tina fey Amy Poehler

On this cloudy Thursday, just for fun, let’s share our secret talents. Mine is…

…balancing. I’m weirdly good at balancing on one foot. I took ballet classes as a kid and teenager, and while I wasn’t super flexible and my head is objectively too big for my body, haha, I could balance forever on one foot. I’m not sure how this will factor into my current life as a 40-something writer, but you never know.

I also can pack quickly for a trip and recite every line of this movie.

And how fun is it to watch other people be good at things? I love seeing Anton dance around, for example, and my sister can throw a bunch of random stuff into a pan and end up with a delicious meal. Meanwhile, Toby can huck a basketball across a court, and Alex is great at remembering timelines, like what we did on our fourth day of Christmas vacation in 2012.

Also, can you believe how well Mary Elizabeth Kelly impersonates celebrities?! I could (do) watch her all day.

Please share, what are you secretly good at? Cracking an egg without any shell? Knowing exactly when to leave home so you’re never late? Singing all the lyrics to Frozen? I would love to hear.

P.S. The hardest tongue twister, and what has inspired you lately?

(Coco Lavine photo by Nisian.)