When you walk into our home, you find yourself in a little entryway. The family who lived here before us put up a pretty burgundy grasscloth wallpaper, but a decade later, it’s faded and torn. So! What would be a fun replacement? Would you mind weighing in? Here are four ideas…


Here’s the foyer again, if you’d like a closer look.

too much stuff wallpaper

Too Much Stuff is playful and fun — with dinosaurs, hot dogs and striped skirts — although I wonder if it would feel busy with jackets and shoes.

How beautiful is this illustrated fox scene by Paris-based Bien Fait? It could be kind of magical for a family home.

This gradient wallpaper is named ASMR, since the vibe is so calming.

Or how about Chris Benz’s red stripe?

Thoughts? Do any of these jump out? Or should we just update the same burgundy grasscloth? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much!

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