My parents lived in Paris when they were newlyweds, and when she returned to the U.S., my mom brought back a love of French desserts. When we were growing up, she would make chocolate mousse and crème caramel, but our favorite has always been crème brûlée.

Every time we visit my mom, she busts out the awesome dessert.

Have you ever made it? The recipe is cool yet deceptively easy: You sprinkle sugar over a custard base and then caramelize it with a small propane torch. A TORCH. Kids’ minds = instantly blown.

Nothing better than the tap-tap-tap of the crust!

Bonus: It also tastes delicious. Says Toby, “My favorite thing was eating it.” The torch is $15/priceless.

What desserts have you been making lately? Any other grandparents tricks?

P.S. The strawberry cake we’ve made a million times, and my mom’s beauty uniform.