the painting that you think best matches the word ‘boisterous’ or ‘cuddly’ and be ready to explain why).”

Says Tamara on what’s your secret talent: “I can recognize any acquaintance, friend, student, or family member by the way they walk, even if it’s just from the ankle down. I developed this ‘talent’ around 10 years old when my eyes started to fail and everyone became a blob of color but I could still distinguish movement. Later in life, this became particularly handy as my husband is an identical twin, yet he and his brother have subtle but distinctly different walks.”

(Photo by Darren Muir/Stocksy.)