What are you up to this weekend? The boys are beyond excited for Halloween. Toby is going as a baseball player and Anton will be a scary mask guy. Also, I thought you would like to see this Instagram caption about how wonderful CoJ commenters are. Strongly agree. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Quiz: Is your child two years old?

VERY into this shower soap for the smoothest skin.

Old-school dinner rolls.

I would marry these photos of Oscar Isaac.” (New York Magazine)

Remembrances of being at the mall. “You’re twelve years old. You’re on a bench next to a geometric fountain at the mall… You just popped a bath capsule at Bath & Body Works that was nestled in some hay, and then you got out of there before the salesperson could come over and ask why you were rummaging around in that decorative basket.”

Icebergs are beautiful.

Would love to wear this sexy shirt.

This two-minute podcast story — about dating — made me laugh out loud. This 11-minute one — about a hospital visit — also made me laugh out loud.

These real estate interviews were wild. (New York Magazine)

Camouflaged portraits.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Lauren on holy smokes, I’ve lived in NYC for 20 years: “Much ink has been spilled over when one officially Becomes a New Yorker, but for me it was unmistakable. I was working a volunteer shift at a wildlife hospital uptown, and I was tube feeding a sick pigeon. The pigeon started regurgitating the liquid food, so I quickly removed the tube and carried him over to a staffer to explain what was going on. I remember this part in slow motion: as I started to say, ‘Hey, this poor guy is vomiting,’ the pigeon shook his head, a bit of the food went flying, and it landed in my open mouth. A pigeon barfed in my mouth. That is my origin story.”

Says Linda on the best relationship advice I ever received: “My husband is incredibly indecisive. He deliberates on every decision, big or small. One day, he was trying to choose between carrots or cucumbers for the lunchboxes and I asked him how he ever decided to marry me. He quickly said, ‘You were a necessity not a choice.’ We don’t really buy each other gifts, but I carry that comment around like a diamond.”

Says Katie on Stanley Tucci’s strong opinions on pasta: “I’ll never forget the time that we were so inspired by local cuisine that we made pesto pasta at an Airbnb in Genoa… and put bacon in it. Our Airbnb host was DISGUSTED. I think we were pretty good guests, but in our review he called us ‘nice but chaotic,’ and I think we have bacon + pesto to thank for getting 4/5 stars.”

(Photo by goldendoodledoos.)

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