white tiger

white tiger

Oh my gosh, have you seen the new movie White Tiger? I watched it on Sunday and cannot stop thinking about the story of a young man in India who becomes a driver for a very rich family and tries to climb out of poverty. The star, Adarsh Gourav, is a master at conveying subtle emotions — yearning, shame, gratitude, rage — with the smallest arch of an eyebrow or tilt of his head. Here’s the trailer, but I’d actually recommend skipping it and going straight into the movie without knowing the compelling twists.

Edith Zimmerman drinking sober

I’ve also been thinking a lot about drinking lately, as I’ve been having my fair share of white wine during this here global pandemic. My First Year Sober is a stream-of-consciousness graphic article by Edith Zimmerman about when she stopped drinking.

Joanna Goddard and Lucy Kalanithi

This Sunday is my twin sister and my birthday (42, baby!), and the boys keep asking what kind of cake I’d like. My favorite for years has been flourless chocolate, along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. What’s yours?

salad dressing tip by Jenny Rosenstrach

Our beloved food columnist Jenny Rosenstrach served up a brilliant cooking tip on her new newsletter (totally worth subscribing). “A Public Service Announcement for cooks like me, who for decades have ignored the advice to season dry lettuce with salt and pepper before tossing it with vinaigrette: Season your dry lettuce! I know, you’re all ‘There’s already salt and pepper in the dressing!’ (that’s what I said) but trust me: It’s one of those super tiny things that makes such a big difference. Like each bite is almost sparkly.”

P.S. More fun things, and “why I decided to stop drinking — and how it changed my life.”