What are you up to this weekend? True to form, Toby wants to watch a “romantic kids’ movie,” so we chose Little Manhattan for tonight. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

How immigrant parents say ‘I love you.’ (The New Yorker)

These Succession parody videos on Instagram are UNCANNY.

Creamy white chicken chili.

This is on my Christmas list (hint hint, Alex). (Bonus: Get a cute bandana with every purchase of $200 or more.)

Good parents capitalize on their individual strengths. My wife’s is seeing to our kids’ every need, and mine is roughhousing.”

Also, “we’re sorry you can’t join our street gang because you don’t know ballet.”

How’s this for a dreamy weekend in Rome?

The perfect gift for coffee lovers. (Plus, get 15% off the gift subscription with code CUPOFJO15.)

That’s a kindergarten?!

This candle smells like warm buttered bread.

Love these NYC anecdotes, like toasting with pizza slices. (New York Times)

The Jennifer Lawrence pipeline. “This non-existent and damaging expectation of women sets them up for failure. We put women up on pedestals without their permission and then brandish them with the same hands we applauded them with. We give them no choice but to disappear, to stay quiet. Only after then do they dare to reemerge, a meeker and more cautious version of what they once were.”

Plus, four reader comments:

Says Emily on what fun coupons would your kids like: “A friend gave her five-year-old son a ‘swear as much as you want for 20 minutes’ coupon. He was so excited that he cashed it in IMMEDIATELY and they opened the rest of their presents to a chorus of ‘butts!!!'”

Says Penny on what fun coupons would your kids like: “‘Have a cup of coffee’ was a hugely popular coupon for my 13-year-old.”

Says Jane on 12 reader comments on relationships: “The first time I had sex with my now-fiance he asked, ‘Is it okay if I go down on you?’ to which I responded, ‘Uhhhh yes??’ He replied, ‘Hey, we are all about consent in this house,’ which has become an oft-repeated phrase and was indeed *incredibly* sexy in the moment.”

Says Claire on 12 reader comments on relationships: “Growing up, my dad was prone to ‘moods.’ When he got home, I remember listening to his footsteps to decide when and how I should say hi. His mood felt like my job to manage; it was heavy and exhausting. I met my now-husband when I was in high school and he is the steadiest man that exists. His footsteps are steady, calm, and always welcoming. He’s home to me and he’s lovely. But, also? He’s so.freaking.steady.
New haircut? Steady.
New house? Steady.
Political outrage? Steady.
Lost weight? Steady.
Gained weight? Steady.
For a minute, I let his steadiness feel like rejection. With time, I have allowed myself to embrace and embrace his steady love. Steady acceptance. Steady enjoyment. I’ve also learned to send a text ‘not feeling great in this dress, could you gush??’ Which is hilarious and lovely.”

(Photo by Tami Hardeman.)