This past weekend, we did something wild…

We drove up to Mamaroneck, a suburb just north of New York City, and walked around a little park. Not our neighborhood park! A DIFFERENT PARK!

As we strolled together along the bay, I listened to the seagulls squawking, Alex admired the skyline, Anton tossed snowballs, and Toby asked when we could go back to the car. It felt so, so good to be in a different place, we might as well have been a million miles away.

During this pandemic year, I haven’t let myself daydream much about traveling. Imagining flying to Michigan to visit my mom or crossing the ocean to see my grandmother feels like tempting fate. Who knows how long it will be until that can safely happen?

But our day trip made me hunger for more adventures. And the New York Times says that it’s actually okay — even good — to fantasize. “Anticipation is such a valuable source of pleasure,” said Elizabeth Dunn, a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Plus, your dream trip doesn’t have to be flashy. When we start traveling again after a year staying home, Dr. Dunn says we’ll experience a ‘happiness reset,’ meaning that even low-key trips will make us giddy. “You can do something pretty simple and it’s going to feel fantastic,” she said.

So! Just for fun, for a pretend escape, where would you like to go, if you could? A certain hotel? A rocky beach? A relative’s house? Please share below…

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(Photo of the White Cliffs of Dover by Kirstin Mckee/Stocksy.)